Ok so here is why i think Yuki Nagato is way Stronger than Naruto.

Yuki Nagato. Jumped in the middle of the fight. And grabed Ryoko Asakuras knife. Yuki's hand was bleeding. But she diden't surrender. Yuki was proceting Kyon while Yuki nagato got killed por Ryoko Asakura and Yuki nagato still lived. And Yuki nagato was stabed multiple times por Ryoko Asakura. And Yuki nagato diden't even die. Yuki Nagato feels no pain. When Yuki nagato started Fighting Ryoko Asakura. fighting Ryoko Asakura. Yuki Nagato at the end of the fight Yuki Used her power to dissinigrate Ryoko Asakura. Yuki nagato won the fight. Yuki ended up surviving the battle aginist Ryoko Asakura. Yuki nagato even had enought power to put the room back to the way its supposed to be. And Yuki Nagato.
Ok Now lets take a look at naruto from naruto Shippuden.

While naruto was fighting. naruto used his Shadow clones to help him win the battle. But everything naruto did was not good enough. And in the end naruto got Stabed while trying to protect a friend of his. And naruto died. naruto coulden't survive being stabed. And naruto was only stabed once. naruto could of survived the fight. But no naruto had to up and Die. naruto coulden't survive it.

Now lets take A look at both Yuki Nagato And Naruto. NAruto has his shadow clone Jutsu. While Yuki nagato has an un breakable force filde. naruto is human. Yuki nagato is an in organic life form. Yuki Nagato is also known as an Alien. naruto shows that he can feel pain. When Sakura punches naruto in the head. naruto falls down and screams ow!!. While Yuki Nagato when Yuki gets puched in the head it dosen't even bother her. Plus Yuki nagato as the Abality to take powers from others. tu find out in The Disappearnce of haruhi Suzumiya the Movie.

I also will like to mostrar tu all. That Yuki Nagato unlike Naruto. Yuki Nagato can change the world. tu see so closer towards the end of The Disappearnce of Haruhi Suzumiya movie.
While it takes naruto a few hours to heal his wounds Yuki nagato it takes her not even a minit to heal her wounds. naruto can get his power stolen por Yuki nagato. And once again. Yuki nagato can feel no pain so in a battle Yuki Nagato will not flinch o jump back in pain like naruto does.
And it is true that naruto died than he got summoned back to life. While Yuki Nagato she never dies. In-organic life forms cannot and will not die. So look at it this way. Yuki Nagato dosen't need to be brought back to life like naruto needed to be brought back to life. Cause like i dicho Yuki nagato cannot die. All she has to do is wisper something. And the area around her opponet does what she wants them to do. Yuki Nagato. Is not some push over. Just cause she is a girl dosen't mean that she can't woop Naruto. And if Yuki nagato. Also all Yuki nagato has to do is wave her arm up in the air and a few minits later. The world is changed and remade. Also one finaly thing when Yuki Nagato is about to die wich she dosen't die. Yuki Nagato has the power to disinagreat her opponets techniques.And disolve her opponets cause them to no longer exist at all. Plus Yuki nagato can bring her opponets back to life but make it to where there on Yuki nagatso side. So don't ever underestimate Yuki Nagato. And her amazing power. o tu will regreat it.

And this is why Yuki Nagato is much stronger than Naruto.

Yuki nagato all stabed. And about to die. but dosen't die.
Yuki nagato stabed even más times.
Yuki nagato survives the battle.
naruto begins his fight.
naruto gets stabed one time. And he dies.
naruto stabed one time while trying to protect his friend.
And naruto died. Trying to be the hero. naruto just coulden't Survive the fight could he?.