Some misceláneo facts about anime and manga I found on teh internet

1.The word "anime" (pronounced ahn-e-may) is synonymous with, and often used to describe the art of Japanese animation.

2.Anime is not synonymous with 'cartoon' despite the popular belief held por the uneducated masses. anime is considered to be an art form por those who appreciate it, and is not specifically intended for children like American caricaturas often are. A wide range of audiences are targetted with complicated, indepth, and emotional storylines.

3. In Japan, there are más than 40 new animes appear on televisión per week

4.In japón más paper are used to print manga than toilet paper.

5.Anime began in 1917 por Japanese artists: Shimokawa Oten, Jun’ichi Kouchi, and Seitarō Kitayama.

6.In Japanese manga means 'whimsical pictures'

7.All manga is drawn por hand

8.TEZUKA Osamu is the most famous manga artis in Japan

I hope tu enjoyed these few facts that I found.