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posted by Sammisaurus
A weebo is much like an Otaku. Weebo's-or commonly misspelled, Weaboo- is an over obsessive fan of Japanese culture, and are giving Otakus a bad name. They revolve their whole lives around anime and manga, usually with the main stream material. The common Otaku likes anime, and does occasionally cosplay. Weebos just cosplay and watch anime to be like the Otakus. Weebos are usually friends with Otakus, and want to impress them. (So they watch Naruto, Inuyasha, etc.)
Most weebos speak Waponese, o use google translate to act like they know Japanese.
They misuse the words "Baka," "Kawaii desu,""Moshi-Moshi," "Aishiteru," and so much more.
Most of them use names on chatrooms with the word "Anime," "Kitty," "Maid," and "Manga" beware!
The otakus would like them out of their fanbase, please.

A lot of people have been asking me lately why I don't like Yuno--namely the people who know that I usually amor the crazy characters. I've probably been asked about five times now so I decided to make an articulo on it. I'm not making this articulo just to be hateful (which is partially why I added the why I like Uryuu bit) I simply wanted to answer the whys. So if tu know (lol) tu don't want to see Yuno hate this probably isn't the articulo for you. Also, this articulo will contain spoilers.

It's true, I usually do like crazy characters, but she's a different kind of crazy than the kind I usually...
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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 My anime girl crush.
My Anime girl crush.
Before I begin telling tu how much I amor this anime girl. She is a fan made character from what I found out she is not an actual anime character yet.

I amor this anime character. I wish she was real. She loves to play video games and is an anime Otaku like I am. If she was real she would be my girlfriend. We would hold hand kiss and go out on dates with each other. My feelings for this anime girl are alot. I wish she was real so I can be más than best friends with her. She loves to listen to Hatsune Miku Vocaloids. I wish she was real. Whenever I am in amor I go to her and she knows just how I feel. My feelings for this anime girl. I wish she actually knew how I felt for her. I like to pretend this anime girl is real. And that she understands how I feel and my feelings for her. I amor alot of anime girls not just this anime girl.
 I amor this anime girl.
I love this Anime girl.
Well, everyone. Here it is. The big one. After countless parte superior, arriba tens, I have finally made it to here. My favorito! anime of all time. Now, a few rules before we begin. I need to have watched the anime before I can post it. Also, I am going to post anime that I like. If an anime that tu like isn’t here, then, sorry, but that’s my opinion. And, lastly, I am including anime cine on this list, because, there are just so much awesome anime movies, that they just had to make my parte superior, arriba 50. tu got all that. Then grab a snack and relax yourself, because here we go…. I’m serious about the snack...
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 The Planet Da...
The Planet Da...
Planet Dà is a highly advanced technological planet, in which the Mottomo Osoroshis live.
Mottomo Osoroshi is a powerful, highly advanced race. Just like the Tuffles. But Mottomo Osoroshis are stronger than the Saiyans and higher advanced than the Tuffles. And their planet has highly fertile and rich lands. Their nature is very gentle and helpful. Byuti, a female Mottomo Osoroshi is the queen of the Planet. Everything runs por her commands. She is the owner of great wisdom and honour….
20-30 years ago, When Broly the legendary Super Saiyan was nearly destroyed por the collective might of the...
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posted by kittyluv57
100 Rules of Anime

The laws of anime is a growing lista of physical, universal, and natural phenomenon that seem to appear in various forms in all sorts of anime. The original intent was an effort to classify these incidents into a lista of "laws" that explained how anime physics are different from our own (real?) world. It is our hope that tu find them useful to studying Anime, o at the very least, worth good chuckle.

#1 - Law of Metaphysical Irregularity- The normal laws of physics do not apply.

#2 - Law of Differential Gravitation- Whenever someone o something jumps, is
thrown, o otherwise...
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posted by Cutepet87
 Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
So I went to a Comicon today for anime reasons. (Philadelphia, PA)

I'll put my Mekaku City Actors episode reactions up tomorrow because I'm tired and lazy. I watched it, but for today, how about some awesome cosplayers I met?

 Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)
Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)

 Deidara from naruto
Deidara from Naruto

 Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)
Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)

 Maka from Soul Eater
Maka from Soul Eater


 Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)
Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)

 Meiko Honma (Menma) from Anohana
Meiko Honma (Menma)...
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posted by Sununu
Probably 99% of anime fantards (such as myself) have heard someone call anime "a cartoon."
Whenever I hear this, I explode with reasons the two could not possibly be any different!
Here is the lista of reasons I have in case anyone else runs into this argument por chance:
1. anime is from Japan, and ONLY Japan... caricaturas are dumped here from everywhere else.
2. anime is for all ages; caricaturas are either for practically four año olds o forty año olds, with nothing decent inbetween.
4. anime contains...
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posted by PurpleStar17
 Crowd of screaming fans
Crowd of screaming fans
*A WARM SHOUT OUT TO THOSE WHO HELPED THANK tu FOR TAKING TIME OFF YOUR SCHEDULE AND ANSWERING THESE preguntas BEYOND WHAT I COULD HAVE ASKED FOR. :D I know I didn't fit in all your stuff in cuz i was trying to get as many people as possible, AND TO THOSE THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT IN:TARDIS-Granger, and the two girls from

The screaming crowds. The hours spent online, spreading pictures and information. All these people coming together. Let me introduce tu to a fandom.
Fandom is a term that sounds like what is is—it refers to all the combined fans of something. It can...
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NOTE: The following stories are for a friend of mine. I just wanted to let tu guys know this. Enjoy.

The Talents from a Hero

Yagami High School has a share of gifted, talented students. From Karen Ichijo being the most strongest and lethal to Harima not only being the class delinquent but also a very tough person to reckon with. Within all of these students, they are each gifted in so many ways.

While one of the new exchange students, KC, has her share of talents, there was very little everyone knew about the other one. His gift to transform into animales is his true power, but what he’s gifted...
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