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What anime has two brothers where one dies, and then the other dies later, with the first coming back to life?

I'm looking for an older anime that has two brothers. One dies in the first episode, and the other dies later. But as it turns out, when family blood is spilled, another family member comes back to life. o if a new family member is born, it's actually one of the anterior members. The main protagonist had the ability to turn something like a pebble into a boulder while also increasing it's attack power.The antagonist was a villain that was able to take someone's attack, and then dish it out twice as strong and pretty much killed all of the good guys through out the series. He killed the main protagonist using his own technique against him and obliterating the upper part of the protagonist's body.
 Kryn_king posted hace más de un año
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BennieBear27 said:
Well, until I read the descripción I was going to say FMA...but nope. Nevermind.
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posted hace más de un año 
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