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anime name plzz

por the way the main character goes around fighting the evil leaders pawn (Have no other way of wording it) This is also a kind of old anime...
Plzz hlp this is all I can remember and I would like to watch it again.

anime name!!! I once saw this anime on netflix where the main character is a young boy who finds this glove. I believe the guante is red also. So he finds this when hiding from evil people. Aka the pawns of the leader. So he touches the guante o puts it on forgot. The guante sticks and a girl comes out. I don't remember anymore of that scene. But the guante gives him a full body of armor which is also red. Another scene around the end of the series is when the main character is training with his father's sensei. But I don't think he knew his father. So he is doing an exercise and the sensei is impressed. Since he almost did as good as his father.
 isabella23491 posted hace más de un año
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Addika4045 said:
I know I'm way off, but it sounds like you're describing Hellsing. Like I said, I'm definitely wrong, but it was worth a shot at answering! :)
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posted hace más de un año 
No but I amor that anime. Thanks for trying :)
isabella23491 posted hace más de un año
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