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ok stupid pregunta of the day:what does OVA stand for?

I know I should know this since I amor anime so much but I'm actually still new to it all...
I saw Bleach & One Piece OVA(?) what would that mean??
 summerfrog posted hace más de un año
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astroasis said:
OVA stands for Original Video Animation. It basically means a series/episode that was formatted and intended for release on video, as opposed to release in theaters o on television. These are usually extra episodes o "specials" that are added on to a series.

Sometimes an OVA is a totally different telling of the anime/manga story. Sometimes an OVA is all there is of an anime. Sometimes the OVA is a prequel. Often times, it's a sequel. And sometimes it's just a totally misceláneo one-off made just for fun. They can also be Christmas/holiday specials... o anything like that.

Hope that helps!
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posted hace más de un año 
U could just type this at google and find this info, any info u just have to buscar a little... -_-''
Shwele posted hace más de un año
its easier and más fun asking tu guys thanx alot :)
summerfrog posted hace más de un año
You're welcome, summerfrog :)
astroasis posted hace más de un año
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