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 Flana Flame Renkel
Flana Flame Renkel
Ahh, the forest, so humane. I feel at peace in here. Oh, hi! I'm Flana Flame Renkel. I am the princess of the forest. I protect all life in here. But I have a secret life, too. I can turn into a lobo at my pleasure. I find it a fun lifestyle.
Oh, there goes my pack. I better switch to lobo mode. Hey, look away! Okay, that's better.
Hey guys, what's up?
We saw something moving in the forest, Flana. Be on the lookout for it.
Gotcha, Damian. Bye!

That's my group. Me, Damian, Alissa, and Kurt. We are all werewolves, and stay together to keep the forest at peace. Wait. I hear footsteps....
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 Anebella jazmín Iceblaze
Anebella Jasmine Iceblaze
This is me. Goddess of the Underworld. Ooohhhh, so scary. Yeah, everyone is scared of me because they think I work with dead people. Well they're dead wrong. Haha. Good one. I'm Anebella Iceblaze. Welcome to my world of weirdness.


Excuse me while I go take care of this.

"What, Dad?"
"Anebella, I'm sending tu up to Earth."
"Great. Mission time, huh?"
"Yup. Well, good luck."

Well, I'm going up to Earth. No, not to bring down dead bodies. At night, I have to go up to watch over the humans. I know, tu think that's the moon princess's job. Well, that's a lie. It's MY job....
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