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Another personal opinion about gorgeous boys. :P I want to say, that not every hottie in here is a human boy, but for those who watched Bleach it aint nothing new. I know, that tu will disagree with most of my opinions, but if tu wont like it, tu dont have to read it. :D So please enjoy all these handsome males:

20. ARTURO PLATEADO: most of tu dont know abot him nor didnt I. He is from video game Bleach:Shattered blade. To me, he comes very similiar to Grimmjow, so I think he is kind of hottie. He is calculating strategist and also ruthless warrior with an unrivaled lust of power. ˇHe has...
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 Beyond Birthday
Beyond Birthday
out of my favoritos tu girls get to pick and once i get 100 comentarios on this we will see which guy wins to be the hottest ever!!(there are pictures at the end) now here are our contestants!

(1) Beyond Birthday

(2) Lelouch

(3) sesshomaru

(4) sasori

(5)zero(vampire knight)

(6) tesla

(7) suzaku

(8) near

(9) l Lawlight

and if there are any fangirls that comentario and say any of these guys are yours tu will be disqualified !!!!!we all share our anime guys so tu girls have to share these guys with me and i will share right back! any mean comentarios will make tu disqualified o reported!!! i hope tu girs have fun judegeing these guys who is hotter!!
 zero from vampire knight
zero from vampire knight
posted by onepiecefan59
20.Shikamaru from Naruto
19.Haku from Spirited Away
18.Kakashi from Naruto
17.Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin
16.Kiba from Naruto
15.Maes Hughes from FullMetal Alchemist
14.Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach
13.Kon from Bleach
12.Captain Buggy from One Piece
11.Monkey D.Luffy from One Piece
10.Sanosuke Segara from Rurouni Kenshin
9.Roy mustango, mustang from FullMetal Alchemist
8.Ren Ichimoku from Hell Girl
7.Blackleg Sanji from One Piece
6.Red-Haired Shanks from One Piece
5.Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist
4.Kenshin Himaru from Rurouni Kenshin
3.Ryuzaki l from Death Note
2.Roronoa Zoro from One Piece
1.Portgas D Ace from One Piece
posted by hellgirl223
jst wanna say that to me: SOME anime GUYS ARE TOTALLY HOT!

I know, it sounds weird but its true, and thats how i am. i jst amor them so much! for example, like ren-kun and kakashi-kun! those r my favourite anime guys! i think theyre totally hot! when i first saw them, i was like OMG theyre so hot! but thats not da only reason, theyre nice, kind and its jst so hard to explain. But there are other hot anime guys like train heartnet and kiba:)

So, please i know its weird, and i hope nobody hates me for it.. K? thanks for lectura my article:) well, i hope tu like it:)
posted by animega
This articulo is about my ideal anime guy...*sighs*, if only guys in the real world are like guys in anime world, my life would be perfect, desu! Well, forget about my fantasy-dreaming, here is the characteristics of an ideal anime guy that would pass my standards:

*funny- 'cause i like everything that's funny, and i'm funny too... =)

*Smart- I like smart anime guys, especially the one with glasses!!! *hot* (sizzle)...

*caring-I also like guys who are caring...They'll always be on your side whenever you're in need...( ain't that sweet?,desu!~~)

*handsome-this is my 2nd characteristic i like with...
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posted by Gwiazdeczka
If I'm missing any spots, then please add them in comentarios and I'll editar this articulo to include them!

Welcome to my lista of the 10 anime guys that I like the most. I hope tu like the list. There are various high quality anime characters of both genders. This lista is about the dudes.

10. Honjo (The Wind Rises)

Honjo is Jiro Horikoshi's best friend. He is a grumpy airplane designer. He and Jiro are a amusing duo, because of their opposite personalities. Despite not always agreeing with Jiro, Honjo is a good friend.

9. Giovanni Caproni (The Wind Rises)

Giovanni Caproni is Jiro's mentor. He's a very cool gentleman who helps Jiro por giving him inspring advice. He has lively energy to him that makes...
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