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I have no ownership of any sort for this articulo besides uploading it to this site. The fuente of which I got this information is:


We argue about a lot of things, but never about music, says Julia about the relationship she has with her brother Angus. We don't get on a lot of the time but when it comes to making música it's always pretty simple for us.

It's this language of música that forms the basis of Angus & Julia's debut album A Book Like This a collection of thirteen heartfelt and organic songs that share their experiences and observations with listeners. Together, and with respective...
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Angus & Julia Stone, new & fuente from ABC Triple J Music.

After scoring album of the week on triple j, Angus and Julia Stone had a chat with the Doctor and explained how they recorded their new album Down the Way over two-years while they were on the road.

While they toured through Europe, they met and recorded with bajo player Brad Albetta and batería, baterista Matt Johnson who played on Jeff Buckley's album Grace.

"It's pretty amazing; I couldn't believe it when I found out, because I mean, that was a big record for me growing up and Angus as well. We were playing somewhere in Scandinavia and it was a really weird backstage and Brad was like, tu know, 'Matty played with Jeff?' and I was like Jeff who? 'Jeff Buckley!' and I walked into the room and he's the most down to earth sort of guy..."

Angus and Julia Stone are playing a bunch of live shows over the siguiente few weeks, including a set at the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival. batería, baterista Matt Johnson will be part of their touring band.