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la elección de los fans: Raf
la elección de los fans: Yes
I like both
la elección de los fans: anime
la elección de los fans: sulfus
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royalfan316 dicho …
where is angles friends season 2 in English dub I have searched everywhere but still I cant find them there is only English sub....I also can hear English voices behind the Russian voices I know there is English dub but I cant find it :-[ publicado hace más de un año
rnb1111 dicho …
hasn't any one realized Angel's friends is like a romeo and juliet story, exept they don't die in the end? publicado hace más de un año
XxDimiNikxX dicho …
I freaking amor Angel's friends but I have to admit that the 2nd season is not that great... :/ publicado hace más de un año
RafAngel2526 comentó…
i agree i thought it was going to be más hmmm interesting? hace más de un año
XxDimiNikxX comentó…
For me the 2nd season was más interesting than the 1st one. I just believe it lost it's point...For example, Raf and Sulfus dicho that they had to go through the path of metamophorsis (did I write that right...?) after the summer but nothing like this have happend...How long are they gonna be separate? I just hope they will get together in this season because It will get SO boring if they make another season just for those two. -_-' hace más de un año
SelenaGomez643 comentó…
bitch, ya know what, justin doesn't let his haterz get to him. that just makes him work harder and hate u more. and fyi, perra get a life and go to hell, cuz god don't like ugly, which u r. hace más de un año