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The Plan
I looked in the cracked mirror, Sad and lonley...Well not lonley, I did have my circus preformers(or slaves as I was taught to call them)But most of them thougt I was a freak! I know they woun't dare say that to my face, but I hear them,"I hate her so much,"and,"she is such a freak!"(I hate when pepole call me that!)
What did I do wrong?I gave them everything they needed,and made sure they were perfect.They work three hours a day, how hard is that, I work non-stop.
I always try to make sure I'm perfect in every way,but there is always something wrong in my routine.I always try to make...
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I Know I'm not crazy but I can feel colors,
Blue was the single tear among all others streaming dowm my face,
purple were the bruises covering my body,
Red was the blood running down my mouth,
my eyes,
my throat
down to the floor,
Black was the hopeless darksurrounding me,
white showed the blankness
of what my life
was about to be
and yet
I couldn't help but smile.
Some people think I mean to like Pain no matter how bad.
Better people think it means when
there is no hope left tu can still have one reason to smile!
The club
We got to “Club monstruo” Their was the bouncer who really smiled when I showed up he let me in and looked at my friends with discontent, “They are with me, Mitchell!”He smiled again, “any friend of Angela is a friend of mine,”He replied in his gruff voice.
Smoke and strobe lights, half-dressed girls and boys dancing filled the room, “where is Juli,"I yelled, a girl almost half my size(I am 6'5)black hair /w pale rosado, rosa streaks in a messy bun came in, the bulimic look did not fit her, she looked like a skank and did not look good as one. “ready to get it good?” I asked."only...
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