NOTE: This is written por me and is also on my DeviantArt, which is KalonKittieKat, and my Quotev, which is SparklyNeko.

“Hold still, ___!” Winry exclaimed as she placed a blindfold over your eyes. tu squirmed around a bit, not liking having your eyes covered. tu didn’t know why tu were being blindfolded, but tu couldn’t really argue with Winry, she always won.

“Winry, this feels weird. I can’t see,” tu dicho as Winry pushed tu forward. tu didn’t know where she was leading tu o why, she just somehow managed to get tu to play along without giving any kind of explanation. “Ahhh!” tu exclaimed, taking a step and almost falling somewhere.

“Careful, don’t fall down the steps!” Winry laughed as she continued to help guide tu down the steps.

Finally, tu were down the steps and Winry stopped you. tu felt a cool breeze hit you, causing a chill to go down your spine. Winry must have taken tu outside, but why would she do that? She didn’t need to blindfold tu to get tu to go outside!

“Can I take my blindfold off now?” tu groaned, reaching to pull it off.

“No! Not yet!” Winry commanded, causing your arms to fall back to your sides. tu sighed as tu stood there silently. Winry didn’t say anything, but then tu felt her presence behind you. “Keep your eyes shut after I take the blindfold off, o I’ll beat tu with my wrench,” she stated firmly.

“Alright, alright,” tu lightly laughed, remembering how Winry would beat Edward and Alphonse with her wrench when they messed up. tu closed your eyes and felt your blindfold being undone, then tu felt her remove it from your eyes. It felt good for it to be off, but tu still wanted to open your eyes. Just want was Winry doing?

tu waited for a minuto o so and nothing was happening, but then, tu felt hands cover your eyes. For some reason though, they seemed to be standing in front of tu instead of behind. Not the way most people play the game. tu gasped, not expecting that to happen. tu could tell they weren’t Winry’s hands. She always played the guess who game with tu even when she was the only one around.

“Who is this, Winry?” tu questioned. tu heard Winry giggle.

“Guess who! tu know how it works!” she exclaimed. tu sighed on the inside, wondering who it was. It wasn’t granny, and tu really didn’t know that many people it could be. tu were silent for a moment, not wanting to answer wrongly, afraid tu might hurt whoever it was’ feelings. “Come on, ___! How many people could it be?” Winry whispered in your ear.

“Um, is it Edward?” tu asked. Winry sighed with annoyance.

“No,” Winry stated. She then grabbed your right wrist and moved it up until tu felt your hand touching someone’s cheek. Their cheek was warm, and tu felt them tense up a bit when Winry placed your hand on their face. tu gasped, then a thought went through your mind. Their cheek was soft and pudgy, unlike Edward’s. tu rubbed your thumb over their cheek once más before answering.

“It’s Alphonse,” tu dicho lowly, hoping the answer would be yes. If the answer was yes, then he had gotten his body back. That was something tu had been hoping for ever since the día the two boys left and headed out on their journey. If the answer was wrong, you’d be crushed.

“T-that’s right,” tu heard that soft sweet voice of his. It was a bit different than the last time. tu could tell that it wasn’t echoing through armor. tu smiled big and felt a few tears fall while he was still covering your eyes. He noticed this and gasped at the wetness on his hands.

“Please, mover your hands,” tu whispered to him. He did as tu requested and removed his hands, which fell to his sides. tu finally got to look at him. tu hadn’t seen him in his real body since tu were all so little. Now he was much older, and his hair was in a low ponytail. His eyes still shined the same way, and his smile was still kind, just like when tu were kids. tu then looked around, and noticed that Edward and Winry were gone. They were probably spying on tu two though, tu knew them too well.

Alphonse placed his hand over yours as tu rested yours on his cheek. tu had forgotten that your hand was still there, so this shocked tu a bit. Your face turned rosado, rosa as tu stared at him silently. Neither tu nor Al dicho a word, but the two of tu looked at each other with bright smiles.

“Don’t cry, ___,” Alphonse smiled, wiping away your tears with his left thumb. tu had forgotten tu were even crying. tu were only focusing on Alphonse, but the tears had started to blur your vision a bit. When he wiped your tears away, this only made tu más emotional, but tu fought these tears back, not wanting to blur your vision again.

“I missed tu so much,” tu whispered softly. Al’s hand fell to his side, and tu wiped your remaining tears away with your arm. Then, out of nowhere, the boy pulled tu into a hug, a hug that released so much emotion. Your eyes widened at first, then tu hugged him back.

“Do tu know why I was so set on getting my body back?” he whispered in your ear softly, causing a chill to go down your spine.

“So tu could eat again?” tu questioned, still in the boy’s arms. Alphonse pulled away from you, a blush was on his cheeks, but he had a calm and shy smile. His expression was adorable, and your face turned rosado, rosa as tu looked into his eyes. Alphonse shook his head no.

“N-no, that’s not the main reason,” he dicho shyly, twiddling with his thumbs. tu looked at him confused, giving an expression that dicho ‘then what?’

“Hm? Then, how is that not it?” tu questioned the boy. He stood there with a sheepish smile.

“I-I lo- I can’t say it,” he said, stumbling upon his words. tu didn’t really understand the first part and tu looked at him confused.

“Why can’t tu say it?” He then averted his eyes. tu continued to stare at him. His eyes were mostly covered por his bangs.

“Well, it’s hard to put into words,” he lifted his head back up and looked at you.

“Then can tu mostrar me? Charades o something?” He sighed, then swallowed hard. Your eyes were locked on him as he stepped closer to you. He shut his eyes, tilted his head, and leaned towards tu slowly. Your eyes widened at first, then tu calmed down and slowly shut yours as well. He grabbed your hand tightly as his face was inches away from your own. tu tightened your grip on his hand, hoping to let him know how tu felt. segundos later, his lips touched yours gently. tu kissed him back, and then tu felt him smiling within the kiss.

He pulled away and smiled at tu happily, his cheeks bright pink. He seemed a bit más confident now, probably because tu returned the feelings. tu didn’t necessarily say anything, but your actions spoke loudly, and so did his.

“I wanted my body back so badly so I could come inicial to you,” he started, looking into your eyes. “I wanted to be able to kiss and hold tu because, well, I amor you, ___,” he dicho a little above a whisper. tu giggled softly at his words.

“I amor tu too, ___,” tu started, smiling at him. “My segundo guess would have been so tu could pet kitties,” at this, he laughed softly.