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 The Pups As Adults
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Alpha and Omega - New Adventure C2- C5


A/N: Sorry for the slow actualización I've been busy lately, but I hope this chapter is enjoyable.

Two Weeks Later…
Humphrey's POV

Another two weeks have passed and it seems time has been flying por since Kate and I had our pups. They were already 5 weeks old and it seem like Kate gave birth to them only a few days ago. During these past two weeks Kate has been teaching the pups the basics of living, and mostrando them a few hunting techniques. por now the pups were old enough to go out whenever the wanted, and had enough stamina for Kate and I to take them on the...
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Remember that part in Alpha and Omega where Kate finds out she is forced to marry Garth. And notice how she looks like she is about to cry. Why is that. Well, according to a small rumor, there is a scene that lasts about 3 minutos that reveals why she is upset, and why Winston never gets angry at her. What tu are about to find out may shock tu and Disturb you. I must say, I could not sleep for a week, and now when I am either over and Jon's o Phil's (Alphakate21), I get this bad feeling when I am around Kate. I don't know exactly if its fear o what. But, they have been making me feel...
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(June 6, 2011)

click clack The keys of the keyboard. click clack This clacking had been going on for an hour, devoted as I was to escritura the novel I had started a mes ago. It was called The Network and it was about this guy that creates a super fungus, lets himself become infected por it, and starts to take over the world using the land and sea as his media. The humans controlled the air, just to make it fair.

Engrossed as I was in in the adventures of Dan Cooper, known as "Mini" due to his immense height, I didn't hear Scar call my name the first time. It was when she dicho it the third time...
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Humphrey and Kate are howling together along with the rest of the newly united pack, celebrating the fact that they no longer have to fight for comida and no más having scraps and bones for dinner, but Kate and Humphrey are howling for a different reason.

"Kate I amor tu so much" Humphrey dicho as they finished their howl.

"Oh Humphrey, I amor tu too" dicho Kate as she kissed him on the lips.

The kiss lasted for about 30 segundos and when they pulled away, they noticed everyone staring at them with smiles on their faces.

"Why are tu looking at us like that?" asked Humphrey.

"Because your so handsome"...
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This is a video mostrando all of my KIM art all the way back from the beginning to now! This is all for my fans and friends! Thank tu for all of your support!
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kates inner monster
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