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 Garth and Lilly
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This alpha y omega arte de los fans might contain tamal, signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, letrero, maní, earthnut, goober, goober guisantes, nuez de mono, cacahuete, goober guisante, guisante de goober, and mono tuerca.

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Pics from the movie Alpha and Omega, with the song Beautiful por Akon.
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Keida part 3: Midnight euphoria (introducing Kate and Lilly)

Seth and Flora weaved in and out of the crowds through the town. As they walked, FLora took sips from her water. Arid eyed FLora suspiciously, as they were not used to strangers in the town. The two arrived at Seth's estate. Thw two guards, Marc and Russel stoof guard faithfully. They bowed their respect for Seth, and Seth nodded back. THey eyed Flora, but bowed to her as well. Flora kissed them both on the head. THey both blushed and fixed their armour.

Seth opened the door to his estate. It was a one floor house, lined with flowers...
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for anybody who doesn't believe me when i say this movie's terrible. from 0 to 10, how would tu rate this? P.S: this shitty quality's the best i can find on youtube
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Made por me hope tu like it
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