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 Lilly's bad side
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I'd hate to get Lilly mad
arte de los Fans
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Well.. Even though I hate every fuckin thing about this story.
I decided to express WHY.

Well. Not only dose this express the right amount of sex, for me to dislike it.
But Lilly and Humphrey cheat on Garth and Kate, for no reason, rather then Lilly got horny after she saw Humphrey get a boner while Kate and Lilly were tickling him. (before seeing it, Lilly gave the whole "how 'big' is Humphrey, type of questions.. Cause, it's TOTALLY something, that tu would ask about your sisters boyfriend).
Coarse, he later has sex with Kate, and his profamance with Lilly was never discovered, despite Mooch,...
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Episode 4

*Jasper Park, Canada*

Hutch: *Standing guard*

*The cliffs*

King: *Watching* Soon, my rouges, we shall strike!

Princess: Father, we can't steal their land!

King: Oh gosh...take your hippie dippie stuff back to Banff! We charge to battle!

Rouge Wolves: *Charge down the cliffside*

*The Den*

Claw: Hutch! We're under attack!

Hutch: What?!!


Rouge Wolves: *Round up the remaining United Pack lobos and herd them into cages*

King: *Laughs* Jasper belongs to us now! Now nobody can stop us!

Duke Nero: *Appears from a portal* I see tu have the wolves.

King: And where's our stuff?

Duke Nero: Saga shall...
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