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 Lilly's bad side
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I'd hate to get Lilly mad
arte de los Fans

Humphrey- Louis

Garth- Francis

Kate- Zoey

Winston - Bill

Sincerio 1 - Zombie Rape Madness :D

Garth: I hear there is a chopper picking survivors from Mercy Hospital! *Troll Face* Lets go!

*All burst through the door. Garth is immediately tackled and teabagged por a zombie*

Garth: *screams* AHHHH! RAPE!!!! GET IT OFF!

Winston: *blows zombie brains out* *Stares at Garth awkwardly*

*Hoard cries and all zombies com rushing in*

Kate: Take this tu meanies!

*Boomer vomits on Kate, who turns and vomits on Winston, who turns and vomits on Garth who vomits on humphrey. Boomer stares and scratches its head*

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part1:2 years later! humphrey dies por a inmageary death.after he fougth for his life and suferd for his life and die for his mate kate.but humphrey dicho a few words before he died.and this is what ha said.kate kate if tu are out there please!take care of the pups for me."And that was the last words that he dicho to kate.and she dicho to him is.sleep tight my amor sleep tight."she cryied and walked away.later in the evning she went and barried her once was husband in the mes later kate once again found a new mate that is a lot like her husband humphrey.and she was happy once again.the end of part1.enjoy the sadness!read más on and omega/spots/articles
siguiente week

humpreys pov

kates been actuación weird lately and she been sad one minuto and angry the siguiente and she also been asking me to get her some berries and frutas now and again so i decided to go ask eve what was happening


i got to eve's "hey eve can tu help me"asked humphrey "y yes i can what is it"eve replied "well kates been actuación strange lately and could tu see if anything's wrong" humphrey asked " why of course" eve answered


they got back to humpfreys guarida, den to see kate in a rage "humphrey where have tu been" kate asked " well i went to get eve to see if anything's wrong with you...
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The picture below THIS story is a MIG-31

The siguiente morning, Humphrey, Shakey, Salty, and Mooch were out playing. It was the first time in a long time that Humphrey had ever played like an Omega.
“Man, I miss these days!” Humphrey yelled.
“We miss you!” Shakey said.
Balto had a whole pack of perros with him. Some of the perros had a violent name such as Steele.
“Hey, guys, look who it is!” Balto dicho to his pack. He twisted his jaw, causing it to crack, “My jaw was never the same!”
“They are the most motley, the most disgusting, the most stupidest lobos I’ve ever seen!” one...
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That night, Cando was well groomed and looking good. He went over to Scar’s guarida, den to take her a date. He rang the door bell, hyped up. Scar answered the door.
“Hello, my lady ready to go out on a date?” Cando said.
“Yes, I am,” Scar said.
Cando was uncomfortable. He could stop thinking about the fact that he was going to propose to her at the end of this date. Ahh, man, I am so nervous. Is she going yes o is she going to say no? He prayed, God, I know I haven’t had faith in tu for almost a año but please help me! Please have her say yes. I will be the happiest lobo alive. Thanks...
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alpha y omega
Song: Riders-Two Steps From Hell-Thomas Bergersen

(Trailer shows King walking out of Kate's den, onto the rock and looking out over the territory)

King: Your pack is mine now.

(Trailer pans out mostrando the territory of the Western Pack completely occupied por the Rouge Wolves)

Marcel: The Rouge lobos have completely taken over Jasper. Most of the pack is in hiding. They're after Runt.

Kate: We have to go help.

King (snarling to Humphrey as he's pinned to the ground): Your pup took everything from me, and now I'm getting even.

(King is atop the large cliff (where Winston goes to rally the pack) and...
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