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 Lilly's bad side
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I'd hate to get Lilly mad
arte de los Fans
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chapter 1 the beginning october 30, 2013 , canada jasper one día in jasper park there was two wolfs playing out in the forest. There was a girl and a boy the boys name is robbie and girls name is rachel. Robbie was 17 years old and rachel was 11 years old they was playing tag as there father saw them his name was humphrey . Humphrey was at least in his his twentys o thirtys. But he walk up to robbie when he was turned around. Robbie notice that there was a shadow siguiente to him . But humphrey scared robbie . Ahh!!! jesús christ!!! tu scared me robbie yelled . Humphrey fell on the ground cracking...
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"Hey guys im back!" Alex dicho as she walked into the den. "Where where you, your cerfiew is 30 minutos before sunset and sunset was 20 minutos hace young lady!" Kate shouted. "Kate calm down, im sure Alex has a good reason." Humphrey said. "Well I do, I was meeting a friend that just came back from alpha school." "Who was it? Was it someone I know? When did tu meet?" Kate was rambiling on. "Well his name is Justin for starters." Alex replied. "And I'm meeting him at the moonlight howl tonight." "Hold on, it's a guy?" Humphrey asked. "As far as I know." Alex joked. "Wait, Justin? Red fur, green...
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I had left town just an hora ago,but something felt out of place.Why did I feel I was being watched,but por who?A arbusto, bush had rustled,I figured that maybe it wasn't a matter of who it was,but who they were."Take another step and we'll claw your eyes out and feed them to you!" a deep voice yelled.It seems he was the leader of them,but were they after me because of the doberman incident back in town?"Is this because I killed your gang leader!?" I demanded."He threatened the only person to care for me,so if tu are here in force to get revenge,then tu better dig a graveyard in the siguiente few seconds!"...
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(this song is dedicated to alphawolfcurt, this song is written por metalwolf and metalwolf only, this song is protected por copyright and tu will die if tu violate it)

Gold wolf:

do tu ever see the gleam
shining in the night
a pure bright metal
gives tu a fright

the forests a light
the mountains did call
as the gleam comes closer
your happiness did fall

The golden lobo approaches
backed against the wall
but don't be afraid, he wont hurt you
for he is golden
of body and soul
and he is a blessing on the eyes
give it up for the lobo of gold

the danger is near
you are covered in fear
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 The man struggled to keep the creature off of him...
The man struggled to keep the creature off of him...
Part 3:Warning, the following chapters are going to become sci-fi… Don’t judge me about it.

Seth grabbed Dawn’s shoulders and leapt behind the blockage. Seth could hear bullets ricocheting and blasts of fuego from the guns. “How the hell are we going to get out of this one?” Dawn asked, nervously. Seth looked about. He found a piece of corrugated piece of metal with a broken and wide screen that could fit a gun. Seth grabbed it, and took Dawn’s G16… He stuck the gun through the hole and popped it over the barricade. He used the metal so his hand wouldn’t be shot. Then he started...
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Part 2
“Feeding time.” dicho one of the scientists. Humphrey licked his lips, but was careful not to get up. “It’s ok… I’ve deactivated the collar for now.” Came the scientist again. The scientist slid two plates into Humphrey and Kate’s cage. One contained filete and the other water. A small amount of both however. The bare minimum… “You have 20 minutes. tu are eating, then we are going to do some… Research… On tu two.” Came the scientist, before exited the room, glancing at a scalpel. Humphrey whimpered. “It’s ok love… We’ll be ok…” Kate whispered, even...
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Well, I saw the movie. It was accidental. Me and my friends were going to see that owl movie, but we went into the wrong room. It wasn't our fault, though, the titles were wrong. Well, we decided to just stay there because we were wondering what this movie was like.
It got a lot of laughs from the toddler sitting a few seats down. Other then that, the theater was oddly quiet. The adults had a few laughs here and there, was it was nothing like other comedies I've seen. It was way too quiet. But the movie, Alpha and Omega, didn't deserve noisy laughter anyway.
It was far too predictable. You...
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The final assault is going to start, Humphrey and the others are ready for their revenge.

Frost spoke to his fallen solider putting pressure on his wound. "Hold on, I got tu just hang in their, the medic is coming!" His solider stopped breathing and Frost check and tried to wake him up, but it was too late he was gone and Frost teared up and picked up the body of his fallen comrade and placed him on his back and walked with his troops back to the Western territory.

(This is a small part of what happen. Now lets go back and see what happen and who is the solider that is KIA. Here is Farid's POV.)...
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