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 kate and humphrey
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" In continuation of the prologue, I'm starting out where the Black lobos were set to rely on themselves... and when tu see these --- the point of view is switching from first to third o third to first..." Shadow

"Shadow? What should we do?" Hunter, mostly confused asked as if desperate for a superior to interact and lead the situation... "Your asking me what to do? tu know what I'd say, right? 'Who do tu think I am? A general leading the Soviets to defeat to Nazis? I am Shadow, I am no leader...'" stated Shadow, eldest survivor and most independent. "But, Shadow, you've never dicho that."...
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Jasper Park
Alberta, Canada

The massive toro moose finally collapsed into the snow, felled por Winston's jaws crushing the moose's neck. Crimson blood stained the snow from the bleeding wound as Winston ripped open the neck with much force. The other members of the hunt squad rushed over and howled over their fresh kill. Winston's strong front paws planted themselves over the deceased's head and utter a howl louder and deeper than his comrades. "This was a good winter morning. Take pride in our accomplishment here, men. Not very often that we can bring to our families a feast like this during...
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Lt.bread:"GOGO!" at radio:"We need backup Ove- *static sound*"
Alpha's Wolves:"You Guys Know what to do..GO!!!""GET YOUR FUCKING MOUTH OUT OF MY NECK!!!"
Smart uses arms to throw enemy lobo away.
enemy wolf:"AHHH!"
smart stands up.
smart attack a enemy wolf.
enemy lobo dodge.
smart falls without touch on ground.
enemy lobo attack smart.
smart jumps to.
smart got his neck and eated it.
enemy wolf:"ARRGH!!!"
smart looks behind and founds cpl.john dying..
smart moves at it."Are tu okay?"...
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Humphery kept walking in a angry manner. He came up to an empty guarida, den and walked in and layed down in the back of the den."wow tu just cant hold your self in huh".he dicho to him self.

Meanwhile back at the sean, Lilly is laying down siguiente to what is left of garth, crying like a waterfall.
After about 15 min the sean grew cold and everyone started going home, but kate stayed and walked to the árbol o what is left of it. She takes a closer look at the marks, when she did she fell back and was shocked at what she saw.
"No! It cant be!"she looked at the marks again and it was what she thought. She...
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They told me this eclipse was called the total eclipse. Since to moon was close enough to the earth, the whole earth was dark. They called it black days. It stayed like this for one full year. A long time ago, there was the first lobo ever born. She was spawned por lightning. Bam! And she was there. She fought several enemies to survive, until a meteor crashed into earth. She became part of that, and that is how the moon was created. tu will sometimes hear the saying "the man on the moon". It's actually that wolf. Her name was Crista. Before I came up to Canada, the government was forcing everyone...
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It had been about 3 days that I had lived in the eastern pack and I met kalipso. She was a wonderfully beautiful good spirited young wolf. I was officially I beta now and k had to make a speech on how I would help comida troubles in the pack. Then lily walked in and Kalipso dosent like Loly at all.

Lily: "Garth tomorrow will be the día u make the speech"
Kalipso: "why are u talking to my husband u dirty wolf"
Lily: "Me dirty yea right"
Me: "Lily just leave u know what u did to Kalipso was wrong now leave are guarida, den u got that"

Lily was fighting Kalipso and Lily scratch Kalipso's eye so she has a scar on her eye. Now back to what's happening. I'm on the verge of going crazy I haven't had to do a speech I. A while so I'm a little rusty

Kalipso: "Garth hun it's 2:30 in the morning can u please come to bed.
Me:"coming dear"

So me and Kalipso fell asleep that night before I got one word done on my speech
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Resistance - by: TheChriZ1995

Summary: Two lobos have found amor in one another but due to conflicts they can only express it outside their inicial packs borders. Times are hard and it's only a matter of time until the pack grows suspicious of what's going on behind their backs. Will the relationship stay strong o will it only end in tragedy?

A/N: Welcome, it's taken awhile to get this story started but after a título and slight plot change this story is now under production. This story is más influenced rather than following along with a song called Resistance...
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