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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Name: Alex
Age: 3
Mate: Sapphire
Pups: None Yet
Color: Same as Humphrey
Eye Color: Light Purple
Personality: Kind, Loving, Protective of the ones he loves. Will do anything to save a life. A ladies man.
Siblings: Katie (Sister) Lillian (Sister
Rank: Omega
Bio: He and his siblings were orphaned after a poacher killed his mother. His father was abusive and slept with many different females. Alex always had to deal with his father. His father almost killed him for taking a bite out of his father's share of the meat. He went out looking for his sister after she fell through the rift. The rift appeared suddenly and he ended up near a forest near my house, where he reunited with his sister and met the amor of his life, Sapphire.
 Truck used in story
Truck used in story
Winston and Smart culo distracted the N.V.A while everyone took a path around to a gravel road were we found the trucks they came in.

“Ok Kate , Lonewolf, I.Q, Brik, and Topgun Go and get Winston and Smart Ass, while Me, Garth, Lilly, Thomas, And Bad culo steal ammo and one of there trucks.
“NOW mover OUT!”

So we did as Humphrey dicho and we headed back to the P.O.W camp to find Smart culo and Winston Pushing the N.V.A as if it was easy o something. we took positions behind rocks and fallen over trees and called for them but they didn’t hear us. So I got up and ran straight into the Kill...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I woke up, wondering where I was. There was a dim light in the room. I could barely see anything. It was cold, REALLY fucking cold. I heard small cries from the corner of the room. "What?" I said. I looked over to see my two friends, Kate and Humphrey. Humphrey was knocked out and Kate was crying. "Kate?" I called. Kate's ears perked up and she looked to see me. "CHRIS!" she cried. She ran towards me and hugged me, crying hard. "Where are we?" I asked. "I don't know. I remember going to cama with Jon, then I woke up here." Kate said. "What? Same here! I went to cama with Katie and Alex and woke...
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Note: This 'Life with' story takes place in Jasper, and Kahterine (Kate) is Kate's grandaughter.

The año is 2022 I've just compeeted testing with a new battle suit prototype on the moon. Now the firt field test of the suit was to be somewhere in the South Pacfic, but as the ship was reentering the atmosphere over what looked like Canada when we were hit por somthing and started to break up. I just got my casco on and the ship blew up.

In the time I fell I remebered what the captin dicho to me "Daniel I need to warn tu son that if something happens, go into exile we can let tu o the suit...
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posted by metalwolf116
(this is a song dedicated to hank666 and his zombies, this song is created por metalwolf and metalwolf only and it is protected por copy right and any violation of this song will result in death and o WORSE!!!)


dripping flesh
bright dead eyes
adorned por death
and swirling flies

up from the grave
dirt in its teeth
chained like a slave
quick like the thief

BRIDGE (spoken):
and as it walks up from hell
hanging around it was a putrid smell
a rib o two across the skin
flesh hanging, teeth a grin

(whole band) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
run for tu life as the death walks up to you
the infectious...
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posted by awsomegtax
I know its been a while figured id start on this try to finish this story sory for this not being hear for such a long time.

Tony is back at his cave wear he would normally be. Waiting for his son Garth to come inicial so he can explain what he saw. the word "allways" streamed through his head like crazy. He slowly began to walk up to the cave. Gazing as he watches his pack work, play and do what ever.

Tony: Garth....wear are tu (hanging his head slowly)

Winston begins to walk up the side colina to the cave as he trots over and sits down beside tony and looks at him

Winston: Tony......i know your...
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Remember that part in Alpha and Omega where Kate finds out she is forced to marry Garth. And notice how she looks like she is about to cry. Why is that. Well, according to a small rumor, there is a scene that lasts about 3 minutos that reveals why she is upset, and why Winston never gets angry at her. What tu are about to find out may shock tu and Disturb you. I must say, I could not sleep for a week, and now when I am either over and Jon's o Phil's (Alphakate21), I get this bad feeling when I am around Kate. I don't know exactly if its fear o what. But, they have been making me feel...
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posted by metalwolf116
( this song is dedicated to blackwolf250's new nick name shadow, this song has been created por metal lobo and metal lobo only, any violation of this song will result in legal action and death of all tu hold dear)

Shadow of a wolf:

night time had drawn near
with it has came unmasking fear
death comes, it kills and strives
it hungers to be alive

the kill has come into sight
in shadows soul there is no light
the black lobo is ready to kill
some thrill, teeth like axe blades and now.......

the shadow of the wolf
doesn't give away his soul
the darkness in his heart
will soon take its...
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posted by Katelover812
The día was young and the air was cool. I always amor to walk through the woods near my house. Its about a 4 mile trail.I was about 3 miles in when I heard rustling in the bushes to my side. I heard whatever it was walk away so I decided to follow the noise. When I got down to a riverside trail I saw her for the first time. A beutiful looking wolf. Light blonde pelaje, piel and blue eyes. I walked down to the river pretending like I didnt see her.

"Holy Shit!!" She dicho as I came out of the trees.
"Sorry if I scared tu I was just............wait did tu just talk?" And now I was freaked out. I then...
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Life With Sarah

Chapter 1

How We Met

It was the 25th of July, and I was walking to the supermercado to get some groceries. It was then I caught a glimmer of this beautiful lobo running in the park. I stopped walking and I turned around and couldn’t see anything which I thought was strange. Then I heard this yelp coming from behind a big palm tree. I ran over to the árbol and there behind the árbol and to my surprise it was the lobo I had seen before, her pelaje, piel as rosado, rosa as a rose and her eyes greener than the leaves. I dicho “are tu all right”. “No, I think I broke my ankle she dicho in a sad...
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It is I, The Goldwolf. tu may call me Coy but in this realm I shall remain por the name the Oracle has dado me. Seeing as though Humphrey is comatosed at the moment, I feel as though it is a good time to tell what hapennes next.

When I heard something at the door, I told the Oracle, who was becoming impatient with the mortals of this land, to wait while I checked it out. When I arrived at the door, I saw a rather large lobo standing there. His white pelaje, piel reflected the light making him appear even larger than he was. "Hello Grady" I dicho as I walked towards him. "It is about time tu made your...
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Well, people, sorry for the long wait, but here's the third chapter of the Hell of Nome!!! And just like anything else, comentario If Readed!!!

Chapter 3: Taking the blow.

After Balto and Jenna walked trough the doggy door of her house, the sun had already set on the Alaskan tundra. Jenna decided to stay with her brother into her house, and she assisted to Balto to sleep at her house, too, because she was afraid that Martin would lunge an overnight attack at her. Balto couldn't stay at her house because he needed to wait for Boris to come back from his annual family visit in Russia. He dicho that...
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posted by alphaandomega24
Austin was walking down a dirt road and he spoted a female lobo walking not to far from him in the oppisite direction and decided to say hi,the female lobo looked over and replied hi.Her name was Raven.The two of them were getting to know each other well and Austin decided to walk her inicial and she agreed so while they were walking Austin asked if she was single o not,she replied yes so together they were haveing a connection with each other and when they got inicial they started to have más than a connection with each other.They sat inside and talked and rubbed noses.Austin and Raven knew together...
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posted by metalwolf116
( this metal song is a direct result of one furry teenagers awesome song escritura skills, this is blessed with copyright and any attempt to defile this song will result in death o worse).
Death- Defy. VERSE 1.
My world, around me died. When I saw her corazón beat.
Fall like a cold stone to the ground. Blood on this pavement.

I cannot understand how someone could hurt you
hurt tu like the way they did
i cannot prepare my self for your final moments
oh can tu death defy

kneel over your bleeding heart
your body it was art
in your eyes i see some light
you have not dado up the fight
i should...
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~monday~ Humphrey's cellphone rings He awnsers.

Humphrey: hello
Candy: hola humphrey do tu wanna come and see a movie bring kate ~skiping this death its to hard to explain o describe One año later~ Humphrey is getting ready for a rap battle.

Humphrey: Oh yeah tu think your bad don't loose your cool stay cool don't wanna see tu blow chunks into the crowd *Runs to a toilet and pukes* God dam i'm going up against Garth no Barf tonight and he is the champion i might not beat him

Kate: Humphrey the battles about to start lets go

Humphrey: I know god dam perra i'm trying to get ready! walks out...
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posted by Blackwolf250
We woke up the siguiente morning and I made some sausage,bacon, and pancakes.
"Well that was good right?"
"Sure was!"
"So lets see... wanna go walk in the woods?" she paused," I take that as a yes?"
"Yeah" She dicho as I walked outside
"Well ya comin?"
"Yeah sorry." We walked the trail I usually take. We walked for hours and saw many deer and caribou.We finally made it back to the house after three hours of walking" well that was fun huh?"
"It was exhausting!" She dicho panting,
"Well I'm gonna take a shower..."After I toke my ducha, ducha de I opened the door and Johnelle was sitting outside the door."Do tu want...
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Brandt woke up suddenly, he felt as though he had been hit por a truck. but when he awoke he discivered that he had some new attributes, Wings and a red Halo over his head. He thought that this was the best thing that ever happenned to him. but then he thought of his old self, and Flash of red light engulfed him and returned him to his 'orrigional' evil state.

Meanwhile back at Humphrey's den, Kate walked in and asked "Have tu seen Josh? Because he left for a hunt last night and hasn't come back yet."

"Hold on Kate, I'll try to find him." Humphrey vanished into thin air, but returned shortly...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
We all know Kate. Big, tough, lovable, kind, brave, well, almost. There is one thing Kate is afraid of.......water. She can't swim and she was involved in a traumatizing accident. Well, Hutch can change all of that.

Kate had been afraid of water ever since the accident, and accident she would remember, and haunt her for the rest of her life. She was walking alone on a hunt with Hutch. It was winter and they decided to cruzar, cruz over a frozen lake. Hutch dicho the ice was thin in some areas and warned Kate to be careful. Kate, who was ahead did not even have time to respond. She fell through and...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
After explaining the situation to Kate and Humphrey, I go another call from the General. He told me that I was to appear along with my K-9X squad to a conference panel with news people and audience. "Great, we won't let tu down sir." I said. "I know tu won't, soldier." The General replied as he hung up. I then explained to them the conference. They were both excited. We were to pick up Lilly first thing in the morning and go to the conference.

Later that night. I learn that they can drink human drinks. So I went and got them some cerveza and we all sat down and watched TV. Humphrey sat in...
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