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So after the happy reunion of the siblings, Katie and I offered Alex to live with us, which he was happy to accept. So I have two lobos living with me! Well, that soon turned to 3. After a few weeks, Alex fell in amor with Sapphire, Phil and Kate's new friend. And together they became mates. And after that happened, Phil allowed Sapphire to mover in with us. So Katie and I gave Alex and Sapphire the guest bed. "So Katie," I asked, "Are tu glad tu have your little brother back?" I asked. Katie looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, hes my little bro and I amor him. Sometimes he tells me I am like...
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STAFF SGT. Humphrey Benard lanky frame was fully extended on the rope for what seemed too long on the way down. Hanging from a hovering Blackhawk helicopter, Humphrey was a full 70 feet above the streets of Mogadishu. His goggles had broken, so his eyes chafed in the thick nube of dust stirred up por the bird's rotors.

It was such a long descent that the thick nylon rope burned right through the palms of his leather gloves. The rest of his Chalk, his squad, had already roped in. Nearing the street, through the swirling dust below his feet, Humphrey saw one of his men stretched out on his back...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I am rewriting this after many request to do so :)

It was getting dark in Jasper. Kate, Hutch, and Cando returned from hunting with three caribou, enough to feed the entire pack. Kate went to her guarida, den to see Humphrey waiting on her. She admired his beautiful, slick, silver pelaje, piel and his beautiful eyes. "Hey there, gorgeous." He dicho in that sly tone. "Oh you...." Kate said, besar his cheek. "So what did ya bring home?" he asked. "Three of them!" Kate dicho with excitement. "Sweet! Garth and Lilly went out on a walk." he said. "Oh ok. We can save some of ours for them." Humphrey said. Kate then...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Kate landed with a thud and she opened her eyes to face the dreaded Minos. He was positioned under a giant arch and he had two large tentacles for feet and one for a tail. Kate looked to see that he grabbed a damned soul, who was pleading for mercy. Minos sniffed him and licked him with his serpent tongue.

Minos: Hmmmmmmmm...... VIOLENCE!

He then Threw him over the edge and the soul fell into a void. Kate was terrified, but maybe he knew where her family was. Minos was about to grab the siguiente soul, when a strange scent filled his nostrils.

Minos: Who comes into my house of pain and sorrow?...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
As Kate continued to fall, the hotter it got. She was already in sweat. Kate closed her eyes, wishing the heat would go away and that God would protect her. Suddenly, she hit the ground with a thud and opened her eyes. What she saw completely terrified her. People, every día people, almost skeletons. Some had bad burn marks, others, well lets not get into too much detail. Kate had never been so scared in her life.

Kate: Wh-Where am I?

???: Your in the inferno, the inicial of the damned and Lucifer himself

Kate looked around to find out where the voice was coming from.

Kate: Who's there?

A man,...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
WARNING: This story contains sexual content. tu have been warned

Credit for the Idea goes to transformer101

A/N: ChriZ here and I've decided I'd write a HxK limón story, only this would happen while they were pups. This story will not follow the regular plot of the movie. Kate and Humphrey are the same age as they were at the beginning of the story. Enjoy

Humphrey's POV

I woke up to another fine morning in Jasper Park, the sun was shining into my guarida, den and I could hear the birds singing. I got up and stretched before walking out of my guarida, den to see that most of the pack was already up. Walking out...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
NOTE: Just to clear things up, this is somewhat a sequel to the Final Destination crossover por Igtar77, his most reciente chapter was the prequel to the Dante's Inferno crossover. One más thing. This was written for pure entertainment, not for religious purpose.

*3 Days After Kate's Encounter With Death*

Kate walked on, hoping to find a place to rest for the night. On her back was the scythe she estola from death himself. She laughed at how she made death plea for life, how Ironic. The scythe itself was pretty light, and for some reason it stuck to her back and she was able to easily reach...
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posted by Xscash232
* continues from last part*

~Next morning~ Humphrey and kate both wake up looking at each other.

Humphrey: Morin Kate

Kate: morning Humphrey

Shakey: good morning guy

They both look to see shakey standing there a cup of coffee in his hand and he plops on the couch. They both get up and sit on the enamorados asiento across from shakey.

~Later on~ Kate admitts somthing to humphrey.

Kate: Humphrey I can't be with tu anymore if tu don't like kids i just cant

Humphrey: No kate i can learn to like kids i can and i amor tu too much

Kate: im sorry humphrey its over

Humphrey: ...

Humphrey goes and sits near shakey...
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posted by Xscash232
*Continuing from where The last The fight articulo left off*

~Later in kates guarida, den after the song~
Humphrey: Please Kate i need tu back it so painful with out tu your everything to me and tu know that

Kate: I know humphrey but i don't know what the right choice *kisses* tu o Someone else *Thunder crackles outside*

Humphrey: Jeez looks like im staying here tonight and i'l prove to tu later that i amor tu very much

Kate: alright *Hugs and lays down and cuddles with watching tv*

~Later about 7:30pm~ Humphrey wakes up to a soundly sleeping legs spread kate laying nexts to him.

Humphrey: Kate oh Kate ready to have some fun?

Kate: Sure *yawns*

Humphrey goes to there bedroom and has kate stand in mateing postion and he mounted her.
Humphrey: tu ready baby
Kate: yes i am
Humphrey: ok *puts dick in causing her to moan keeps going in and out*

~Later~ Humphrey and kate are passed out cold from the fun they had...{End until siguiente time}
posted by metalwolf116
(this song is dedicated to alphawolfcurt, this song is written por metalwolf and metalwolf only, this song is protected por copyright and tu will die if tu violate it)

Gold wolf:

do tu ever see the gleam
shining in the night
a pure bright metal
gives tu a fright

the forests a light
the mountains did call
as the gleam comes closer
your happiness did fall

The golden lobo approaches
backed against the wall
but don't be afraid, he wont hurt you
for he is golden
of body and soul
and he is a blessing on the eyes
give it up for the lobo of gold

the danger is near
you are covered in fear
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posted by jbiehl
Humphrey awoke dazed and confused. Ow what happened?
did i do something last night? Yes Stupid tu Did!
Eve dicho with a angry tone.I heard and seen Everything tu and my daughter did! and now your going to pay for it!Eve I can explain!Humphrey pleaded which fell on deaf pissed me off for the last time!so tu better start
explaining NOW!! Eve dicho angrily.or i'll rip your wolfhood off and shove it up your ass!Ok i'm sorry me and Kate mated without your consent!I'm sorry! let it g-Humphrey dicho before he was cut off por a puñetazo, ponche in the face por Eve.Not good enough!now don't make...
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posted by metalwolf116
(this song is dedicated to lady foxes. this song is written por metalwolf and metalwolf only and any violation of the song will result in the loss of 3 limbs o so)


In your deep deep eyes.
I see my corazón in you, no lies Just be still and I will be with tu in heaven tonight.

I can't stop thinking about tu right now.
A amor some just will not allow.
As I take tu in my arms.
I will protect, and befall tu no harm

its the urge that i get
oh babe don't tu fret tonight

i want tu for me
just a while and you'll see
that tu are all i need
oh the care that i feel tonight...
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me humphrey and garth salty and shakey were deciding what to do one día i dicho "lets go to rivers down" rivers down was a river a big long river that lobos liked to swim in. so we whent too!! rivers down obiosly
!! yu can guess its a river coz its in the name
so anway we whent to rivers down when we got there it dicho do not swim i was so suprised
SO WE WHENT HOME.......BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK SO THE ONLY TIME I GOT TO GO UT WAS WHEN I WAS HUNTING!! makes sence right??ok in the hunt i saw kate hunting lilly howling bye lilly i shoted hello edge i sceamed turned back round and rann inicial COMING SOON PART 2
posted by TrollWolf
 Goldwolf (Coy) - Transformed
Goldwolf (Coy) - Transformed
Hi, It's Humphrey again. I have finally awoke from the coma. I have a bit of a headache but other than that I am fine.

I was twitching, trying to get up but it felt as though I had been tied to the ground. Also I had began to feel stronger. and stranger. I then noticed that my white pelaje, piel was blood stained and thicker, as were my muscles. I looked up to see the gang around me. I noticed Kate was looking at the back of my head wondering if I was allright. I then dicho "I'm fine, kate. You're burning a hole in my head."

"Oh thank the master." dicho Goldwolf and Grady.

"Do not be thankful yet, He...
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Lonely im Mr. Lonely,
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
Im so Lonely, im Mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
for my owwnnn
Im so Lonely,

Yo, this one here goes out to all my players out there man.
ya kno that got that one good girl dog thats always been
there man like took all the bullshit then one día she cant
take it no más and decides to leave

yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night,
And I noticed my girl wasn't por my side,
Coulda sworn I was dreamin,
For her I was feinin,
So I had ta take a little ride,
Back tracking on these few years,
Tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad,
Cuz ever since my girl left me,
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
Life With Scar is, for now, on a temporary hold. I will continue to write the stories out, but they won't be publicado for quite a while. I wish I could, but circumstances in my life are preventing me from doing so. My apologies to those that like lectura them, but it's gonna have to wait a little.

The good news is that Chapter 27 has been completed and is now awaiting a rewriting before I mover on to Chapter 28. I will say that it has a hell of a cliffhanger, but that's the most I will spoil...

Be patient. I'll be back in due time.
posted by Xscash232
*Taking place at the end of the last part*
~Later~ Humphrey was spending the night at shakeys place so were the other omegas Humphrey sat the these weird guilty lyrics rushing through his head he began to write down the begining to end of them in which they kept rolling over and over again he started to write down: Do tu Know whats worth fighting for when its not worth dying for..Etc.
Humphrey: hola guy mind forming a band with me i feel like expressing my feeling to kate por this song i'm writing
Shakey,Saltey, And Mooch: Sure if it help your depression go away your so boring depressed

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posted by Xscash232
~Early morning~ after a night of fun after the howl but Humphrey felt something was wrong like something happened to Kate cause when he rolled over she wasn't there. He thought she had gotten up already but when he went to the cocina she wasn't there and she wasn't one the sofá 'where the hell is she' dicho Humphrey so he sat on the sofá and waited till Kate entered then he [Little did he know she was secretly dating Garth behind Humphrey's back].

Humphrey: Where were tu *In a slightly angered voice*
Kate: Where was i tu really wanna know i was at my moms house cause she checked me out...
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posted by metalwolf116
(this song is dedicated to Jbiehl and his amor for eve, this song is written por metalwolf and metalwolf only, any violation of this song will result in me ripping out your eyes and shoving them down your throat)


she is gone and i will never be the same
the last word rings in my ear, who now is to blame

as she walks out the door, tail in the sky
the male voice from within screams why....

hearts locked up in a cage
i feel her abundant rage
rip out my eyes, shove them down my throat
scoop my corazón out, use me as an extra coat

take me back
i will be your slave
or is...
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posted by metalwolf116
(this song is dedicated to alpha lobo curt, it is written por metalwolf and metalwolf only, any violation of this song will result in the loss of all tu hold dear and finally death por firing squad)


NO!!!! tu are doing it wrong
in this film tu gotta sing a different song
dont wear that, wear this thong
cast a side!!!
what i say goes
dont tell me a life story,or any sorrows
places people it is time to role
i will have the camera steal your soul

you know a camera is like a gun
point and shoot and feel the fun
kill the lights but amor the sun
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