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posted by OmegaLeader
One día Jasper Park Garth and Humphrey went hunting and meet other far packs since moose have been gone for about a week. After meeting the new packs they decide to make a gathering where lobos all over Canada and UsA come to howl and meet.
On the night of the event Humphrey and Garth get in party type of mode not expecting themselves ( trained betas ). Yellowstone lobos take Humphrey and Garth to help rebuild there pack. During the time of there absence everyone thinks they are iout hunting but Kate and lily wasn't told por them and hutch didn't know about it so the three go on to learn what has happened and during the time Lily learns her inner Alpha. ( ending will be dado with the story please give me ideas )
I woke up to the smell of sausage in my kitchen. I looked over to see that Katie was not in cama siguiente to me. Getting up, I made my way to the cocina and found Katie cooking breakfast and making coffee.

"Morning Babe!" Katie chirped happily.

"Morning! Wow! Your making breakfast!?"

"Well, yeah! I was hungry and I thought tu would be too! I hope tu don't mind." Katie said.

"Be my guest! Smells great!" I said.

Katie was wearing a white sports bra and her underwear with a beautiful white túnica, albornoz around her. I walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek. She giggled and continued scrambling eggs.

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posted by Alex_6SIC6
It was a normal día in Jasper City. o at least we think it is...

Humphrey raced inicial to his mate Kate. He had found a video about them. He opened up the door and called Kate down. Kate walked upstairs and saw Humphrey holding a cartridge. "What's that, Humphrey?" She asked. Humphrey grinned.

"Apparently, it's a movie about us!" Humphrey said. Kate smilled and looked at the case. She started feeling uneasy.

"If it's about us, why does it only mostrar Lilly on the front page?" Kate asked. Humphrey looked at Lilly. She looked like she was crying hard. And also, she was staring at the viewer lifelessly......
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posted by crazyryan123
Kate and Humphrey where done getting to the floor and panting. Kate and Humphrey where alarmed por the sound of Apache helicopters roaring bye. Kate"Humphrey what`s...." Kate could`t finish her sentence cause a large amount of missiles where lunched where Kate`s mom and dad`s guarida, den was and reached all the way passed their guarida, den to the eastern part. The entire guarida, den collapsed on them. Humphrey"Kate..Kate....(NO Answer) Kate...*Starts to cry*...please answer me....please don`t leave me here..." Kate dicho in a low voice"" Kate...wait..I`m coming." Humphrey pushed rocks aside to find...
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In Jasper Park Cananda
Kate Heard There was a New lobo Coming and She saw Him. It was Me
"Wow He Looks Handsome i'm gonna Greet him" Kate dicho to Lilly
"Hi Uh...."Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's Jhordan....Jhordan The Omega And tu are Kate Right?" I dicho In a Happy tone
"(Giggles) Yes it is Well if tu don't Mind Me Saying tu look Handsome"
"Really Thanks I think your Beatiful And Cute" I dicho to kate
"(Bluhses) Thanks i amor it" Kate Said
"You wanna Do Something Toinght" I said
"Wel i can But my Mother Can't let me Go Out Somewhere Toinght" Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's ok Kate How About Tommrow Then" I Asked Her
"Ok That's Great. Bye Jhordan" Kate dicho (looks at me In a Sexy Way)
" See ya (Blushes)" I Said

Chapter 2 Will be Up Soon Hope Ya'll Enjoy :)
posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 7

Saphire, Seth and Kate began to approach a small guarida, den lined with stray tufts of grass. Voices, male and female could be heard inside. Then a petit white female walked out. One of her eyes were covered with her locks, the other was a bright purple. "Hey Saphire..." The female said. Saphire smiled. "Hey Lilly... Hows life?" Lilly shrugged. "Same old... Same old..." She laughed. Saphire nodded. "Who are these two?" Lilly asked turning her head to Seth and Kate. "Well, this one over here, is Seth." "Nice to meet you!" Lilly smiled. Seth could tell she was fairly friendly. He hadn't met...
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Leader wolf:"If we let tu and your pregnant friend in and give birth to the pups then we have to feed them too and it we will run out" Hutch:" Looks like tu are doing fine on comida as I see a good a hundred wolfs happy as they can be." Garth:" yeah it won't matter if nine más joins" Leader Wolf:".....*sigh* fine but for now on when those pups come they don't come out of there dens at dark unless they are getting a drink of water which is in front of the dens" dicho the naranja pelaje, piel leader Winston:" sounds good" as the group went inside of the huge walled off city, the leader lobo gives them...
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posted by OmegaLeader
The amor That Never Was 1

"Jet!" I was startled an got on my feet as fast as I could, "Wait wha... who's there?” Kate giggled a bit, "It's me silly". I lie back down, sigh a bit, "Couldn't have like five más minutes." My eyes were blinded por some sunlight that found its way in my den. I rubbed my eyes and just got on clothes for the day. Kate was already ready in her skirt; she had a plain T-shirt exposing some of her stomach. 2 weeks, 2 weeks! 2 weeks from today we will be getting married. We walked outside holding hands; I felt her soft paw giving me a sweet sensation. She put on her helmet,...
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(open view of life, featuring are new Humphrey7777 welcome!!)

(Annabells diary)
I awoke in the morning to a nice sunny day, it was so peaceful.... too peaceful, then i remember the reciente days and my thoughts go alert and i look around for Annabelle "annabelle!" i yell. "what?" she walks into our den. "where were you?" i asked slytly irritated. "relax brother i was out with dulces and sweets getting berries" she respuestas snottily. "no u wheren... wait... tu were with dulces and sweets *i clear my throught* well nevermind then, but why couldn't tu wake me to tell me?". "because i don't need to...
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Continuing my cliffhanger of a story
“Aghh my head is killing me”I say
“I DESPISE tu IPAWD I UNLEASHED tu SO I WILL DESTROY YOU”I say yelling at the ipawd
*I smash it on the ground*
“Okay I will be back at my den”I say walking
*At my den*
“Man what happened just then”Humphrey says on the Howltime App
“The IPAWD Smashing up”I say
“No tu jumped in to save kate from getting electrocuted!”he says amazed at my bravery
“I guess it was a adrenaline rush”I say sighing
“Anyway seeya”he says disconnecting
*I Was terribly lonely I didn’t know what to do but I had my eye on a...
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My name is Xi Omega born over 813 years on the planet Gallifrey, I’m the last Time Knight and I fight evil across the world but I will always be alone and cannot be free from this cures, but this is the story about me and my friends and how I came to settle in Jasper with my new family.
Xi’s POV
I decide to investigate Jasper National Park in Canada before I go inicial to Londres “Well here we go” I dicho as I jumped down the long colina not a care in the world although I knew of the many threats to earth but I needed this break I had just come from Nome in Alaska in 1925 from the illness and...
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posted by humphrey7777
well here it is a fallen hero featuring AlphaGarth my bud well let's get started

It's been five days since our alpha hero has gone . garth was up to the job to be the alpha hero. Garth been training for four days already. "so tu almost done buddy dicho Humphrey "yep almost " then garth went running to the cliff. He did a front flip off the side of the cliff. "dang bro your getting way better'' "hehe member the first día of training tu tried to the same thing tu just did now and tu face planted it on the cliff" hahahaha "SHUT UP growled garth Then garth punched humphrey is hardest. " OWWW!!!...
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Alright, some of tu know me pretty well from the time that I spend on this website and club. I write stories, post a lot of pictures, and almost always post on the wall. I have plenty of respect for a lot of the people that use this club, and I apologize if I offend anyone from making this, but I must go ahead and warn some of tu that this will most likely piss tu off. tu have been warned so don't come spamming me.

Recently I have been going on the pregunta and answer thingies. Well I have found preguntas that ask how Kate is an alpha and Lilly is an omega and their parents are alphas. Most...
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my pov

the siguiente morning

i woke up the siguiente mornin filling hungry and my cariobu was all gone and i still didnt see how i could stomache this stuff raw but it was delicous to me now and so i dicided to see if there was any comida for my in the storage cave


i got to the cave and saw charlie in there "hey charlie what are tu doing here" i dicho "oh i was just getting some más comida since i ran out" charlie dicho "relly me too" i dicho "any way we still on for tonight" charlie dicho "definitely cya later charlie" i dicho and charlie draged her cariobu out and inicial and i did the same excipt to my house...
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a few days later

my pov

i was on my way to charlies guarida, den "hey charlie hows it going" i dicho "nothing much just board" charlie dicho "well how would tu like to go out with me" i dicho "sure i've been waiting for tu to ask me" charlie dicho "cool lets go cutie" i dicho "coming hansdom" charlie said

later during my date

we were eating a cariabu "thankyou shannan for the lovely fecha oh i've got something for you" charlie dicho i leaned in close to charlie she closed her eyes and puckered up and i did the same it was my first kiss and was glourous we slid each others tounge in and out for what seamed like hours then it ended "wow that was amazing" charlie dicho "i know and its even better since your my first" i dicho "really same here" charlie "so were both each others first this is great it like destiny" i dicho "stop it your ruining the moment" charlie dicho and i walked her inicial "see tu tommorow" i dicho "goodbye shannan" charlie dicho besar me.
my pov


we reached her pack territory and the leaders guarida, den an entered "hey mom and dad could shannan registrarse the pack" asked charlie "sure but you'll have to mostrar him his guarida, den and i want to speak with him for a minute" charlies dad dicho "sure" me and charlie dicho i step out side with the leader "so it looks like my daughter has taken a liken to tu but if tu become our stratagous for this pack i will let tu continue to flirt with my daughter okay" charlies dad dicho " really thankyou i will be the statagous for the pack" i dicho we went back inside and charlie showed my to my guarida, den and on the...
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this series starts with me as a human and turn into a wolf

my pov

i was riding inicial from school minding my own bees-wax when i was almost run over por a speeding car but i managed to dodged it but then a cop car comes out chasing it and crushes my head under its tire

later i wake up saw and i fell shorter and when i stand up i fall down so i decided to crawl and it felt más natural so i walk over to a puddle and look at myself "holy chezzus i'm a wolf" i dicho so i admire how good i look when a redish lobo walks up behind me "who are tu what are tu doing here and what are tu doing" she asked...
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today garth came up and asked me if i wanted to come to the pequeño restaurante, bistro with him tonight so i told him i would amor that. he told me to meet him there at 6:30. so to pass time i went to my sissters house and talked to her about garth. he is so stupid she dicho he wants tu to go to that stupid diner? haha! i kindof got annoyed por my sissters voice so i left and went home. when i got inicial i looked at the time wow 6:20 i better get in the shower!

after my ducha, ducha de i got dressed and headed for the bistro. when i got there garth was standing outside. when he saw me a big smile came acrossed his face and...
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posted by Alphaman
Waz up alpha and omega fans I have got great news. I was at my local movie theater and I noticed a poster they were putting up an it had an oddly familur character. It was Lily and Garth, so I decided to ask the guy what it was. With great excitement it was an alpha and omega 2 poster the guy told me.
So yup that's right a&o2 it not a myth it's real. Can't wait to see Kate. Not so much Lily she is a little creepy and she's got problems.
For any out there who want to see the video ask me and I will give u the link of the video. The video shows me looking at the poster and has good pics.
posted by yoj123
When Kate returned inicial she was greeted por Humphrey who was curious about where she was the other night and day, so Kate told humphrey the whole story about what happened with the oso, oso de and after Humphrey just stood there wondering how she survived, "well, I know tu would not have" Kate dicho jokeingly and they ate cena and had a very exiting night.

They both woke up in the morning feeling exhausted from the past night, Kate got out of the guarida, den and went to go tell lilly about her experience with the oso, oso de and after she told lilly she had the same expression as humphrey wondering how she survived...
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