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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
Please note: This articulo was originally also going to be about something else too, but I decided against it because it would make the articulo too long. Some parts of this articulo could slightly be based off the other part.

I really thought about talking about this, but it seems to bother me whenever someone tries to compare these lobos to real lobos like all the time.
Some people seem to think that these lobos must never know anything humans know.
I think my main disagreement was whenever someone tries to bring out 'human' knowledge of the wolves.
And one other part is that some people even...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
(+Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure is officially 2 years old today)

okay so por now, we all know that the official clip - o sneak peek - of the new sequel Alpha and Omega 6: The Big Fureeze is already out on the internet. hell, i even publicado it on my channel, cause i'm tight like that lol. and surprisingly, a lotta fans like that clip. seriously, i can barely find any bad comentarios about it, aside from either 2 o 3. and i can totally see why: that 2 minuto clip makes the movie look a lot better, even with the crappy title. yea, even if i'm definitely gonna watch these last 3 sequels,...
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well, how ya doin' everybody? today, i'm back with a new Alpha and Omega update. just now, i was on fanpop and i found out we're already starting to get más info on the siguiente sequel. first of all, the official plot for Alpha and Omega 6 is out:

Preparing for the holidays, Humphrey and Kate leave in buscar of food. Their three pups, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt, are left in the care of their grandparents, Winston and Eve. With a severe storm approaching, and no sign of Kate o Humphrey, the pups take it upon themselves to fight through the snow in buscar of their parents. Joined por a few of their...
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posted by TonyxWinston
Humphrey POV

"Why did she marry that loser Garth!" I yelled at the bottom of Howling Rock.

Kate married Garth to unite the packs and I couldn't do anything about it.

Hate Garth but I hate Kate even más she doesn't care about my feelings. All she cares about herself and proved that to me after I talked to her.


"Hey Kate can I talk to you?" I asked. "You already talking to me." Kate dicho snobby. "Okay... I want to tell tu I amor tu and hate that you're marring Garth today. I'm going to leave because if I saw tu with Garth it would kill me." I said. "You amor me. ha ha ha ha.... that...
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posted by TheRealAleu1
I watched her from across the room. All the boys stare and go out of their way just for her. What was it about her that made them like her so much. She was Unfaithful, deceptive, shallow and above all else a Liar. it never mattered what she did o how she did it. As long as there was a sap to believer her sob story, she would always win in her eyes. She had all of them wrapped around her finger, kneeling to her every whim like her pets o slaves. I don't know what is sadder the fact that she gets away with it, o the fact that the boys don't realize she is just playing them and putting them...
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posted by TonyxWinston
Hi I'm new to fanpop and this is my first Fanfiction on here. So here it goes.

Winston POV

"The nerve of that Bitch!" I yelled walking in the woods.

Eve thinks I can't do anything and butts into my private business. Eve is always giving me commands and always taking over when I've the situation under control. And Thing I hate the most is when she threatens everyone.
tu don't need to threaten everyone to make sure the pack is safe.
I hate Eve, I never loved her. I only married Eve so I can get my family off my back. I don't even like girls like that, I like boys. I like Tony.
I loved Tony ever...
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It was an unruffled autumn morning, and Kate was laying por a tree.
    She began to think of Garth. She honestly felt like he was lame, and the last thing she wanted to do was marry him. He was only interested in Lilly, and tried to “impress” Kate por “howling” at the moon. She fumed and expressed her hatred over him.
     Suddenly she heard Humphrey holler, “Kate! We’re leaving!”
    “Coming!” she called back. She jumped into the car trailer and off they set.
    Kate hopped onto a small bed, presumably...
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 Cover for the story
Cover for the story
“I won’t let her marry him,” Winston insisted, his voice firm as a tack. “Your son is interested in Lilly, not Kate.”
    “It was you, Winston,” Tony argued, “Who gave the big speech that your daughter, Kate, and my son, Garth, would marry and unite the packs.”
    “Look at you,” Winston growled, “arguing with me like a pup and his mother. And that was before I knew about the relationship between Lilly and Garth. And besides, can’t they get married and unite?”
    Tony recalled this piece of information: “You...
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posted by RadLilly
It was an immensely quiet, but quite a peaceful día in the Western pack. No fights were to be heard. The entire pack of lobos were happily safe. Joyful, delighted. But that always seems like a process that repeats itself every single day. But that entire process is finally starting to come to Humphrey's realization, as he is slowly getting over the loss of his family. He is starting to feel fortunate and hechiceras to be alive in this world. He feels very lucky to be found por his best friend Kate when no one else would find him, animal o human. He wouldn't even be alive if he were killed by...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
I been noticing things...
The cachorritos may be copied and pasted modelos from the first movie somewhere (Didn't see all?).

Daria was never a new model.

The hunters in the fifth movie is the same models.

The old lady in the fifth movie is the same model.

All from the first movie..

That could mean every other "new" character has used a model from the first movie...
Is there any new person model used in the sequels anywhere? That is my question.
The only new model I've seen was Saw Tooth cavern area probably and maybe a tiny bit of other things.

But if it's true for the character models... then everything...... was a lie.

What do tu people think?
What Happened in the Woods?

“Marcel! Paddy! Watch them!” yelled Kate as she ran back into the forest for Humphrey.

Kate followed the sounds of gunshots to go and help Humphrey, hoping it wouldn’t be too late before we was shot and taken away from the hunters. As she ran closer and closer she could hear screams from the distance. Screams of pain and agony, as if someone was being tortured in slowly and painful way. Kate couldn’t make out who’s voice that was, which made the alpha even más worried and sped up as fast as she possibly could. The sounds stopped, and so did the sound of...
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posted by dan11774
Lilly and Garth were eating cena shortly after Kate and Humphrey were back from their vacation '' Why thanks for this tasty meat '' smiles Lilly '' why thanks Lilly '' Garth says '' tu have to admit this is pretty tasty '' dicho Garth About 3 minutos Lilly looks up a Garth '' Garth ! '' Lilly says '' yeah '' respuestas Garth " i want to tell tu something '' Lilly looks at him serious . '' what is it '' Garth asks '' i want pups ! " Garth looks '' Lilly tu didn't ask me all this time !'' yells a happy Garth he looks at Lilly a few pups is all we need Lilly leaps ''Garth ! '' she yells ''yes that is all we need '' she nuzzles his chest

2 months later 3 pups were born : Joey Lisa and Riley
posted by ben15delas
Kate was in the family guarida, den with the Stinky, Runt, and Claudette. Trying to get some sleep but was to worried about her mate Humphrey. Thoughts flooded her mind.

"What.. What.. If he's dead?
" What if Hunters shot him?
"I can't sleep without him"

Kate felt like going insane but tried to remain calm.
The Alpha then decided to go out and buscar for him.

Back with Humphrey. The Omega was still lost in the endless Forest. Nature and endless stars surrounded him. His eyes were still red but he seemed más happy.
Less stressed.

He was sitting por a lake talking to someone. "Ha! Ha! Good one!"
A lobo spirit...
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Hector’s POV
I was guarding the place where all the lobos were there in the field, but I suddenly heard a branch cracking and realized that sound came from a arbusto, bush on my left side. I stood up and was looking for por curiosity, I left my position and when I peeked out...

A lobo jumped on me! I quickly put my sniper in his mouth to stop biting me, after all I did is to turn down and leave him on the ground. Even my sniper was in the wolf's mouth; I accidentally unlocked the sniper and the lobo is trying to escape with his paw, he pulled his claws pulling the trigger and my sniper was fired, the...
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Narrator’s POV.
In a quiet día in Jasper National Park Canada, lobos have finished their family vacations so they had entertaining adventures during his tour with Humphrey and Kate with her cubs and their friends. lobos between Alphas and Omegas are doing their own activities depending on their rank, while young lobos o cubs were getting fun. In addition, humans will be responsible for monitoring the wolves, watching over for no catches por hunters. In organizing A.P.N.P.C (Animal Protection of National Parks of Canada) have been concerned about the low percentage of lobos in Canada, the...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
hola y'all, what's happenin'? yea, i'm so happy i'm back. i finally graduated high school and thankfully everything turned out great, so now i'm gonna start gettin' ready for college. in the mean time, this is for all of tu A&O fans out there: i got some pretty big news to tell y'all. and yea tu can probably tell por the title, it's another A&O 5 update. remember when like last mes we got the official DVD cover for the movie? well i'm glad to tell tu guys: finally, we get the official trailer to Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation. so why not talk about it? it's big news for us Alpha...
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Okay., so I was asked to review this story but I don't have much to say.

Except the beginning..
Wait at the beginning, I was hating it already.

Kate cheats on Humphrey for Garth, AGAIN..

This happens in so many stories, sense I'm here to be honest, I'll come out and say it.


Every time Kate cheats, my remaining respect of these stories just keeps growing thinner.

She's my favorito! character.. So why dose she have to fuckin cheat!?
She's not fuckin Kristen Stewert, o Paris Hilton!!
I actually RESPECT Kate, unlike those two.

This is why I retired from this genre in the first...
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Hey., I'm back with más reviews..

However, only thing this story proves, it's that NO ONE is seguro from being made into clopping.

The story starts off innocent enough.
It's about those lovely veggie wolves, starting at the scene where Shaky recommended them in order to get Humphrey to forget about Kate, but Humphrey showed zero interest in the two girls.,


Appearently after their non speaking, tiny role, they go into the forest to get más Barries, and I think berrie jugo, jugo de sprays on Janice.,

And of coarse.
Sense this is the bizarre world of fanfiction, this soon leads to two STRAIGHT girls having sex with each other (girls are so fuckin lucky,. The only way guys can make 'expirements' hot, is in hell bellow).


Obviously I wouldn't exactly recommend this story to most people.,

I mean.

If I wanted to see girl on girl porn, I would go to a porn site (not that I do).


Peace out everybody!
posted by shadow-omega
"It seems like it gets darker earlier everytime it gets dark out...Idk if I'm getting enough sleep at night o I'm in nightmare that I can't wake up from...weird for me...I'm usually happy all the time...maybe it just the heat in the air from mating season...mating season makes me feel sad...Idk why but it does, I went bk to my guarida, den seeing Jackson's there, I was surprised to see him"

Me:Jackson! Why are u here?

Jackson:oh hola omega there u Idk how to put this...

Me:what do u mean? Something happen?

Jackson:it's moonlight...ur daughter...

"My corazón stopped for a second"

Me:w-what happen?

Jackson:she went missing last was the last to talk to her...and we're thinking she may had been talken another pack of lobos who had...try taking lobos from our pack...

"I couldn't believe what I was I rly in a nightmare?"

To be continued......
posted by AlphawolfAlisha
It was beautiful día in jasper park and kashuru was waking up from her sleep. Then she started to walk out of her guarida, den and walks up to the pond and took a drink. A few minutos later she was out looking for her friends. She has bumps into a silver colored lobo and she gets up and looks the lobo and dicho " hola watch it? " she giggled as she was looking at the wolf. The lobo chuckled and dicho " oh sorry um "he paused. "Wow tu look beautiful and cute " she blushes hard and looks in his eyes. Kashuru asked him what is his name is."what is your name? " He replied to her. " I'm Humphrey and tu are?...
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