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posted by AlphaClub
Here are some of my songs, my most reciente being Let it Away. Tristam gets credit for two of them, Till It's Over and also Once Again. For some reason, Let it Away keeps disappearing from the server as soon as I subir it, but tu can find that one on my youtube channel. I recommend tu check it out...


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So... what's with not being able to comentario on any of the muro posts o the muro itself??? I see it's been a day since someone last publicado anything, which means that others are ALSO having this issue... even I can't figure it out. I am QuietWind as tu all know, but I moved back to my old account here, AlphaCLub, because I thought maybe it was an issue with my QuietWind profile. NOPE.

But since we are all having this issue, it must be a server problem, not a client problem, which none of us can fix ourselves. Is anyone having issues commenting on other clubs' walls? The más info to me, the better. Also, it only seems to be the muro that is broken. I can't comentario on anyone else's perfil walls, either.
posted by QuietWind
Okay, because it won't let me comentario on Cpuds' comentario right below, I'm going ot ask tu this: How am I a spammer? Why do tu constantly call misceláneo people spammers? I think it's spam that tu constantly post all over the wall, blaming others for spamming when I don't see spam from anyone recently but MRGHOSTY. Yet I'm 'TIED' with tu as a third place spammer? How the hell?

Have to make this longer....

Still... ugh...
September 12th, 2010.

Monday morning and then sly started to wake up and gently wakes up Kate and she dicho with a little smile.

Kate: ah good morning sly.

Sly: good morning to tu too. Did tu sleep well?

Kate: yes I did.

Sly: so ready to have a fun time?

Kate giggled and gets up to walked out and waited for sly to registrarse her. She was a great alpha I knew that we are meant for each other.

Kate: um I'm not going to have have fun without tu and I am waiting for you.

Sly: I am coming! Let's go!

Sly walked along with her but they have bumped into Humphrey. Humphrey smiled at both of us and asked...
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September 11th 2010.

I wandering around the valley of death thinking about meeting up with Kate and have a conversation. But as minutos pass i cannot wait for her to see me. I had to go to find out what is taking her long.
Kate: I am almost there i can see his den. I hope it's not too late. *keeps on running*

sly: *walked into a small hole in the ground and stuck in it* help me out of here!

(Arrived at the den)

Kate: sly I am Here! Sly? Where are you? *about to panic and hears me yelling for help*

Sly: I am down here! Get me out of here Kate!

Kate: okay i will pull tu out of there!...
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So, here it goes.

1. The idea of them moving was just... dumb to me. They are wolves, the PREDATORS, not the prey. Tough it out. There are rogues, yes. But they are worries about the pups getting hurt o stolen again. THEY SHOULDN'T BE PUPS ANYMORE!!! The average lobo is fully mature within 8-14 months, NOT 4-5 years!

2. The fact that the lobos have a understanding of most things human is creepy... they can drive, know what tech is, they know how to drive, they know what 'cola' is... what??? Just... no. They shouldn't even know what tech IS. Even if they did, they should have their own word...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
-This articulo WILL contain spoilers, tu were warned!-

This is sort of like a review but not a main review if that makes sense.

Alpha and Omega - Dino Digs is a movie focused on dinosaurios with the wolves.
So after I watched most of it, like enough of it to get the main story, etc. I thought well... hmm..?

And after finishing it, I actually thought.. this was pretty original and creative. tu know, it would be very unfair to say it's a "bad" movie because it's original and new. Otherwise, who needs creativity?

I never seen an anthropomorphic lobo movie go this far before, the ideas together...
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So in my depression, I made this. It's a song. I will make the música later, but the lyrics are here. First though, the song that I would like tu to listen to as tu read the lyrics is Crave por Tristam. Imagine his lyrics replaced por mine, my lyrics were based of a song with the rhythm of his song. My lyrics aren't MADE to REPLACE his lyrics, but it would temporarily work with the background música of that song. The song is about my depression and it's trying to make people realize that life (referred to as 'light' in my lyrics) is a hard, rough/tough 'road', all the way until tu die/fall upon...
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Humphrey whined as he limped on a broken leg. "Ouch ouch ow..." He whimpered."Oh quit your whining! it's only broken, it won't do tu any harm.."Moon growled."Or else you'll end in HELL!"Moon barked."Ok, ok..."Humphrey limped on the way to his den."Morning, sweetie!"Kate howled"."Hello, how are you?"Humphrey replied."Oh, I'm doing just fine."she put some weight off her stomach."Is something wrong with your leg?"She
whimpered."It's only broken, it'll be fine."Humphrey barked."Ok,
well.. I'm making fresh rabbit for dinner.. Do tu want some?"Kate curiously barked."Sure thing, it would probably...
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posted by CoolSwagWolf
Humphrey: "Oh crap gotta pee!" *rushes to a restroom*
Humphrey: "All of them are vacant Whew!"
Humphrey: *Zips down"
Humphrey: "Pees"
*Flushing noises*
Humphrey: "Zips up"
*Runs to a car and hijacks it*
*drives off in a Dodge charger*
Erm idk what else the end. más coming soon
Oh wait I got more
The chopper would be in the air
Chopper pilot: STEADY FIRE!
*Explosion which Humphrey dodges por swerving*
He would place a explosive on the road blowing up the other vehicles
Humphrey: "Woah that's real shit now *Laughing*
Well credits go to Humphrey Filmer Chopper pilot and almost
Everyone else in this article
The end
posted by TimberHumphrey
i really don't wanna review this movie. i really, REALLY don't wanna review it. but since i had the balls to go and watch it.... this is my review/rant on the one and only..... Norm of the North..... god, help me!

so, Norm of the North follows the story of Norm, a polar oso, oso de voiced Rob Schneider - cause why the fuck not? - who's the prince of the Arctic (i think?) and spends most of his time twerking (yea, tu heard me right: the oso, oso de TWERKS!!) while listening to shitty pop songs on his iPod and saying some of the worst jokes i've ever heard! he's not like any other polar oso, oso de considering he...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
Humphrey: heeey Kate!

Kate: oh, what's up?

Humphrey: I went to eat berries!

Kate: wait wait which berries?

Humphrey: the ones over there... why?

Kate:... Humphrey... those Michael Bays berries....

Humphrey: wait wha-- *he explodes*

Kate: great I got blood all over me.

Runt: hola mommy I found these weird berries!

Kate: wait son no those aren't normal berries the--

Runt: wha--? *his eye pupils go big to where his eyes are black and now his seeing colorful stuff* mommy... this is so cool!


*Runt is having a seizure and drooling out of his mouth*

Kate: goddamn it Runt...

Stinky: I found these weird...
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DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to start any arguments. This is intended to be my side of everything that's happened since August, 2014, and also state our history since then when I joined fanpop and this club.

August, 2014
I joined this club thinking I'd have fun. For the first few months, I did. We all did. The club wasn't as active as it was its first few years, but it was active and everyone was friends with everyone. I made friends with a guy named wwwarea, and we got a long really well. Until around maybe December of 2014 and/or January of 2015.

December, 2014-January, 2015
Around this time,...
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Nooo......we just start in the comments.
Just wanna go with the setting, the characters, and the roleplay.

Setting:Northern Jasper
Weather:Snowy, and mountains made of ice.... (I know there is only one place in the world that can support that, but this is fiction)
(I will post 2 pictures of what the forest looks like, the mountains)
Characters (mine)
NAME:Kelly Pudlowski
AGE:39(Lets give them a longer life)
CHARACTERISTICS/BODY:Lost the right half of his face, lost his arms and legs down from his elbows and knees, lost a big section of his back,...
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posted by Annakian_Priest
This is not the troll who called themselves Area and hacked Cpuds, this is THE Area. The very same.

"Guys, that old drama was silly. I am sorry for breaking the rules like I dicho before, and while I still stand for myself on certain issues, I no longer would do anything that breaks the rules. I still believe in some of the things I said, but if I ever can get back on, I won't bother to ever go that far por insults, and other breaking things.
I currently am into the process of making cool stuff of the lovable characters, and I may post it somewhere else where I believe new members can find.
As for...
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
December 25 2010.

Kashuru was just wondering what to do this navidad and wanted to visit someone for Christmas. She has been getting ready for the first time in years and spend time with Humphrey. But thought it would be great to have a good time to get to know him more. She walked out of her guarida, den and started to make her way to him. He was waiting for her to be with for the día and night.

Humphrey started to get up and running in panic to get ready for kashuru's arrival. For some reason he was too late she has arrived and slowly making to Humphreys den. He can hear her coming closer and closer...
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Deep Shadows

The world was spinning around me. It felt like a thousand rocks were slowly crumbling over, making me smaller and smaller. They were closing in. But what exactly were they?

"Kate?" A calm, light voice once again snapped the Alpha out of her fixed trance.
"What?" The Alpha asked, turning her head and blinking several times. She hadn't realized how long she was sitting out on that boulder until she realized that the sun was lower in the sky than it was when she first left the den.
"I just wanted to check on you, see how tu were doing." An Omega lobo with gray and black pelaje, piel approached...
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December 25 2010 . The event of alpha and omega.

I was just getting ready for my first navidad in my guarida, den and decorated the trees and I have working on them for a while. I have taken a look and see a árbol without a star. I went back in my guarida, den and grabbed a estrella and put it on the árbol and finally finished. *grab a bite of a cookie and left the guarida, den and went out for a walk in the forest* suddenly i have met someone who has been a little lost.

I asked her if she was going to and she said: I am going to the howling rock and I am lost my way to get there. Me: I think I can get tu there. She thank...
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Darkness. She had always been in it. Well, at least
when she was alone. On the outside, she was a strong female Alpha with locks of sun kissed fur, oro like honey. Her eyes were a wood brown and every feature on her face appeared to be perfect. Just not what went on in her head.
"Kate? . . . Kate? Are tu listening?" A small voice asked and broke Kate out of her deep thoughts.
"Huh?" Kate responded, dumbfounded at the moment.
"Are tu having one of your...moments...again?" The voice asked and the sound gradually got closer to her.
"My moments?" A laugh escaped Kate's muzzle. "Psh, no! I told...
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posted by AlphaOmega18
it is a nice night at Jasber park.

at the moonlight howl Humphrey was all alone because Kate went with garth and howl together.
(Humphrey) why all of tu alphas hate me for a reason. than claws says something mean.

claws) BECAUSE ALPHAS AND DELTAS lobos can't not feel in amor with an OMEGA she said.

HUMPHREY) well how come I make tu smile than
CLAW) because its funny to see an omega to be kick in the face.

SCAR) ha ha my mate is right because omegas are weak and cannot fight he said.

Humphrey kick scar in the face and lots of blood come out his nose.

CLAWs) grrr I will hurt tu for that.

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