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Fan fiction by Jhoman12 posted hace más de un año
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*At Kate Place*
"Ugh!!..Morning Jhordan" Kate said
"Morning Kate Babe" I Replied Back
" So....You Want To Eat Something With me?Kate Said
"Sure Kate I'd amor Too" i Replied back to Her
*Me And Kate Was Going to The Forest to See What We Gonna Get And Kate Found Something Spcail*
"Wow Jhordan Come See This Kate dicho to me
" What is it Babe?" I dicho to her
" Whoa What is This?" i dicho To Kate
" hmm....Looks Like a Wolf!" Kate dicho Surprised
" Really?!....Wow" I dicho To Kate
* When me and kate Saw what it is it was a Ghost Wolf*
" Uhh. Jhordan i think it's a...a. GHOST!!" Kate Screamed
" Oh Yeah it is!!! Let's go Now!!" I Replied to Kate
* It Was Night tie And Me and kate was Gonna go to Bed...Then We Both Heard some Noise*
" *Gasp* Jhordan tu Heard That?!" Kate dicho Scared
" Yeah i did Kate Where it came From?" i Asked Kate
" I don't Know tu think we Should Check it out?"
" Yeah i think so But Stay behind Me i don't want tu to get Hurt" I dicho To kate
Fan fiction by RustyandJuneP posted hace más de un año
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Jon Looking For Kate On His Bronco.
Authors Note: This Picks Up Where Part 1 Left off With Eve and Garth. Also They're Spoilers For Jon's "Life With Kate" Stories.

So Eve's Children Were Kid Napped, She Houled to Call Everybody To Let Them Hear About the Event.

Everyone Was Standing In Front of Where Kate, Lilly and Humphrey Last Sat. Eve Stood on parte superior, arriba Of a High Rock and Said:

"About a Few Hours ago, Two humans Kidnapped Humphrey, Lilly, and Kate. (Everyone Gasps) Now, Me and Garth Are Going To Have To buscar For Them, Ane We Need All The Help We Can Get. So Can tu all Help Us?"

Jon Heard all the words of the annoucement and RAN PAST All The Other Wolves. "Wait, Kate Is Kidnapped?", dicho Jon. "Yes." dicho Eve. "That Dude Is Gonna Get It!" Replied Jon. "Let's Do It!" Yelled Jon. They Searched Every Where, In The River, The Trees, The Stumps Every Where!!!

To Be Continued.
Fan fiction by Red_Pyramid206 posted hace más de un año
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The Order
The guardian screeched as it's wings flapped. One hand was a huge claw and the other was the shape of a pendulum blade. "Holy fuck." Kate said, aiming her pistol. She then noticed the swollen area on its chest. "Lilly, aim for the chest!" Kate said. The creature jumped down and slowly walked towards Kate and Lilly, who were shooting at it. Lilly hit it a couple of times in the corazón and the thing grasped it in pain. The thing then flew off the roof and into the fog. "Kate watch out!" Lilly screamed. Kate turned to see the guardian oscilación it's blade at Kate, who dodged it in time. The guardian then grabbed Lilly. "Kate! Help!" Lilly screamed. Kate grabbed the shotgun, ran up to the creature, Jumped at the heart, and unloaded a fury of rounds. "TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER!" Kate screamed. The guardian dropped Lilly. "Lilly, are tu ok?" Kate asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, LOOK OUT!" Lilly screamed. The guardian then slammed Kate against the wall. "NO! KATE!" Lilly screamed. Guardian screeched in triumph. But Lilly was PISSED. She grabbed Kate's shotgun and punctured the swollen area, and pumped más rounds. The guardian then collapsed, dead, and the hospital returned to normal.
Fan fiction by TrollWolf posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey had noticed the tall dark lobos that were surrounding him as he was speaking with Hunter. "How are tu still alive?" asked Hunter, still not believing that Humphrey could once más walk among the living.

"You can ask the Masters that one." Humphreys voice deepened and startd to sound like leaves rustling in the wind as the white in his eyes began to glow. "I'd suggest that tu make ammends for what tu did to me and the packs, tu flee and tick ridden worm infested sack of scum unworthy to even be on the floors of Hell."

"When did tu grow a pair?" Hunter was begining to feel as though he was being watched por everyone. He stepped adelante, hacia adelante and signalled the attack. A dozen of the south alphas came and tried to fight humphrey, but without even lifting a paw, each lobo was dispatched of rather swiftly. Some of were killed más brutally than others, One was vapourized and reassembled with no innards, o skin. When there were only 3 left, including Hunter, Humphrey stopped. "Please, Dont kill me." cried Hunter as Humphrey walked slowly towards him.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted hace más de un año
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I woke and at some más of my caribou. I then went for a walk in the forest. I walked for a while then saw Kelly again.
"Hi Kelly! I didn't expect to see tu on my walk this morning."
"And I didn't expect to see tu either but I feel very good now your here!"
"You do?"
"Yes, because, I amor you."she covered her mouth with her paws
"I amor tu too." I dicho smiling,Kelly then smiled and kissed me.
"There's a moonlight howl tonight-"
"It would be my honor to howl with you."
"Oh thank you.Uh maybe we should go see my parents?"
We walked to her parents den.
"Mom, Dad.I want tu to meet David."
"Hello,I'm John and this is Joan." John announced.
"It's very nice to meet tu two. Uhm I was wondering if I could take your daughter to the moonlight howl."
"I'd say that's a great idea." Joan said
"David can I talk to tu outside?"
"Yes."I dicho following him out.
"You have feelings for my daughter?"
Fan fiction by Katelover812 posted hace más de un año
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Its been about two weeks since Kate, I and Garth got back to Jasper. As I woke up I looked over at Kate as she layed there "Damn am I lucky I have her." I thought to myself. I decided to let her sleep and I went out to check on Garth as he still hasnt got over tony's death yet. But before I could even leave the guarida, den Kate scrreamed "HUMPHREY!!!"I quickly responded. "WHAT WHAT WHAT!" I asked.

" I am going into labor, go get dad!" she demanded. I ran as fast as I could go to get Winston. After running around to find Winston I brought him to our guarida, den to help. por the time we got there it was already over. "Holy Hell that was fast!" I said. Kate laughed and I saw two wounderfull pups. A boy and a girl." Kylie and Kody" she told me. I was still in shock that she had actually had pups.

I walked over to Kate nuzzled her and layed down siguiente to her. The whole pack was outside our guarida, den por now. We did not mind as long as they were not in the den. Me and Kate helped the pups along for a few days and Kate decided she wanted some alone time with them. I wasnt going to refuse so I went over to talk to Garth. "Hey Humphrey." Garth dicho walking out of his den. Lilly close...
Fan fiction by TrollWolf posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey had been walking for a while now, and he was begining to feel hungry. He sat down and thought of a nice big chunk of lean caribou, juicy like that first bite into a plum, but tender like his amor for Kate. To his suprise a huge chunk of caribou appeared and humphrey began chowing down on the pedazo, hunk of meat. When he was finished he wanted nothing más than to be siguiente to his loved one. He tried to make her appear as well, however despite his efforts, e couldn't make her come to him. So he thought of the Alpha watering hole, and a flash of light came and the net thing he knew, He was in the cave behind the glistining watering hole were he and kate first met.

He walked out of the cave and through the watterfall, but he wasn't wet. 'curious' he thought 'usually I am soaked when I walk thorough this'. he continued to walk untill he came to the center of the center of his old den. he went upstairs to go get some sleep wen a voice from the cama dicho "Who the f****** hell are tu and what are tu doing here?"
Fan fiction by TrollWolf posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey lay motionless on what appeared to be the battlefield. He looked around but found no one else but himself around. A sudden ZAP and the battlefield looked like a forest, except this time he was in an open space. A shadow formed around the treeline from which eight strange lobos formed a circulo, círculo around humphrey.

"Who are you? And what are you?" dicho Humphrey as he attempted to get up.

"Don't even bother Humphrey," dicho the most deformed lobo of the group. His face looked as though it alone had been through Hell and back, "You wont be able to get up even if tu tried."

"And just why not?" asked Humphrey as he settled back to where he was.

"Because Humphrey, I and my friends were sent here por the master to destroy you."

"so I take it tu are a brown nose for your boss?"

"Shut the hell up. tu shall speak only when spoken to. Understand tu insolent worm?"

At this point there was a Huge flash of Bright white light. When the dust had cleared, the figure of a white lobo in silver armour could be seen. Several más flashed and there was one in Red, Blue,...
Fan fiction by Jhoman12 posted hace más de un año
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Kate worried about Me when i Was Fighting The Hunter
*At Kate's Place Seems Like Kate Was Gettin Ready*
"Hi Katie" I Said
"Hi Jhordan tu Ready Baby?" Kate dicho To me
*Me And Katie Was Walking..until we Saw a hunter*
"Jhordan It's a Hunter" Kat dicho Scared
"Don't Worry Baby We'll Be Safe" I dicho To her Hold Her Paw
"Just Stay Here I'll Get Rid of Him" I dicho Bravely
*I Walk Slowly Then Jump on the Hunter Biteing Him And Sctrcheing Him*
"(Kate Thoughts-He is So So Valiente Then Humphery Is I'm Glad i can Count on him*
"Yeah Take That tu Coward" I dicho Feriously
*The Hunter Got Up Then Try To Shhot me But i Miss The Shot, Then He shot Again And Again. Kateie Was Worried about Me*
"Yeah Go Away Stinkin Hunter" I dicho Furiously
*The Hunter Was All Bleeding And Scrtched up Then He Ran Away*
"Wow Jhordan tu Were Great (Kisses Me)
"Yep What i do (Looks Into her Eyes) Katie (Kisses Her)" I dicho
"(Giggles) Yep Babe tu do" Kate dicho In a Calm Tone
"I'm Just Glad Your seguro With me Jhordan" Kate Said
Fan fiction by Jhoman12 posted hace más de un año
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In Jasper Park Cananda
Kate Heard There was a New lobo Coming and She saw Him. It was Me
"Wow He Looks Handsome i'm gonna Greet him" Kate dicho to Lilly
"Hi Uh...."Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's Jhordan....Jhordan The Omega And tu are Kate Right?" I dicho In a Happy tone
"(Giggles) Yes it is Well if tu don't Mind Me Saying tu look Handsome"
"Really Thanks I think your Beatiful And Cute" I dicho to kate
"(Bluhses) Thanks i amor it" Kate Said
"You wanna Do Something Toinght" I said
"Wel i can But my Mother Can't let me Go Out Somewhere Toinght" Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's ok Kate How About Tommrow Then" I Asked Her
"Ok That's Great. Bye Jhordan" Kate dicho (looks at me In a Sexy Way)
" See ya (Blushes)" I Said

Chapter 2 Will be Up Soon Hope Ya'll Enjoy :)
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted hace más de un año
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I was walking through the forest, trying to find a new pack since my parents died. So I was walking through the forest and suddenly I she lobo walked out.
"Who are you?" She asked me
"I'm David."
"Oh I'm Kate"
"Nice to meet you, uh do tu think I could registrarse your pack?"
"Well come with me we'll ask my dad."
We walked into a large clearing, and then into a den.
"Hey dad? Can David stay and live with the pack?" She asked a male wolf.
"Yes he can. David? I am Winston, Were tu an Alpha o Omega in your last pack?"
"I was an Alpha, and already have been trained"I announced
"Good.Kate,you know that guarida, den that's vacant-"
"On the edge of the clearing?"Kate asked
"Yes,Show David there. David that will be your new den."
"Ok thank tu sir."
Kate and I then went to the cave near the edge of the clearing.
"Here tu are! If tu need anything just ask my dad."
"Okay and thank you."I smiled she smiled and went to her dad's den.
Article by HumphreyAlpha posted hace más de un año
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The Ford FG halcón is used primarily in the Australian racing series V8 Supercars. Stock, the engine produces between 620 and 650 brake horsepower. The fully upgraded version produces 801 brake horsepower.
The suspension and brakes have been upgraded to cope with the extra almost two hundred horsepower.

Lionsgate Studios
Crest animación Studios
Sunoco fuel
Stoptech Brakes
Castrol oil
Forza Motorsport 3
Turn 10
Xbox 360
Dymag wheels
Michelin tires

The number of this car is 97, and the driver is Justin Long, the voice of Humphrey. The license plate reads "ALFAOMGA"
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted hace más de un año
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I awoke with a smile. And Garth standing over me.
"You were sleeping WERE late for school!" I was gone in a flash.
"What the? We aren't late!"
"Haha! Gotcha bro!"
"Ohoho I get tu for that later."
"What are tu to doing up so early?"
"We're... taking a stroll."
"This early?"Tony asked
"Okay just don't be late for school."
"Okay dad." Garth says.When his dad was gone I punched his shoulder,
"Ok I deserved that one."Then I punched him again.Jr then tackles me and starts chocking me.
"Jr what are tu doing?
"He hurt tu and for that he must pay!"
"Oh come on. Were just buds messing around."And then everything went black. Then suddenly everything came back.
"I'm sorry David. I didn't know tu were joking." I then saw Kelly.
"Hi Kelley!"I dicho waving to her.
"Hi David!" She dicho as she ran over and hugged me."Who's this?"All Garth did was fake cough and say lets go.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted hace más de un año
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We are walking back from alpha school.
"So have had your eye on anyone at alpha school?"
"Yeah that one with black fur, I think her name is jr."
"Yeah she is pretty."
"Have tu had your eye on any?"
"A beautiful one with white fur, Kelly."
"Hi. Garth right?" dicho a black she-wolf
"Yeah. Jr?"
"Can we take a walk together?" Jr asked
"Okay, I guess I'll see tu guys later." I dicho walking to the den.
"Where's Garth?" Tony asked me
"He went for a walk with 'Jr'"
"I'm so proud of him, uh how was alpha school?"
"Alright I mastered the one paw balancing."
"What about Garth?"
"He mastered balancing on one toe."
"That's my son!"
I laid down and fell asleep fast.I woke up and looked for Garth, he wasn't in the den. I got to alpha school and there he was with a big grin on his face.
"How was your date?"
"Nothing" I dicho quickly
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted hace más de un año
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This series is made with Garth115 and Myself. Every part with 'Garth' is made with Garth115's words.
Featuring Garth115 as Garth and REDWolfleader as David.

Tony is Garth's father... Tony took me in when i was a pup because my parents had died. It has been three years since then...Garth and I were a día away from alpha school,
"Wow david I can't wait to go to alpha school!"said Garth
"I know it's going to be so much fun!" I say with excitement.
We then laid down and went to sleep. The siguiente morning we went to alpha school and class started
"Good morning class!" our teacher John said
"Good morning, John" We yelled
"Today we are going to learn how to balance on our front paws then on one paw!"
"This is going to be hard."Garth whispered
"Don't worry i'll help ya." I smiled
"First things first, everyone needs a partner." Garth picked me which pato, drake noticed,
"What's the matter? Couldn't get a girl to help ya?"Drake teased.
Fan fiction by UriahA posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey woke up in the cuddy cabina of the 2450. He wondered how and why he was in there.
“What the Hell? How did I get in here?”
He got out and went home. Shakey, Salty, and Mooch knocked on the door.
“Hey Humphrey, we came up with a good idea!” Shakey said.
“We found an awesome lake in California! Ok, so we load the boats and tow vehicles onto the C-5, and fly to California!” Mooch said
“Who all is going?”
“Well, we gave Shakey the jet skis , Mooch the 2450, Cando the Malibu, however he’s towing the 35 XC, and Winston and Eve the 35 XC however, they’re towing the Malibu,” Salty said.
“And I got my 1900 right?”
“Of course! The 35 XC is the head boat.”
“Yup, bring anyone tu want, we can have up to 22 sleeping.”
“Alright, I’ll tell some other wolves.”
Humphrey went to Johnny and Ashley to invite them.
“Hey dad.”
“Hey, Johnny, do tu wanna go boating?”
Fan fiction by HumphreyWolf11 posted hace más de un año
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I Woke up seeing Hutch with his Tail drooped over him and his tongue was hanging outside of his mouth
“Heh silly old Hutch”I say stretching
I Walk outside and see something shocking terribly shocking!
*Patchen’s POV*
“Rabbit pellets n bird ngghhh”I Sleeptalked
I Heard a whimper of a lobo outside so I flew outside with my fully recovered wing
“Darren darr Oh my gosh”I say beak wide open as I see 7 Poachers shooting down caribou
“Hell no they are not going to live another day”Darren says holding up a WPG(Wolf Projectile Gun*In short Rocket launcher*)
He shot a blast which sent the Poachers pistolas into a electrical frenzy the men dropped the pistolas immediately and approached Darren with knives in there hands
*Darren POV*
“Why I never seen dem kind of lobos its pelaje, piel is soo long”Jackson says admiring me
“KILL IT it ruined our hunt”Heffson says obviously the lead of the Poaching
“Kill it? why they cant do anytin to us”Buck says
Fan fiction by TheChriZ1995 posted hace más de un año
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A/N: It's finally here! The sequel to my first successful story "Adventures" has arrived and a whole new adventure awaits Kate and Humphrey. Please be sure to read the first part of "Adventures" before lectura this story and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Welcome to Parenthood

Two weeks later
Humphrey's POV

Life these past two weeks has been going great, mine and Kate’s pups are strong and healthy and just learning there first words. Kate had mostly stayed in my parents guarida, den taking care of the pups while I mostly ran around hunting caribou to keep the pups and Kate from going hungry. My parents had done there regular things like spend time with friends and lay around in there guarida, den helping Kate if she needed anything. Jake and River were now happily married and living in a guarida, den right siguiente to mine and Kate’s.

It was now mid afternoon and I was heading back to my parents guarida, den from a successful hunt. But today was no ordinary day, today was the first día Kate and I would take the pups outside and let them explore around the outside of the den. I walked into the guarida, den and laid the caribou that I had caught from my hunt in the middle of the...
Fan fiction by Wolfman32 posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey's POV.

I looked down at Lilly crying. Garth was trying to comfort her. They had just learned that Fang had left the territory. Garth looked up at me.

"We have to go after him." He told me. I shook my head.

"We can't risk it. We must stay together." I told him. He stood up.

"My Son is out there. He could be killed. I must go and find him." He growled. I just shook my head.

"I need everyone here today." I said. He just growled.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"It's time to attack the enemy. We're going after them today. That is why. Now tu can either go and find your son. o tu can stay and help keep our defense strong. Your choice." I told him.

"Well I'm going to fight. What about tu Lilly?" He asked her. She looked up.

"I'm fighting too." She said. They all agreed. I turned to Garth.

"Gather everyone. To war." I said. He nodded.
Fan fiction by Wolfman32 posted hace más de un año
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2 weeks later. Fang's POV.

We were all still mourning Shadow. Aleu was hurt the most. She would not talk to anybody. She barely ate. All she did was cry in the corner. I got and walked over to her.

"Aleu. Shadow wanted me to tell tu he was sorry and that he loved you. He wouldn't want tu to go crying over him." I told her. She sniffled.

"Then what should I do?" She asked. Her eye's were red. I just stared at her.

"What do tu think tu should do?" I told her. She thought for a moment. She then looked back at me and nodded. She then got up and walked up to Humphrey.

"Sir we need to destroy the enemy now! We need to avenge Shadow!" She told Humphrey. He looked down at her.

"I know Aleu. But first we are mourning Shadow. We can't just go attacking them either." He told her. She just huffed and walked off.

We all gathered at howling rock and howled for Shadow. Aleu howled the most beatiful. We all then went back to the den.
Fan fiction by metalwolf116 posted hace más de un año
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Having known where Kayne stayed with his alliance pack it was only a short matter of time before they were standing outside the rotting warehouse again, staring at the broken windows and blood stained floor brought a lot of bad memories back to garth. His dried blood adorned the floor.
Garth started to whimper loudly as if in pain.
All the pain that Garth had felt was returning via the memories that were pounding into his mind once more.

Lily: garth! GARTH!! whats wrong, speak to me!!

Garth collapsed to the floor as if he was about to die, the pack gathering round only made the hallucination worse as the friendly inicial faces turned into the deadly faces of the alliance.

Eve: i will deal with this. (she dicho calmly and laughing slightly)

Eve lifted her paw and with a mighty oscilación slapped Garth across the face with a sound like thunder emanating from her paw. Garth snapped out of the hallucination and wondered where the feeling in his face went.
Fan fiction by Red_Pyramid206 posted hace más de un año
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After running home, literally in tears. Kate and I hugged each other closer and cried. "Jon does not amor me anymore!" Kate sobbed. "How could tu say that Katie?" I sobbed. I was heartbroken. What Katie dicho was cruel. "I guess we deserve it. Were just nothing but a pair of losers." Kate said. I agreed with her. "Kate, listen. I think we need to keep trying. We can do this. If not, tu and I can spend our happy lives together. We can mover back to Memphis, where I grew up. As much as I hate Memphis, I would do it for you." I said. "I like that, but only if we don't get them back." Kate said, licking my tears. I kissed Kate on the forehead and scratched her ears. "We will never see them again. We can start over." I added. That made Kate cry. She did not want to get rid of Jon that badly. I understood her pain too, I did not want to forget Katie. I've hurt them enough. Kate and I decided to wait a while before we tried again.

*Third person*

Jon took Katie to the grocery store to get out of the house. Jon needed más cerveza and to get some más meat. As he was going through the meat section with Katie, he laughed as Katie's eyes widened...
Fan fiction by HumphreyAlpha posted hace más de un año
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(Bear in mind that I really did go to Alabama, and the story that I tell is one hundred percent true)

(June 27, 2011)

After an exhilarating día of screwing around on the beaches of Fort Morgan, Alabama, we were all dog tired.
Scar, Kate, and I retreated from the rapidly chilling ocean breeze into the warmth and safety of our rented beachfront property.
Scar and Kate lounged around on the sofá while I prepared dinner; filete for the lobos and a supreme pizza for moi. The succulent meaty aroma of steaks mixing with the dough and toppings on the pizza made all of our mouths water.

Once the comida had been served, I turned on a playlist of soft background música and we all settled down on the sofá to dine. I'd cut up Kate and Scar's filete so they wouldn't have to rip it apart and make a mess.
We chatted about misceláneo shit, including the food, the weather, and Jon. No one dicho anything bad.

Then, out of the blue, Scar dicho she had a story. Kate and I were instantly interested. Scar's stories were always great and rich in details.
Fan fiction by Wolfman32 posted hace más de un año
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2 week's later. Shadow's POV.

I was so bored with just handling skirmishes that happend outside the territory. I wanted to go and destroy the enemy now. Fang wanted to do the same. Me and him were just getting inicial right now. We had just taken out a stone lion who was trying to break through the territory. We both had cuts and bruises, But nothing serios. We both walked into the den. Everybody looked up at us.

"Oh my gosh Shadow are tu alright?" Aleu cried. I rolled my eyes. She just cared about me to much. It was getting annoying.

"I'm fine Aleu. Calm down." I said. She just kept on worrying about me. I stepped up to my father.

"Dad why can't we just go and attack them instead of waiting for them to attack us?" I complained. My dad just sighed.

"Fang we can't make reckless decisions like that. más could get killed that way. We need to wait for the enemy to attack us." He said. He always dicho that. I just growled and stormed off to the back of the den. Aleu followed me. Gods she was getting annoying.
Fan fiction by Wolfman32 posted hace más de un año
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Humphrey's POV.

1 mes later

"We're finally back home!" Shadow cheered as we went into the Den. So much had happend. Shadow had the fuego element. Fang had the earth element. estrella and Rose had the water element. Aleu had wind. I also had Kate, Lilly, Jenna, Star, Rose, and Aleu learn healing from Blue. I had also división, split the pack into squadren's.
I set Tony, Winston, Garth, Blue, and Coy into leader's. I was the commander in chief. We had just now gotten inicial from training. I went and collasped on the floor. Kate came and laid por me. Shadow went and did the same. Aleu gently rubbed his back.

"Oh gosh that feel's better. Thanks Aleu." He groaned. Aleu smiled.

"Just tell me where it hurts Shadow." She said. I looked at Kate and smiled.

"My back's starting to hurt too Kate." I groaned. She smiled and started rubbing it. It felt so good. I then fell asleep. 2 hour's later I woke up. I got up decideing to gather the other leader's and planning our strategy. I went over and got Garth, Coy, and Blue and we headed to the guarida, den Winston and Eve shared with Tony. I got them as well. "Time to start planning...