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I don't know why they assume just because rogue lobos are involved, it must be the same group led por King and Princess. While the possibilities are still there, there has not been any onscreen presence of those two since A Howl-iday Adventure. I can only guess that the King and Princess look-alikes in Great lobo Games were simply just re-skinned lobos because it seems strange that they'd make themselves public to an event like that.

And speaking of re-skinning wolves, it's common knowledge por now that just about every lobo character except for the originals are what they are- cheap re-skins. Princess is Claws, the lobo Ghost is Scar, Lois is Sweets, etc. So for all we know, all these rogues are skinned off of other rogues. They could be from King's pack and it's possible they couldn't be.
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Time had aged the omega and trauma made him wise. Stress had long since turned his dark face grey, and the adventures of his youth had deteriorated his joints to arthritic pins. Claudette ran the pack now. Nobody had seen Stinky in years after the tragic falling out he and Humphrey had in his teens. Humphrey blamed himself for this, but hope led him blindly to believe that he was still alive and well in some other part of the world, and even más blindly, that someday he would come back. He wished so dearly to apologize to him and make things right once more, but in the back of his mind, he...
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Humphrey's Backstory

This plot is quite different than anything I've ever seen in fan fictions o in various discussions about Humphrey's parents, and it's a bit far fetched, but hopefully it's at least interesting o sparks a creative mind to write a story.

Humphrey is born early to a pair of alpha parents, and they fear that he won't live due to his premature birth. Ever since they first discovered that they were going to be parents, they planned on their pup being a proud, strong alpha, but when they discovered that he was going to be an omega, their plans changed. Humphrey received his name...
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posted by dan11774
 Kate and Humphrey
Kate and Humphrey
It was a pretty día outside Stinky, Claudette and Runt were inside their house . Runt was playing video games on his Wii U Claudette was on her tablet and Stinky was on his I phone . Kate walks in the room . Kate : Runt ! Runt ! . Runt was not listening . Kate : Runt !! Runt : Gah ! Great now tu made me die mom ! Kate : tu are still alive Runt : i meant in the game . Kate * sighs * tu and your video games ! Kate :listen Runt i always tell tu when tu eat something throw the wrapper away and i what did i find in the cocina not one not two but THREE dulces wrappers Ugh TROW THEM AWAY . Humphrey...
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Chapter Two - The Plan Begins

Well, here is the segundo chapter to Worth Fighting For. Looks like Silver is going through problems and he already messed with Kate, Winston, and Eve. It's only a matter of time before Humphrey realizes what is going on. So enjoy the chapter.

Humphrey's POV

I was having a nice dream of what future me and Kate will have, when all of a sudden, a voice spoke to me.

'Humphrey?!' the voice said.

"Who's there?" I asked, looking around, but saw no one there.

I also realized that I was awake when the voice started calling me. It didn't sound like Kate o anyone I knew... it...
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posted by MVG
hola guys, I just wanted to tell tu about my amor experienced and this story goes for the people that feels alone without a soul sister, so when tu want to stop falling in amor tu can remember this articulo and keep trying because somewhere in the world there is a person that is just as crazy as tu are.
This story starts in Mexico City, when I was 3 years old, I didn't know that I was going to meet with the amor of my life. Our moms were friends from the universidad so we met in a meeting of our parents. I spent a good time with her but I was just a kid so I just see her like a friend. I went...
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posted by jhilton0907
Summary: Humphrey's life is turned upside down when Kate is hypnotized por an old friend of hers from Alpha School. To make matters worse, he plans on taking over Jasper Park, pushing Humphrey to fight for who he loves most, Kate. Inspired por darkjoker313's A Jealous Alpha and a old Alpha and Omega story, called Hypnotic Love

Chapter One - Old Friend

Hello, I'm finally back and here is a new story inspired por a old story I read a long time ago, por a wrier called ThatPersonYouProbablyDon'tKnow. A lot of tu would not have heard of him as he was around when the first Alpha and Omega story was out....
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" Sir," one of the lobos of Silvertip dicho as soon as he entered the guarida, den of Luetsun. " What is it," Luetsun asked he lifted his head from his nap with his mate. " Oh, sorry. Were tu asleep?"
He stod up and replied, " Never mind that, what's the deal?"
" Well, black shucks've been sighted up north."
" Where exactly?"
" Around Jasper park."
" Alright, I'll be over there."
As the lobo left, Luetsun nudged his mate, Antana and said, " Wake up."
When she opened her eyes, he softly said, " I'm sorry, but I have to go. There are black shucks up north and they want me to deal with them."
Antana stood up...
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Tommy-Lee, Humphrey, Kate, Lily, Garth, Runt, Stinky and Claudette ate caribou around a fire.
Runt: hola Tommy still tells us a story of Assassin.
Tommy-Lee: Request that has your parents.
Runt: Can mom It tell us a history of assassin?
Kate: Of course.
Humphrey: To go have listen to you.
Tommy-Lee: OK it was it is very a long time has
Jasper Les lobos lived in peace and prosperity,
Until the día Rogues lobo invaded
There N was that only one hope: The Brotherhood of the Assassins.
When the Assassins arrived Rogues lobo prepared has to fight.
Kenaï: To go let us put boots on the buttocks...
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The Assassins Creeds must find the stone of power and the the Templars hold the Creeds do recover their sacred property vont'il succeed ou fail.

Tommy Lee is still al'affut Templars who fasait Innoncent hurt and killed one par one. Alpha and Omega are also in this story assasins creed.

Tommy Lee and Lily went into the sewers of the Middle Ages, Tommy Lee and Lily discovered a door that only encienne Maya stone of power can open this door.

They will go and tell Winston that information.

Once arriving at the base he says that he has winston have discovered a Mayan encienne door that only the...
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also, i'm sorry if i sound like i'm being repetitive about this, but i just wanted to get it off my chest

1) the animación in Dino Digs was sometimes better to look at than in Norm of the North
2) Dino Digs kept its gas humor and fart/piss jokes at a minimum, and honestly, it did have some funny bits (when Norm of the North had NONE of it)
3) at least - at the very least - Kate, Humphrey and the pups are decent main characters tu can route for (unlike Norm)
4) there's no Brent o Agnes, o Freida and Fran this time around. as for Amy, she was passable (aside from her HIDEOUS design)
5) Dino Digs at least knew when to stop being crazy and nonsensical, so that the audience can take a breath. Norm of the North NEVER stopped being nonsensical and retarded
posted by SentinelPrime89
1. The Big Fureeze would actually be the final story, completely disregarding any bullshit that happened in Dino Digs and leaving Journey To oso, oso de Mountain non-existent (which could possibly really be a true godsend if Brent is in any way involved).

2. The pups are now at the age that Humphrey, Kate and Lilly were during the first four minutos of the original movie.

3. King, Princess and a small faction of what was King's rogue pack are back but are a bigger threat than they were before. Princess's allegiance is still questionable due to Alpha responsibility.

4. Obviously it takes place during...
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The sun stood high over the sky. A pitch black male lobo was just laying down when a small white and hazel-brown female pup with a black spot on her eye started tip-toeing past him.

"Yvette?" The Black lobo called out without even opening his eyes. "Come here."

The pup smiled sheepishly at him. "Good morning Daddy."

"It's afternoon, sweetie." The black lobo replied.

"Smokey. Quit giving the girl a hard time. " dicho a white she-wolf with a brown back resembling the pup except for no spot.

"Magril. I just wanted to know why she has to sneak to go play. Makes me feel like she's up to something."...
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 Mica giving Humphrey to Winston and Eve
Mica giving Humphrey to Winston and Eve
Mica Humphrey's mother walked for a few days she soon found the western pack she saw a few lobos walking around Mica: '' excuse me but are tu guys rouges o a pack ? '' If so take me to your leader "' Unnamed lobo : ''Were a pack are leader lives up there in that cave let me call him now " * howls * Winston comes with Eve Unnamed lobo : This lobo wants something apparently " Mica : ''Hello my pack is at war we live far from hear however my husband only wants alpha lobos but this pup is a omega and my favorito! could tu take care of him ? please " Winston : *Smiles * i don't if me and my...
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 Humphrey's family
Humphrey's family
It was a quiet afternoon Humphrey could not stop thinking about his mom . He sighed. He missed her . He has a flashback . Humphrey had a picky pack leader he only wanted alphas in his pack he had 2 sisters and a brother they were all alphas . Humphrey's dad ( Chaser ) only wanted the alphas he ordered to Humphrey's mom ( Mica ) dicho he was her favorito! pup . Chaser : '' We need alphas only we are at war " Mica : '' yes i know i 'll give him to a pack near por '' Chaser : '' but that could take days the only packs around us we are at war at '' Mica : " i will find him a good pack as soon as he is old enough '' Chaser : '' fine " Soon after a few weeks Mica journeyed to find a good pack soon she found the Western pack .... to be continued
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Tommy Lee has walked the jasper " hen he learns that Kate and Humphrey would déplacer elsewhere . He had to follow in case he Would there it Would there a danger. When he has found a cave to live ou he inspected the scene of the cave while they are not . Tommy Lee: No, but it is plastic !!!! Humphrey heard Tommy and would see in his cave.When he has found a cave to live ou he inspected the scene of the cave while they are not . Tommy Lee: No, but it is plastic !!!! Humphrey heard Tommy and would see in his cave . He looked and noticed nothing unusual and it goes away . Tommy Lee: Phew ! fortunately...
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*Driving limo* NICK: tu IDIOT JUDY WE WILL DIE IN THIS EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judy: Shut the heck up we will get through this! Nick: WATCH OUT THE FREEWAY! Judy: AHHHHHHHHH *Roof scrapes por freeway and car makes it through* Nick: BUILDING WATCH OUT! *Building crushes Randy's Donuts* Judy: A PARKING LOT! Nick: No noonononono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Motor noise and smashes glass* Nick: *screaming* *Car smashes out of building* Judy: THE AIRPORT IS AHEAD Nick: What? WE WONT MAKE THAT FREAKING JUMP I TOLD tu WE WILL DIE! Judy: Oh no we wont IF THIS LIMO CAN DRIVE WE WILL MAKE IT!
*Switches to 3rd Gear* Nick & Judy: *screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
September 28th. 2010.

The encounter of the werewolf part 2.

It was night and sly could not believe that he had met a werewolf in the forest. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was in white and black markings on her fur. Sly never had seen that creature before until the night they met.


Sly woke up and walk out of his guarida, den then started walking down to see Kate and Humphrey. As he was going to Kate's guarida, den he was hearing that same song playing in the forest and this time he ran into the forest and again meets the beautiful white werewolf alisha. He slowly approaches with caution but again...
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There are two keys for life.
1. Needing to survive
2. Having a meaning
I mean, once someone is born and survives, I feel that they may need to have their own lives worth it.

People grew up differently in this terrifying life, but tried to make it enjoyable por being themselves.
Everyone deserves this.

So for this club, it's a place where yet, different people than another difference can enjoy the characters, share some interests, and talk.

And it wouldn't be fair to shut it down just because some trolls want it down.
Remember, this world is terrible. We will have people wanting others to have no purpose...
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Here are some of my songs, my most reciente being Let it Away. Tristam gets credit for two of them, Till It's Over and also Once Again. For some reason, Let it Away keeps disappearing from the server as soon as I subir it, but tu can find that one on my youtube channel. I recommend tu check it out...


(Gotta make the articulo longer...)


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