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posted by 63712
humphrey an american spy whatched the nazi army marched through as he stood and wiped the sweat off his fore head *konniggratzer marsch plays* look at them all im glad we have had the strategic upper hand the last few months o else we would all be screwed. humphrey took his nazi officers gorra, cap from the uniform he was wearing off and used it as a fan for a segundo and put it on another officer stepped up and dicho agent dead o black this is agent richareeson the 3rd do tu copy. yes i do are tu seeing this. yep. meanwhile in moscow... run dar sheeshen! al benn tugaa! grenades flew through the...
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posted by sxyomega
Why do people do this? Ill start lectura a story and theyll get tu on the edge of your asiento and then when they got yiu they just stop completly with the stories....I mean i jnderstand tu need time to write the thing but tht doesnt mean tu have to take 2 months working on the dang thing. Besides I have watched alpha and omega probably más then anyone in the world(and sorry if i get creepy)i am in amor with it....thats why i registrarse this damn thing in the first place(apologies for the language). I amor lectura the stories but i bate rereading them because the writer wont release anymore!!!

Please guys, I understand how hard it is and I know how tu feel because Im escritura one myself..Just hurry with them please.
It all was about to kick off now we all knew that judgement día was coming here is the story.
Three months later
A lobo followed por his wife where por the lake looking out at the water at about 12:00pm then a sound from the arbusto, bush made them jump “What was that?” asked the wolf’s wife then the lobo walked into the arbusto, bush to see then he gave out a loud yell for help then silent “Honey don’t scare me like that” dicho his wife then an Alpha Shade came out and killed her
Next morning
Humphrey followed por Kate, Fire, Lilly, Garth, Water, Winston, Tony and Eve where por a dead lobo “Not again...
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posted by Garth619
When my father died i was a little wolf....

We(I and my dad) were walking around forest and I was learning a new things.At once lobo ran from arbusto, bush and attacked my dad.My dad was fighting with five wolfs and everything looked great.Almost all wolfs were lying on the ground.I went closer to my dad,but some lobo jumped on my dad from the dark.He bit him in the neck and runaway.I ran to my mom and told her everything.She screamed and ran to dad.When we came..we saw him lying on the ground and bleeding.He coughed and said:„I amor tu son".
After he caught my hand and died.I dicho with tears in eyes:„I...
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posted by lonehumphrey
okay since im doing two sreies at the same time im gonna do svaing her one día and the fake life the other so on and on but please enjoy

it was 59 degress out in canada and it was a normal día for the jasperpark animal obsever nathan but what he didnt know was today was going to change his life forever.
" hola nathan can tu check the lobo pack d again theres somthing going on " his boss asked. " okay be right back " he answered.
after about twenty he got to the eastern territory checking out to see whats wrong.then nathan hid behind a arbusto, bush observing the pack. " hola boss theres nothing wrong...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I had woken up on a beautiful Thursday morning to the sound of my wife Katie sound asleep siguiente to me. She was naked in anthro form after having a bit of wild hot sex last night. I looked at the calender and realized I did not have to go to work till Monday! I forgot that my office gave us a mini spring break! Since it was 7 AM, I decided to go back to sleep with Katie. I pulled the covers over us and wrapped my arms around her luscious breasts. After drifting off to sleep. I suddenly found myself on the hard floor. Katie decided it would be funny to push me off the cama this morning as a prank....
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posted by REDWolfleader
After I escaped the human testing facility, everything went down the cliff. A few hours later I was in Oregon. Then I went east to Montana. A few miles in from the border I met a lobo pack. They gathered around me growling. Then the leader came and talked with me,
"Well well well. Lone-wolf are you?"
"Well we don't let people through our valley an,"
"Well your letting this lobo past."
"Ha! No we're not! lobos attack!!!" I tore the leaders neck open letting him die a painful death. I then was in an epic fight for survival. lobos came running to the middle of the valley to try to kill me....
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In a reciente muro post, I talked about my plan for three final fanfictions to end the franchise in my eyes. I decided to do this after I thought about what it would be like if Alpha and Omega had a psychological villain. Psychological villains are my favorito! kind because they fight with their intellect, planning for every possible counterattack, accounting for every scenario. In some cases they're más terrifying than villains who fight with their brawn because it's very hard to outsmart them. These last 3 stories really will be the last ones. I know I dicho Legend of the Peaceful Warrior was...
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Three mouths later after runt was kidnap por rogues and was saved por his family the pups are now a bit older mostrando it daytime runt was start playing hide and seek with his siblings
Stinky:"Ok runt tu hide and we find you".
Stinky dicho with cool look and claudette smiled at her little bro.
Runt:"Alright big bro l go hide but tu two going have to close your eyes and count to twentyfive".Runt dicho with a bit angry look.
Claudette:"Alright runt tu win we count".Claudette dicho with defeat.
Stinky and claudette close they's eyes.
Stinky:"Ok we counting bro".Stinky dicho while with his eyes closed.
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I going to put out the new Characters for Alpha and omega:A story of human child and four wovles l to going have based on couple of my characters well at least let get to it.

Flash based on 2000s ultimate spiderman comics l wonder how stinky claudette and runt deal with thier bully Flash Has a blonde pelaje, piel spikey hair mucleser green eyes lobo and also had been bully a of stinky claudette and runt.

Bucky has a eyepatch on his's left eye and scar marks on it dark brown eyes black haired a beard green like leaf clothes the oldest sibing of the trios family and leader of the redneck hunters.

Becky has...
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Chapter 1:A lobo pup and a little human girl's friendship.
Three mouths later after the events of alpha and omega 2 runt got caught in a oso, oso de trap but a eight año girl Shown up.

Chapter 2:Young adult wolves's first hunt.
When two years goes por than garth and Kate took stinky gj fleet and claudette out to Thier's first hunt.

Chapter 3:Cougar vs wovles.
Margril was sad after flash picked on her runt shown up and comforts her but when a cougar got in the scene.

Chapter 4:fell in amor at moonhowl.
When gj kara and alice head out they met a omega lobo named leah hunter and Sam that was approve por the...
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posted by PurpleDragon02
Humphrey's father
Age: 36
Species: Wolf
Pack Rank: Omega
Relations: Father of Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam. Husband of Martha.
Area of residence: Central Pack, Jasper Park


Height at shoulders: 3' 1"
pelaje, piel and mane color: Light grey
Eye color: Light brown
Furstyle: Neat but a little unkept


Skills: Logboarding, throwing snowballs
Very fun-loving like his son, Humphrey


Stayed behind with the alphas to protect the pack when it was attacked por humans on Humphrey's birthday.

Other facts

Invented the sport of logboarding and taught it to Humphrey. He also taught Humphrey how to recover from a spin-out.
Also bad at howling.
posted by PurpleDragon02
The high school I go to lets us go inicial o go out to eat for lunch as long as we're back in time for the siguiente class. So I took advantage of this opportunity today and I rode my bike inicial to watch a little bit of Alpha and Omega on the 9 año anniversary. I had to rush back to the school and I rolled my ankle trying to jump the flight of five steps to the entrance but it was worth it simply because I got to watch A&O during school hours. It's a tradition I plan on continuing for every año now and nothing short of death will prevent me from doing it. I guess today proved that.
Finally after almost 7 long years, the A&O series has come to a close with Journey To oso, oso de Kingdom. And it ended in not the worst possible way but it was still a bunch of shit. Our friends Humphrey, Kate and the pups... they don't do anything in this movie. And what little they actually do... it's pure CRINGE.
The plot is also crap. It's a cheap ripoff remake of The Lion King but with bears and wolves. LAZY. A&O 8 also manages to rip off other cine like Open Season and even some of the past A&O cine (particularly the original and A Howl-iday Adventure).
And don't get me started on Princess Canue. At least the other bears look like fucking bears. I don't know what the hell is up with Canue and that ugly-ass hairstyle. Not much to complain about character-wise but she's pretty hard to look at.

I don't recommend it. It's not Dino Digs BAD. It's not even The Great lobo Games BAD, but it's still bad. I give it a solid D. Way to go, Tom Kane... NOT.
weren't expecting a review with that título huh? well, yeah i know. we gotta wait 2 más months 'till the DVD of this movie comes out. but apparently, Splash went ahead and put up the whole movie on their website. so me having nothing better to do, i was like "Nah, fuck it. why wait till May? i'm gonna go ahead and watch it". and now that i finally watched the whole movie, will it be the movie that ends up being good, o should we start wishing it never existed? i'm Niko, and today i'm gonna be reviewing Alpha and Omega 6: Dino Digs!

The Story
before i get into this review, i just gotta say that...
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
It is August. 25,2010 in Jasper park Canada.

Kashuru is finding no luck and she went farther in the park and finds herself in trouble as other lobos has found out she is here. She stood still for five segundos and then ran back out of the park and hide herself from the wolves. A few hours later they left and then she went back in and this time she was being careful and kept low profile. Kashuru has found an old banned guarida, den she went and looked at it then saw nothing but clean old den.

So she went inside it and took a look around and saw good structure. Kashuru has finally found a inicial and stayed...
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posted by SorenGuardian1
 "Your not Touching this caja, cajón de Alive!"
"Your not Touching this crate Alive!"
Within blades of white snow under a setting sky, the clouds holding plumes of a gentle oro sun, Balto sharply drew in the wind. He noticed the light the background, a shimmering estrella hidden within the trees of a mountain valley as well as the frosty blizzard.
Balto darted across the valley edge drawing closer to the lone twinkling on the light. estrella was the first to spot Balto as he spoke the wolfdog's name, the other perros looked and seemed thankful to see the wolfdog for once, all except Steele.
Steele snarled darkly to himself standing to watch the mutt look around. His eyes glared to the...
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One warm summer late in the afternoon at 6:30 i saw the sun setting as i relized it was time to go home.I left the the wooden obstical course wich i was training for alpha school,then i started to make my way towards home,as i was walking inicial i seen an old friend from alpha school,his name was keaka,i asked him"keaka,what are tu doing out here? its getting late!" he said"hey kate havent seen tu in a while,i was just over por the pond drinking water."Oh i thought tu were alone out here por yourself." i dicho to him,we kept on talking and i totaly forgot that it was getting late,i suddenly realized...
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posted by trueshadowwolf

beavis: UHHH WHAT?


beavis: ummmm why? ha ha ha

butthead: tu know like look at mothernatures boobs.

beavis: whoa... he he he... lets go!

they went out to the forest.

beavis: damn it butthead when are we gonna see mothernatures boobs!

butthead: damn it beavis calm down! (slaps beavis.0

beavis: hola look its a wolf

hutch: get out of here you!

beavis: whoa cool! ha ha ha

butthead: whoa are tu like... from final fantasy?

hutch: (attacks beavis)

butthead: whoa... huh huh beavis tu wuss... your getting your ass...
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posted by tinyhades
Chapter 1: Married Life

Humphreys POV

This story started the night of when the movie ended

I'm so happy I cant sleep Kate is right por my side my childhood crush is finally my wife.

she is so beautiful in the moonlight. I don't know what I was thinking, becoming a lone wolf. The only flaw with Kate Isn't even to do with her but her mum someone I've always feared I'm afraid to even look at Kate when she’s there.

Flash back

back in Idaho meeting Marcel and Paddy. To dancing in the Biker's/Wife's camioneta, van To log trineo down the mountain being chased por a bear.

Back to reality:

Time to get to sleep zzzzzz....
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