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Here is a quick recap before we jump into the main story, just to fill tu in on all the events that have happened since my last chapter (LWKK part 7) in a nutshell;
My pups have been born healthy and completely normal in every way! Kate and Katie were and still are very protective, just not overprotective anymore. Chris (Xero_Pyramid206) came up with a remedy to speed up their growth to 5 months old. So about a week after Jon Jr. and LaDonna were born, I confronted him about it with the news that both Kate and Katie had dado full permission to get the procedure done.
All it consisted of was...
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So far the due dates had been false and Kate herself was honestly growing really impatient with people prodding at her and asking her a bunch of technical preguntas about when she would give birth to her and her mate Jon's son. Finally she gently told Jon one night riding back to the campus in his truck from the grocery store that she had enough of it and would not go in and have them do anything like that again to her o her son. Jon agreed indefinately, he was sick of them also but was too kind to admit it. He just wanted the best for her. The same thing had happened to Katie also and she...
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Author's note:I just want to make this clear to everyone. In real life I rarely ever drink red wine except on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes New Years Eve. Even then it is in very limited quantaties. (shot glasses o small wine glasses) I dont want everyone thinking I am an alcaholic! This articulo will contain some minor sex but nothing major! tu are hereby warned for that!

October 21, 2011

It is Kate's 3rd birthday (19 in lobo years) and she is feeling happier than ever! I have just treated her to a nice, juicy tenderloin filete at her favorito! restaraunt and...
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The siguiente morning I woke up facing Katie. With her eyes closed she looked exactly like Kate. Just like Kate she was perfectly beautiful when she slept. I inched adelante, hacia adelante and kissed her on the nose, her purple eyes fluttered open, and a big smile formed on her face.
"Morning beautiful!" I said.
"Good morning Jon, that was so fun last night!"
"Yes it was," I said. We kissed again letting our tongues slide in each other's mouth. For 15 minutos o so we just lay there kissing, finally Kate began to stir and it was then I sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom...
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Well, people, sorry for the long wait, but here's the third chapter of the Hell of Nome!!! And just like anything else, comentario If Readed!!!

Chapter 3: Taking the blow.

After Balto and Jenna walked trough the doggy door of her house, the sun had already set on the Alaskan tundra. Jenna decided to stay with her brother into her house, and she assisted to Balto to sleep at her house, too, because she was afraid that Martin would lunge an overnight attack at her. Balto couldn't stay at her house because he needed to wait for Boris to come back from his annual family visit in Russia. He dicho that...
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Dustin’s POV

My body features changed as I morphed into a moutain lion, Castro as well as all of the other lobos of the pack all stood in shock of what they were seeing. I stood in front of them and watched as some of the lobos started murmering to one another.

“As tu can see I am a shape shifter, I can change my form into any other living creature, I can also shift into and impersonate other wolves.” I told the whole pack

"Very interesting, very interesting" dicho Castro as began to look around "Their! Become Sarah I would like to see tu become her and kill her. She's of no use to me...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Details:Kill all Enemies, Find the hostages.
Weapons: M4A1 Acog sight, Desert Eagle.
Here Goes Nothing......
Time:10:50 Am.
Desert Special Units.
January 4 2014.
"Wake up!" Sandman said.
I opened my eyes only to find myself into a upside down hummer. I crawl out of hummer. "Here your Gun!" he gave my M4A1. I cover on a sandbag and shoot some enemies. Of course I didnt loose my pistol. I ran to a small house but I got hit por a sniper hidden.
"SHIT, SLENDER IS DOWN!" i heard a soldier. "Im fine..." I said. I took my M4A1 to shoot at sniper, he was hidden on a small...
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posted by sanman7
The whole worlds sittin` on a tickin` bomb, the whole world`s sittin` on a ticking bomb and its about to explode! andrew (me) clutched the picture of kate close to his body not wanting to forget that special yet disturbing night 2 years hace he was sharpening his cuchillo when he heard from behind him

"The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that this is its last día on earth, but I think that's a luxury not a curse. To know your in the kind of freedom. Good time to take inventory. Out gunned, out numbered, out of our minds, on a suicide mission. This is for those who have...
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posted by LexiMcCoia
Through the veil of my tears, I watched my closest friend get lowered into the cold, unforgiving ground. Although the body was wrapped in leaves, I knew far too well that the limp mass was Lexi. As I cried, Humphrey; a fun loving omega put his paw on my shoulder. "Wynter, it's ok, tu did all tu could. There was nothing más tu could've done. It wasn't your fault." Wasn't my fault? I looked up at him, tears rolling down my face "Then why....why does it hurt so bad"? He sighed and brought me into his chest and hugged me. As we were hugging he dicho "Wynter tu need to try to be strong for Lexi."...
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posted by westernunit-211
(It's 2014. Here is the sequal of my story. Hope it's good.)

'The Last Enemy'
Day 6 09:21hrs
Task Force special ops unit

We arrived in the desserts of afgano and were hiding from a dust storm. Frost was curled up siguiente to me so the dust would pass. Luckily i brought some sand camofluge blankets for me, Frost and Lev to cover us from the dust storm. I sent a message to Sandman so he can mostrar it to the others.

4 hours earlier

The camera was on and it was sending the footage to Sandman back at Jasper and I started to talk. "The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
after "Alpha and Omega 2" came out in October and a lotta people kept giving it 10/10 ratings (like me, i loved the sequel), i'm gonna review the original and i'm gonna tell y'all why it's my all time favorite.
"Alpha and Omega 1". So, "Alpha and Omega 1" came out in 2010, it was wrongly slammed por critics for no reason, but it did have a big fan base and that's good. Okay, so in "Alpha and Omega 1", Kate and Humphrey are 2 young wolves: Kate's the sexy, responsible Alpha girl in the pack and she kicks a lotta culo (she's like the lobo version of Lara Croft), and she's super hot. And Humphrey's...
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posted by AlphaClub
 What I think Humphrey's father would look like if he was alive still, and in real life! :)
What I think Humphrey's father would look like if he was alive still, and in real life! :)
This will be my first 1st person fanfiction, so... beware!!! ;)

It was morning, and I had been asked to go along with Hutch on his hunt for two. Now, normally we would hunt in groups, but today, Hutch asked me to tag along because he wanted company. His mate, Grille, had just left him, and he was staying at my den, which was shared por me and my mate, Kate. Hey, that rhymes! But this morning, Hutch wanted me to accompany him on a hunt to vent his frustration, and I had nothing to do, so I accepted.

It had been about an hour, and we hadn't found anything. No sign of any other animales other than...
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calle Fighter (Dubstep Remix, o the dubstep rap version) - Antoine Levanant

The siguiente Big Thing - Throttle

Ideekay - Ephixa

To the Stars - Braken

Emergency - Pegboard Nerds

Bangarang - Skrillex Ft. Sirah

Crossroad - Au5 Ft. Danyka Nadeau

Jumble - Deficio Remix

Better world - Direct and Labische

Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds

Dance to it - Tut Tut Child

Seduction - Varien

Energy Drink - Virtual Riot

Time Bomb - Feint

Follow tu - Au5 (Beware, sexual wording is existant)

Outside - Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

Here it Comes - Pegboard Nerds

I remember - Tristam (My personal favorite, could sing the whole song...
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Before anyone dicho anything, yes I'm wwwarea. I'm just using this account for now. Not sure why, but I think it's for the better for this. Since I don't want my gaming name on here much anymore.
It is better to remain as a separated society anyway.

It is quite possible that I could of handled the hatred from sanman7's articulo better. The way I react on walls sometimes and such...
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It was midnight, which was way past Claudette's bedtime. She wanted to know what the voices were, the one that kept her up at night. She had to find out. Every night, there were voices coming from outside, down the hill, and por the pond.

But as she crept closer, the voices halted, as she stepped on a twig. "What was that?" one of them asked. "I don't know. Sounds like... a pup maybe?" the other asked.

"Oh no..." Claudette gasped.

"Ah ha! It is a pup! A female! Get her!" ordered one, jumping out of the bushes, grabbing her por the scruff.

"Ah! Let.. me... go!" she yelled.

"Sorry. Can't do that....
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posted by AlphaClub
It was noon. Claudette was sitting down siguiente to her to brothers, Runt and Stinky, along with her friend, Ares. He was sitting siguiente to her, and was looking down. Her brothers were playing siguiente to the water of the pond.

"Hey.. um... Claudette? I've gotta go... again. I'm sorry I've been leaving so much lately." apologized Ares.

"Um... okay. It's okay. Where do tu keep going though?" she asked.

"Uh... It's a secret. Sorry. Please don't follow me though, okay?" he said.

She looked at him. "Fine. I won't." she promised.

She watched him go, and decided she would follow him anyway. Where did he...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
okay, it's official: thanks to the smash hit Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave, the A&O franchise is back on track! but i'm pretty sad to say that it's probably gonna end soon, cause i'm hearing rumors around the internet that Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation is the last one in the franchise. if that's the case, i want this movie to be so much más than your typical road trip o family vacation-type scenario. but what i really wanna see in this probably last movie, is a backstory of Humphrey. we're four cine into this awesome franchise, it's sadly almost over, but...
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Later after breakfast Me and Sophie play hide and seek
Sophie: I'm it so tu better Start counting
I count to 20 And after that I try to find her suddenly I bump
into Hukan who was my best friend until he hates me
John:Well well isn't it Jason my old friend.
Me:What do tu want Hukan?
Hukan: I wanna to kill you!
We both start to fight and I defeated Hukan who ran away scared.
I found Sophie come out amaze at me.
Sophie: Wow tu are amazing.
Me:Thanks Sop.
Sophie: Your welcome.
As we returned Rose and Shade replied wow tu defeated Hukan
Shade:Our child is amazing.
Me:Thanks guys.
posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 2 tu guys. Enjoy.


As he opened his eyes, Nars found himself in an all too familiar setting. The void of whiteness.

"This place again," Nars said.

"It seems you've surprised me Nars," Nars jumped at the elderly she lobo appearing behind him.

"What the hell, don't do scare me like that," Nars as he breathed heavily.

"My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you," the she lobo said.

"Look what do tu want? I already apologized to Daria and made up with Floyd," Nars said.

"I did not come here to ask tu for a favor," the she lobo said. "Only to thank tu for admitting your faults to Daria...
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posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 1. This is gonna be an important chapter. Enjoy.

It was nighttime at the Northern Pack as Nars watched his pups sleep. He was still thinking about his meeting with Daria earlier that afternoon. Nars felt really bad for how he treated her. What's worse was that he didn't even admit that it was pretty much all his fault. At least Daria had the reasonable explanation that she couldn't see him.

Shaking his head, Nars decided to go to sleep. At that moment he had an idea; maybe he could stay at the Western Pack after dropping his kids off tomorrow and look for Daria and apologize to...
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