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It had been two days since Kate and Humphrey announced their amor to the packs and everything seemed to be just fine. Garth and Lilly were away on their honeymoon and Kate and Humphrey decided to go find a guarida, den somewhere nearby. After all, she was still an Alpha. Since Humphrey married Kate he had the special privilege to be an alpha AND an Omega. He still hung out with his Omega friends but he also had many Alpha Duties to perform with Kate, which to him was just as fun. But soon all this happiness would soon end.....

"HUMPHREY! Honey, wake up. We have Alpha duties this morning!" Kate said,...
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posted by Alphaman
Lily is one of the most beautiful movie characters I have ever seen. For me I would have liked Alpha and Omega better if Lily and Garth took Kate and Humperys place. Lily is a young beautiful wolf,I amor her. I would pay any amount of money if I could have Lily. Now I have heard rumors that Alpha and Omega 2 will be más about Lily. Now if this is true I would definitly go to see it. P.S I amor tu Lily. Well in other words a&o 2 is no rumor, I saw the commercial. The commercial only job Lily so yay. I'm so excited and Lily looks the same as in the first one. So the sequel will probably be better. In which case I will go see the movie the día it comes out. If tu have any preguntas about A&O 2 leave a comentario o message me.
posted by boltrocks2233
Spring had come and the young alphas had returned from alpha school and where now pack leaders. Alex and Cameal where logboarding now proffecinally...or so they thought. Cameal was still afraid of it but in a way it was fun. "Wooohoooo!" Alex yelled. "Position 23." she told Cameal. Cameal swerved the back of the log right while Alex swerved the front left so they took a shortcut throught the brush but the path was narrow and the log started to flip but suprisingly, Alex summersalted in the air to get out of its path. Cameal was not so lucky, she huddled down into the log as it flipped. Eventually...
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Verse 1:
She will be
Cummin on my mountain when I cum
(pump on more)
Cumin on my mountain when she cums
(in and out)
Cumin up my mountain
Cumin down my mountain
Exploding on my mountain when we cum

Verse 2:
We need to lick it round the rim before we cum
(so wet)
Suck it all around with Tongue before we cum
Sucking up my mountain
Licking down my mountain
Exploding on my mountain when she cums.

Blissful on my mountain
Blissful on my mountain
Blissful on my mountain when we cum.

Verse 3:
Shell be mounting my mountain before we cum
(slide it in)
She will be mounting my mountain before we cum
Pumping up my mountain...
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posted by crazyryan123
Kate and Humphrey where done getting to the floor and panting. Kate and Humphrey where alarmed por the sound of Apache helicopters roaring bye. Kate"Humphrey what`s...." Kate could`t finish her sentence cause a large amount of missiles where lunched where Kate`s mom and dad`s guarida, den was and reached all the way passed their guarida, den to the eastern part. The entire guarida, den collapsed on them. Humphrey"Kate..Kate....(NO Answer) Kate...*Starts to cry*...please answer me....please don`t leave me here..." Kate dicho in a low voice"" Kate...wait..I`m coming." Humphrey pushed rocks aside to find...
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this series starts with me as a human and turn into a wolf

my pov

i was riding inicial from school minding my own bees-wax when i was almost run over por a speeding car but i managed to dodged it but then a cop car comes out chasing it and crushes my head under its tire

later i wake up saw and i fell shorter and when i stand up i fall down so i decided to crawl and it felt más natural so i walk over to a puddle and look at myself "holy chezzus i'm a wolf" i dicho so i admire how good i look when a redish lobo walks up behind me "who are tu what are tu doing here and what are tu doing" she asked...
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In Jasper Park Cananda
Kate Heard There was a New lobo Coming and She saw Him. It was Me
"Wow He Looks Handsome i'm gonna Greet him" Kate dicho to Lilly
"Hi Uh...."Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's Jhordan....Jhordan The Omega And tu are Kate Right?" I dicho In a Happy tone
"(Giggles) Yes it is Well if tu don't Mind Me Saying tu look Handsome"
"Really Thanks I think your Beatiful And Cute" I dicho to kate
"(Bluhses) Thanks i amor it" Kate Said
"You wanna Do Something Toinght" I said
"Wel i can But my Mother Can't let me Go Out Somewhere Toinght" Kate dicho Nervosuly
"It's ok Kate How About Tommrow Then" I Asked Her
"Ok That's Great. Bye Jhordan" Kate dicho (looks at me In a Sexy Way)
" See ya (Blushes)" I Said

Chapter 2 Will be Up Soon Hope Ya'll Enjoy :)
posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 4
The wind howled in the mountains. Snow ruffled as Liam lead Hunter and Griffin up the mountain side. Hunter’s brown pelaje, piel ruffled in unison with the wind and Griffin’s flaming naranja was a contrast to the white all around. “What’s our job here?” Hunter asked Liam, craning his head towards the navy blue padding up the mountain. “Ruuqo has been alerted that two lobos are heading towards our territory.” “So? Maybe they’re just passing through? I mean, they’re just two wolves! What could they possibly do to a whole pack-,” “I think we’re supposed to lead them to...
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posted by AlphaKate123
Skipping the mating
Kate and Humphrey were sleeping in the little den. They woke up as a ball hit both of their heads. They both saw Marcel and Paddy. "Seems like we caught them at a bad time" Paddy said. Kate stood up and exited the little den, her tail rubbing Humphrey's snout. "What are tu doing here?" She asked. "What are tu doing here? We gave tu a ticket inicial but tu messed it up over a cupcake?!" Marcel dicho and Humphrey chuckled. "Yep" he said. "Is there another way to get home?" Kate asked. "Another way? Another way?! What am I, a travel agent?"...
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posted by slydog11
It was two months after kate and humphrey had howled together, and they have start to think of moving to a place. Kate and humphrey wanted to go but as they about go, they got stopped por lillly and garth along the way. And lilly dicho " hola where are tu guys going?" she asked. kate replied to lilly as she was thinking."um we are moving to a new place tu guys wanna come?" . As she stood there with humphrey and lilly looked at garth. " sure we like to come with you" .

kate looked happy and said" ok that will be great me and humphrey are about to go and we'll have our two friends that can help...
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posted by snazzywolve53
autor note: Sorry people, I was tired and wasn't thinking when I wrote the last two articles- when I wrote that we were surounded por the female wolves-I meant Eve and Lilly surrounded us- ok now tu understand.

As we were running away from slutty Eve she yelled: hahaha- one of tu guys will fall in my trap and be mine! They ignored her warning and kept running. Bamm! Humphrey yelped as he fell in a pit trap! I went back to the hole and jumped in. What the Fuck are tu doing Dillon! Humphrey yelled to me. I'm getting tu out of here. Then I picked him up, and threw him out of the pit. Humphrey,...
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Chapter 6

Where’s Salty

As the sun rose again over Jasper Park.

Humphrey again awoke to see Kate lying siguiente to him; he smiled, got up and walked out to the entrance to their guarida, den and sat outside and looked over the valley. ”Wow it is really beautiful here” he thought.

Kate then woke up to see Humphrey wasn’t siguiente to her. “Humphrey!” she yelled. “Yes my darling Kate, what is it” Humphrey replied as he walked back into the guarida, den where Kate was lying. “I thought tu had left me baby” Kate replied. “No, baby why would I do that” Humphrey replied immediately. “I don’t know...
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lost in conversation, the night passed on and on, slowly as the moon kept its course of travel. It was steady as it had ever been, dependable, and tonight, kind and generous.
It gave light to everything around and asked for nothing in return, it filled each lobo there with a glee and joy. Some wolves, even with a rambunctious edge on this night.

Zen's Omega's mingled with the other Clan Omegas, Deltas and a few Betas all night, Eight among them. The group hadn't moved an inch, though the size of it had grown some. Members left to mingle, returned and left again, some newcomers came por to say...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Kate, an FBI agent, must do everything she can to find out why her husband, Humphrey, committed suicide. Her buscar unknowingly takes her to the deserted town of Silent Hill.

It should have been any ordinary día for Kate. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, have sex with Humphrey, then bed. But today it is different. Kate yawned and sat up in bed. She looked at her alarm clock to see it was 7 am. She did not have to go into work until 10 so she decided to go back to sleep. But to her discovery, Humphrey was wide awake, grinning at her. "Hey there Kate, looking hot today without...
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Darkness. She had always been in it. Well, at least
when she was alone. On the outside, she was a strong female Alpha with locks of sun kissed fur, oro like honey. Her eyes were a wood brown and every feature on her face appeared to be perfect. Just not what went on in her head.
"Kate? . . . Kate? Are tu listening?" A small voice asked and broke Kate out of her deep thoughts.
"Huh?" Kate responded, dumbfounded at the moment.
"Are tu having one of your...moments...again?" The voice asked and the sound gradually got closer to her.
"My moments?" A laugh escaped Kate's muzzle. "Psh, no! I told...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
No one's POV

Back to the guarida, den Lilly laid Runt near his mother. He is already sleep a few minutos ago. “Thanks to have back the pup Lilly and thanks Princess for that thou busy of Runt” dicho Kate. “No problem, he is very sweety” replied princess sweetly. “Hey Lilly do tu want stay here for sleep” ask Humpfrey “It's sound good” she replied. “Well see tu later Princess”. She smile toward her and erveryone laid near Runt. Princess come back to her guarida, den and all the familie begin to be tired. “Well I hope that Stinky and Claudette are fine” Kate dicho “Don't worry Kate I'm...
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posted by JettAlpha
Name: Kasady

Age: 3

Rank: No official rank given, but has the strength of an alpha

Sex: Male

Personality: He is an extremely warped individual that tortures small creatures and other lobos for pure entertainment. He despises social order and anyone in his way.

Pack: United Western Pack (former member), Lone lobo (Currently)

Rivals: Kate, Humphrey, Winston, the UWP, Pretty much everyone

Friends: None

Family: Unknown

Bio: Kasady is a young, skinny red coated lobo that was once part of the western pack. Everyone expected him to be an omega, but hating omegas, he wanted to prove his worthiness of being...
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I read this one along time ago.
And I don't remember EVERYTHING. But still remember, enough.

I have sort of mixed feelings about this one.

Humphrey has some sort of magic abilities. Like something from dragon ball Z o some shit.
I don't know. I don't watch shows like that. But enjoy the games.
The type of, soul Calibur, type of battling.

But I remember this being anouther one of those stories involving too much sex.
God. It's like Sparatacus. Too much fuckin sex and nudity. But I still enjoy it anyway.

But there's awesome battles involved, I remember that.

I think it's against the southern...
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Early the siguiente morning, Anders awoke to Faith sleeping peacefully siguiente to him. He happily snuggled up to her. He loved the warmth that it brought. He continued to snuggle until he remembered something that made him cold as ice. Today was the día that he would have to go off and look for his three brothers.

He slowly got to his feet and watched his amor sleep. "Why did this have to happen?" He thought.

"Faith," Anders nudged her softly on the cheek, "Faith...Time to wake up." Faith slowly opened her eyes and yawned.

"Good morning my little alpha, did tu sleep well?"

"Of course Faith, I always sleep...
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"You want me to do what!?" Anders yelled at his mother who refused to look at him.

"You're being sent to track down your brothers and bring them back here to fight."

"You can't be serious can you? tu actually expected me to agree to this?"

"It doesn't matter whether tu agree o not," Humphrey said, "The council has made their decision, tu have no choice o say in the matter."

Anders paused and looked at both of them. "You can't be serious." He repeated while looking for any change in his parents hoping that it was only a terrible joke. After a minuto of silence Anders finally sat down in astonishment....
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