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Humphrey's POV.

I walked into the siguiente part of the guarida, den with Kate so we could have alone time away from Garth and Lilly. I decided that I would jike with Kate before we got started. She looked at me with her sexy look.
"So are tu ready big boy?" She smiled. I grinned.
"What did we come in here for again?" I Asked. Kate slapped her head."We came in here to get away from Garth's snoring right?" I Asked.
"No." Kate said.
"Get away from Lilly's snoring?" I Suggested. She rolled her eyes.
"Gods tu are dense. Be thankful that I think your cute." She dicho and I Laughed.
"Oh we came in here to make puppies...
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posted by KateLillyWolfy
One day, mooch was with his friends. He was skinny at the time. Humphrey and the gang were wrestling when Mooch saw a cave full of squirrels. He snuck out of wrestling to get out and Mooch grabbed a squirrel, and every día he returned to the spot and caught a squirrel. His friends had no idea how he was gaining wait, because Mooch refused to tell them about his stash of squirrels. Of course Reba and Janice knew someone was eating their friends. por the time they caught Mooch, he was fat. Reba and Janice made him agree to not eat the squirrels anymore, o they would tell his friend he was hogging food. He still kept eating though, no one could stop
him once he started chewing on something, and that's how he became the fat lobo we know today.

Which Character should I do next?
A fan get together PT.1: THe summer home.

This takes place, in the first person perspective of myself. This will be about Jon, Brandon, Jeremy, and Uriah. o in their fanpop names, KateALphaWolf, Metallica1147, (Or what ever those last four numbers are...) VengeanceWolf, and UriahA... The story starts with us all at an A and O convention that has gone horribly wrong in the summer break. Enjoy my comedy... -Kates-mate101

I opened the door to the convention. The door creaked open slowly. I closed my eyes and flipped my long black/brown hair over my right eye, as I do when I'm nervous, but then...
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Humphrey was standing outside with his rifle in his arms. He looked so dominant and sexy. Cando eventually pulled up to Humphrey’s den.
“Thanks, Cando, lets pick up Winston and Hutch.”
“Are tu sure tu want to do this?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. Oh, wait! I forgot to put the torreta on!”
Humphrey got out and attached the torreta to the cama of the F-350.
“Alright, it’s good, let’s head out.”
They picked up Winston and Hutch, and headed to the Motel 6.
“I understand this is a diesel engine, but does this have a turbo, nitrous, o supercharger?”
“It has all three. I spent...
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okay so por now, we all know that all the Alpha and Omega sequels are directed por Richard Rich. and so far, he's done a decent job with them, especially with Alpha and Omega 4. but ever since Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Splash Entertainment to make the 3 new sequels, there been rumors that all three sequels: The Big Fureeze, Dinosaur Digs and Journey to oso, oso de Kingdom are probably gonna get a new director. now, i'm not 100% sure if this is officially confirmed por Lionsgate o Splash Entertainment, but thanks to these rumors: there's still a possibility. okay, now i'm gonna say this...
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posted by shadow-omega

I had woken up with the sun in my eyes. I never really liked the light, I prefer the dark. I groaned as it was early morning. Did I mention I don't like mornings either? I got up and stretched my joints and bones. I heard crack after crack every time I stretched my legs and arms. I looked over at Kate and she was still sleeping so I decided to wake her up but rather different. I quietly walked over to her and put mouth to her ear. I was about to lick her ear until something happened.

Kate sprung up and tackled me to the ground within seconds. I screamed as she had scared the living day...
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Hi guys sorry for the delay. my account was suspendded.

It's been 2 week since Humphrey left and Kate begin searching him.

Kate's POV

I along with Hutch already in the train. I can't stop thinking about Humphrey. what if he die out there ? what if he don't amor me anymore ? asthe tears falling from her eyes. After 4 hours, Hutch and me getoff the train to buscar some comida but it's too hard because of snow. "do tu know where are we ?" I asked to hutch. "I don't know Kate but Let's find out and hunt I'm starving" I nodded

Meanwhile in Rose's pack Alaska
Rose's POV

I walk to Humphrey's guarida, den to talk...
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After Humphrey left, Shaky running toward Winston and Eve's guarida, den to see Kate. As soon as he arrives at the guarida, den he yelled..
He make every lobos looking to him and made Eve get mad

Shaky's POV

"Kate ...! Come out .. I want to tell tu something !" I yelled. after that I saw Eve running toward me and pinned me to the ground. "What do tu want from my doughter ?!!". "Sorry mam but a have no bussiones with tu I want to talk something to Kate ! " then I saw Winston tell Eve to release me. "I'm sorry sir, can I have a private conversation with Kate ?" I asked him. and then he take me to Kate an he leave...
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If i die today there will be no tomorrow,
If i die today there will be no sorrow,
And if i die today will anyone even care?,
but if i die today everything will crumble.
So if i die today will there be a tomorrow?

plz write comentario on your opinion.

rosas are red, violets are blue,
i can do it and i know it too.

rosas are red, violets are blue,
i can do it and i know it too,
but the pregunta is can you?

i have i pregunta and i need tu guys to answer in the comentarios plz?
i'm thinking about puting my story on here so i need tu guys to tell me if i should so plz comentario if tu want me too kk?
Reznov dragged me into a near por building, then i blacked out. (coming back to Vorkuta talking to Reznov)
"The men and I had fought throught the most amargo, amargos of winters on the eastern front, but we were no strangers to the cold. Even now the blood in my veins chills when I think back to the events of that day... far, far from home...."
I awoke in a building, on a mesa, tabla where Reznov and Demetri were sitting siguiente to me I said, "Reznov where are we." He stood up and walked over to the mesa, tabla I was laying on and said, "Alexi, tu scared me I thought tu were dead." I sat up on the mesa, tabla and said,"so...
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see the dark black wings in the night
and the death she brings through the light
she belongs in hell and its fires
sound the dying bell, job for hire

see her cut your throat
were your soul as a coat
this is when tu die
take tu for a ride, time to fly!!!!

the angel!
who takes the dark
and puts out your spark
and you

the dark!!!!
the look in her killing eyes
savage fear in tu will rise
the kill of the angel!

see her dark black wings in the sky
they shake your blood and then tu die
feathers sharp and in your face
she can put tu in your place...
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posted by REDWolfleader
Two weeks later...

"David!!!It's coming!"
"Ok ok. I had a degree in psychology. But I also went for other animales not just humans and lobos aren't all that different.Now just breath, in and out. Now push." I get into position"Ok just push some more, here's the head! Keep pushing,Kate.The shoulders,legs and... It's,a girl!"and in another few minutes,"This ones a boy,I think... uhm... yeah it's a boy,wait,yeah boy." Kate just laughed at me and asked me,
"What should their names be?"
"Whatever tu want honey." I dicho smiling.
"Haw about... the girl...Jessica, o Jess short...and the boy, Lucky."
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Once upon a time there was a lobo named Janice. She just recently joined the eastern pack and was now living quite peacefully with her fellow pack members. One día when she was out strolling in the woods she heard someone following her. She jumped around and saw that it was Brian, one of the alphas in the pack. Janice giggled and bowed politely. "Um, hello sir!" Brian walked up to her and looked into her eyes, "no please, just call me Brian" Janice nodded and giggled again, "o-ok...Brian!" Brian lifted his head and smiled. "Would tu like to walk with me?" Janice's ear's pricked up, "Yes!...
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my lobo girl and I
Go together like a chaqueta and a tie
tu can't get me out the door
When stormy weather comes
Curl up por the fuego for ever more

My lobo girl and I
Go together like a truth destroys a lie
tu can stiff me up in bed
When stormy weather comes
Ringing in my ears is what you've just said

Howl, howl, howl, howl, howl, howl, howl, howl!
Howl, Howl, howl, howl, howl
Means that I amor you!
Howl for me darling
Means that i amor tu too!

Suck me girl
Fuck me girl
Means that loving is due

Verse 3:
My lobo girl and I
Goes together like a breath and a sigh
tu can lick me all the way
When stormy weather comes
There's just one thing to say

Suck me girl
Fuck me girl
Means that loving is due

Howl howl howl howl howl howl
Howl howl howl howl howl howl
Means that I amor you
Howl for me darling
Means that I amor tu two

I amor tu too!
 Me as a lobo crying after a hurtful discovery. (I did not do this I only put the symbol on.)
Me as a wolf crying after a hurtful discovery. (I did not do this I only put the symbol on.)
NOTE: Remember anything between me and Kate is pure fiction. I am with Katie and Kate is still with Jon. Actually Katie wanted me to write this to see what it would be like. She told me Kate was ok with it too.

I was speechless, Kate and I broke away from our kiss. "Uh, Kate?" I said, still kinda shocked. Before she could answer, the siguiente thing I knew, I was all over her. I took my clothes off and locked the door. Me knowing Katie was knocked out. I didn't feel as bad at first, because she was technically Kate from another universe. With that in out heads, Kate and I did the worst thing, we...
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posted by anubis210
ok some perra and her review say anything u like

My preschooler accidentally ordered this movie OnDemand, and since it was a kid movie I let it play instead of calling and canceling the order. I will say this, it kept her attention. That is literally all I can say in it's favor. Awful, clichéd, ridiculous tripe from start to finish. The characters, totally unlikeable, every one. The situations, preposterous. tu have to suspend your common sense at every turn. The jokes, stupid. They wisecrack at the worst possible moments. tu can hear the writers in every word, contriving their lame jokes and increíble plot points. I groaned out loud several times, never laughed. It's like it was written por a class of 4th graders, with it's squirmy sex talk and predictable story line. With so many truly great animated films to choose from, this has no reason to even exist. Stay away, unless tu are three and just want to look at the doggies for an hour.
posted by Extinction17
It was a pleasant día for our favorito! lobo pack. Kate and Humphrey have sprung up a litter of nine pups in addition to the ones they already have. From oldest to youngest, the pups were named: Bo, Clint, K.J., Lil' Hump, Claire, Bell, Tess, Jazz, and Swagger.

Three months later....

Those same pups have progressed so quickly since their birth (as all lobos do.) They have began to run amok all over the United lobo Pack. They have driven their mother Kate crazy. Their father, Humphrey tried to settle them down many times, to no avail. Thier older siblings, Claudette, Smokey, and Runt have taken...
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posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 15 tu guys. Enjoy

Magril's POV

Runt and I walked into the forest. I saw Runt was looking around for something. "Let's see if we can find a good árbol for a beginner like you," he told me. We walked around for a árbol of perfect. After awhile, we finally a árbol that was not too short, but not too long. "Ok so this seems good enough," Runt said. "Ok first try to look for some spots where tu can place your paws." I looked at the árbol and saw some spots. "Found some," I told him. "Ok good now try to run up to the árbol while placing your paws on the spots," he told me. With that, I...
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The screen starts at a cutscene.
showing the symbol of alpha's pack.
two lobos at sides a cuchillo in middle.
Col.humphrey:"there are.. there are eastern pack."
Gen.Winston:"dammit i told tony to not start a war.
Col.Kate:"But he Started."
cpl.john at radio:"WE ARE GETTIN- *STATIC*...EAVY ATTACK HERE NEED BACKU- *statics*
Gen.Winston:"CPL.JOHN. CPL.JOHN!!!"
col.kate:"he wont respond.
Gen.Winston:"Lets End With Theses ... Eastern Pack.....
camera tracks Sgt.Carlos and then blacks out. (didnt get destroyed just will start.)
Carlos start down on ground with blurring screen.
F.D.O.W = First día On War....
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part3:the flood. while at headquarters sly and garth is on a buscar and sly said:hey we will find them garth just need to find this map and we can find them!. garth:i hope we do. sly:just one sec i'm looking for them now". while in the woods kate and Lilly was walking around and all worried.kate:where are we?Lilly:i don't know where we are at!.Lilly looked confused and scared.*gunshots in the distance*sly:this is sly dog returning call over!. Garth:hey i found them sly!sly:good work garth tu found in the woods walking?we got get them out of there!Garth:ok lets go get them!. meanwhile in the...
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