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posted by Rockowolf123
I can't believe tu mated with that girl when tu had a wife'' Eve dicho angerly
My wife tu mean sweets she's dead I can mate with Princess if I whant Rocko yelled
Rocko then left the guarida, den in tears
BANG the gun went off
Rocko jumped in front of sweets as the bullet went through him
then he turned around to see his beloved shot in the chest
Rocko Caute her trying to calm her
In tears he yelled something in Russian
And then dicho reveng is a bitch
the shooter was down and suffering
I'm sorry'' Eve dicho your 27 years old sweets wants tu to be happy'' she added Rocko smiled and wiped his beer
posted by Willersmunk
Enjoy! Some content not suitable for younger children.
"Rosebud?" Asked Lyle.
"Yes, Lyle?" She was wondering what he wanted.
"I-I-I..." Rosebud figured out that he was shy, like Aunt Lilly.
"Are tu nervous to tell me something?" She asked. Hoping to get a reply. He then trotted back into the guarida, den and began to cry.
"Lyle, come on. What is the problem?" She asked worried about her brother.
"I... I... I have had interest for a certain wolf." Lyle said, still crying.
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posted by BlondLionEzel
lobo Hunters Attack!

Nick: *sees a portal open* Eh?

*a Purple Creature with Silver Claws walks through*

Nick: Who are you?

Maku: I am Maku, Five estrella lobo Hunter!

Nick: Why are tu here?

Maku: *Sees Astra* That!

Astra: Nick...i'm...

Nick: Yes Astra?

Astra: I am pregnant!

Nick: Really?!!

Astra: *nods*

Maku: I must destroy her!

Nick: I won't let you! *Slashes Maku*

Maku: *jumps*

Nick: I won't allow tu to! *fires a Ki laser at Maku*

Maku: *guards*

Nick: I must defeat you!

Maku: *grins and fires purple laser at Nick*

Nick: *it goes through his Arm* Ow!

Maku: *slashes Nick*

Nick: *dodges and lands in river*

Maku: Finally!...
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Hello everyone! I just came up with an awesome story! It call Lone Wolf: A New Pack. It when a Young lobo travels alone por hurting the pack leader AKA his father. Now he travels alone try to find a pack an he founds one. But will he able to registrarse in the pack and what will happen if he does make it in the pack and what happen when he dosen't? Find out here, right now! (And why my name is Stars. I Will tell tu when I feel like tu guys want to hear it.) Here is Part One! hope tu enjoy.

WANRING: Please read Rating

Violence: 2/3
Sex: 0/3
Language: 1/3

Ch.1 Lone...
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*crack*...There it was again, a strange noice coming from the dark woods. "I should have never came out here alone!" I thought to myself, shaking in fear. *snap* It was getting closer... "Who's there?" I asked carefully. No one answered. "Hello?" I said. Still, no response. The footsteps were really close now. Suddenly, they stopped and everything went silent... All tu could hear was my frightened breathing. "Who's the-" There was a whistling noise going through the air. "Ouch, what the fuck man?!" I yelled in pain. It was a sedative dart and it hit me in the neck, right where it was supposed...
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posted by katealphawolf
Disclaimer: The song Shook Me all Night Long belongs to AC/DC and always will!

She was a fast machine
She kept her motor clean
She was the best damn lobo that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes
Tellin' me no lies
Knockin' me out with those Canadian thighs
Takin' más than her share
Had me fighting for air
She told me to come but I was already there
'Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quakin'
My mind was achin'
And we were makin' it and Kate -

Shook me all night long
Yeah tu shook me all night long

Workin' double time
On the seduction line
She was one of a kind, she's just mine all mine
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A tremendous rumble filled the open air - the sound of hooves relentlessly pounding at the earth. The herd was breathless and clamoring into one another as the lobos drove them to the North, toward their territorial borders.
Eight stayed hot on their flank, making sure to nip and bite when he could between growls, the deer would begin to slow if they thought for a segundo they weren't in any real danger.
With his companion, Benjamin heading up the right side, squeezing them in toward one another was simple enough. Jayne headed up the rear to keep them moving.
The entire group of animales were...
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posted by AlphaWinston1
The three stooges(Salty, Shakey n' Mooch) were hired to be Winston's caretakers when one día Winston found out his favorito! shirt's collar had brown stains on it and dicho "Hey tu idiots! I told tu to wash my camisa, camiseta properly! I don't like brown stains on anything. Understood?!" "Yes sir!" they replied. Salty took it and wash it right away. A few days later, Winston heard awful cracking noises coming from the washing machine in the basement. He immediately came down rushing and dicho "What the fuck is that cracking noise?!" "You told us to wash any brown stains on anything so we washed the dirty té cups 'cause it has brown stains all over inside as well!" they replied politely.
 Moe: Shakey Curly: Mooch Larry: Salty
Moe: Shakey Curly: Mooch Larry: Salty
posted by REDWolfleader
After I put the monopoly game away, We watched TV.
And then my dad came home. Me and my dad played playstation. A few hours later,
"Ok buddy it's 2100 hours...let's go to bed."
"But dad..."
"No buts I have to wake up early in the morning for school."
"Goodnight kiddo."
"Goodnight dad."
"Goodnight Kate."My dad pated her back
"Goodnight Mr. Boyd!" Me and Kate went to our room and I closed my door so we could watch TV and fall asleep. And Kate slept beside me. She fell asleep after a minute... And I stayed up for a while and watched TV. After an hora o so I fell asleep.
Chapter 7
Salty Has Been Naughty

Humphrey and the others finally arrived at Candy’s den. The first thing they heard was dulces yelling “Faster, Faster Salty”. And they could hear Salty yelling “Oh yeah I’ll go faster baby”. They all started to laugh quietly at the loud sex moans. They sat there for a further fifteen minutes. Then Humphrey walked to the entrance to the den. “Hey, Salty tu there” Humphrey yelled as his voice echoed through the den. “Yeah man I’m here “Salty replied as he came from the shadows of the guarida, den with his wolfhood dripping with his amor juice. “ Where...
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posted by Ricoh_Alpha_626
Chapter 2: Training Begins
**Authors note- so I awoke to find a massive number if emails regarding this fanfic. Due to that, this is no longer a concept story but a full fanfiction. As the story grows I hope tu enjoy it and at some point I'm going to revise chapter 1. Enjoy**
    The sun had barely broke over the hills and Hutch was already awake. He sat at the edge of the guarida, den looked over the dew soaked valley, his enthusiasm hadn't dropped a bit because of the anterior days events. He looked down at his bandaged paw and growled. It still burned like...
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posted by slydog11
Finally an hora later humphrey,kate, lilly and garth had started on their lovely adventure and made their way to the canadian express to sawtooth park.
as the train is about. humphrey suddenly has to pee" I have to go?" kate turned and asked him."can't tu hold it?" humphrey replied to kate squeeze his legs together."no i can't" kate asked him again." tried holding your breath?" humphrey nods and said" um nope i can't well in o out i'm going*starts walking off the train and goes to a arbusto, bush and pees* ahhhhhh".

Kate nodded and under her breath."*signs* omegas". humphrey finishes and got on the train and the train started to mover there they go on a adventure that they never forget. on the way there they chat along the way and took a nap......

The...End of Part2......will be continued!!!!!
posted by snazzywolve53
autor note: This is my first chapter of my novil- it will take a bit for the story to go to Jasper so deal with it.

Boom! The thunder crashed again at Idaho (im not telling tu people what town). I was waiting for my bus to take me home. How was school Dillon? Asked my friend Jakob. (FYI-I don't give a damm if tu thinkk i spelled his name wrong cause i didn't!) It was gay as usual. How was it gay! Did tu rape your fucking lobo friend from the gay movie your soo ubsessd with? Tony the asshole asked. No dipshit!, I was trying to take my test when I heard tu pleasuring yorself, wishing it was...
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Scar was packing hers and Cando’s stuff. She wasn’t going to sell anything of Cando’s. She packed it all into the F-350 and some in the Armada.
“I’m ready to move,” Scar said.
“So am I,” Humphrey said.
Scar dropped her stuff off at Humphrey’s house, then Humphrey went to go get his stuff. When he got there, the door was locked.
“Lilly, I need in to get my stuff!”
There was no answer. Both trucks were on the driveway, so they were both in the house.
“At least I know Lilly keeps an extra key under the matt.”
Humphrey pulled out the key and unlocked the door. When he...
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 Where Humphrey got shot
Where Humphrey got shot
Chapter 9: The Wounded Warrior

“Humphrey!” Kate shouted.

As soon as he felt the excruciating pain in his side, Humphrey’s jaw relaxed and the man crawled out from under him, cradling his injured arm. Humphrey staggered, but remained standing. His face showed an expression of surprise rather than pain.

He turned his head and looked at Kate who just stood in the cage, horrified por what she saw. They held each other’s gaze for a moment and then Humphrey collapsed onto the ground.


Kenya heard the gunshot from inside the animal control car that she had been put in. As she watched her...
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Chapter 3: At the Edges of the Territory

    It was early morning the siguiente day, and everyone was up and getting ready to go on their journey.
    "You don't have to do this, tu know," Kate dicho to Humphrey as they were about to leave.
    "Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this," Humphrey said. "I have to know the truth."
    "Okay," she said. "I'm with tu either way."
    It was around this time that Garth and Lilly arrived at the den.
    "We're ready," Garth said.
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posted by AlphaClub
I remember, they would say, it's okay, you'll be alright, every night, I could here it I remember.... I remember, that melody, that thay would play, every single day, to remind us, it was over... AND IT WENT Ohhhhoohh, OOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOHHOHH... But really. The figh5ing is really done for me. I don't care for it. Oh, those song lyrics were from Tristam's 'I Remember'.

But honestly, that came from what I actually believe. Anyone who wants the fighting to stop, like me, should say 'I Remember' on the fan wall. That song por Tristam, (I Remember), was about fighting and war, and now it was over, and...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi guys, There is my new series “Runt's story”, View my first story before if tu don't know what's happen. It's the siguiente of “Young Love” por Kitsune32, is located after the story and before the weeding of the pups. It's about the life with Magril and Runt and the other pups. It look like an small story. The story is written in a POV style just for your pleasure

The sun is not already woke up yet when Aunt Garth come to take Stinky and Claudette for their stage. My parents and my siblings were already woke up, “So be carrefull tu two, don't do silly things alright” asked my mother...
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 Humphrey's car
Humphrey's car
POV: Humphrey

Couple of years went por and I still got no contracts in the mail. I'm now at the age of 21 and the año is 2000. On Friday February 13th just one más week until NASCAR's most prestigious race the Daytona 500 which my father has finally won two years ago. I was eligible to drive for someone, I called three offices from three different teams one team was " Team Penske Racing" another was "Robert Yates Racing" and the last one was "Joe Gibbs Racing" three of the best teams in NASCAR has finally agreed to let me drive for them, but it was difficult to choose. While I was looking...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
Runt yawned loudly during the later hours of morning daylight, stretching his small paws out wide. Kate felt the mild pricks of her youngest's claws touching her upper left side. She spoke out to Humphrey to stop for a moment, then laid on her stomach into the snow.
"Morning, Runt." Kate dicho while smiling.
She waited patiently for Runt to get off her back and stood back up. Making a short right turn, Kate lowered her head down and rubbed her chin against Runt's head. Runt hugged her in return and his stomach suddenly gurgled. "I'm hungry, Mom." He said.
Kate nodded and told her pup, "I know....
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