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*I don't own A&O but I own Rocko only my friends can use him but fan art is very flattering and tu don't need permission *

Lilly was still crying on rocko's shoulder
"Lilly tu can stop now" Rocko tried to calm her
"What will the pack think" Kate asked
"Who knows but I know someone I want to see first" Rocko said
"She is in the other room" Kate said
As Rocko and Kate walked in the other room
Daria was sitting with a blank face
"Daria" Kate whispered
"Oh hello Kate" Daria dicho in a sad tone
"I got a gift for you" Kate said
" Oh that's cool I guess" Daria said
" I'm sure tu will amor this" Kate replied
Rocko then kissed Daria on the cheek
"Hay baby, I missed you" Rocko dicho softly
"Rocko" daria dicho in a shocked tone
Daria hugged Rocko the best she could
As she teared up
"How are tu alive" Daria asked
"I didn't die that's how" Rocko joked
Daria kissed him as accurate as possible
" I amor you" Daria said
"I amor tu too" Rocko replied

The end
It was midnight, in the pale moonlight, in a big forest bordering a human city. But this night wasn't peaceful; as tu could hear paws treading, gun shots, and birds flying away at the sudden noise.

Ares, the pup being carried away por his mother, squirmed around and whined.

"Mama, why can't I just walk? Why must tu carry me?" He asked.

The mother kept silent, until she found a nearby human fence, siguiente to a big human den. She set Ares down, and looked at him.

"Ares, my son, I am sorry. But I cannot keep you, I must leave. Know I won't be coming back. I amor tu so much, but I am afraid I must...
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posted by Kitsune32
hola guys. I'm terrible sorry for the long wait ^^; I hope tu guys feel the chapter was worth the wait. Enjoy.

After Nars asked her to go on a date, Daria went inicial and got her porcupine family to help. Fran, Frieda and Daria were in the pond as the two porcupines washed Daria's fur.

"My goodness Daria, you're growing up so fast. I can't believe you're already go on a fecha with another wolf," Fran comentó with joy.

"I knew tu would snag yourself a man sooner o later," Frieda added.

"It's just a miracle that Nars wanted to ask such a dull she-wolf like me on a date," Daria said.

"Oh come now...
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payback time'' runt dicho to him self
an important prisoner is being moved here
geniral estanbar" runt dicho with anger
pro nazi scum" runt added
a black car pulled up with a man in hand cuffs
target spotted" runt smiled
moments later runt was hidden in a árbol waiting for his chance to strike
once he knew him and the geniral were alone he walked in blade out
who are you" the Geniral asked
your worst nightmare"runt dicho in a dark tone
haha i have no nightmares boy"the Geniral said
oh realy"runt dicho and stabed the genirals eye
Heilgar screamed in pain
do tu know who i am" runt yelled
removing the hood
i know...
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posted by thehumphrey
I know this doesnt relate to Alpha and Omega but I thought some of tu might want to read this funny joke online. I didnt post it on the muro because its too long.

This is a story about a couple who had been happily married for
years. The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of farting loudly every morning when he awoke.

The noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes water and make her gasp for air.

Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because it was making her sick. He told her he couldn't stop
and that it was perfectly natural. She...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
*Warning! contains suggestive themes! tu HAVE BEEN WARNED!!*

Sunlight blinded me as someone drew back the curtains, awaking me from my brooding dreams of blood and war.
"Serenity, was that really necessary," I dicho rolling over.
"It was not me that did this cruel thing," she dicho laughing.
I opened my eyes and she was sitting cross-legged on my be, mirth barley contained.
I sat up, "Then who-" I felt hands slide over my eyes.
"Guess who," dicho a voice that was as smooth as silk.
I smiled, "hmmm, I have no idea," I grabbed the arms and threw her over my shoulder on to the cama landing on parte superior, arriba of her....
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posted by kates-mate101
Chapter 16
“Kate... Kate... Kate... Wake up...” Seth nuzzled her cheek with his nose. Kate slowly opened her eyes. She stretched her hind legs out and then slowly stretched her forepaws. “Good morning Seth...” She smiled. Then the smell of freshly killed meat flooded her senses. “Is that... For me?” “Well yeah... tu slept in for a while and I had to leave tu for school... I retried hunting... I succeeded this time!” Seth exclaimed excitedly. “How long was I sleeping?” Well for about 4 hours since I woke up... But I didn’t want to wake tu up... tu need all the rest you...
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posted by LexiMcCoia
"C'mon lazy ass, get up". I turned onto my side. "But it's too early Wynter". She walked to the other side and put her face close to mine, basically snout to snout. She tapped my nose and spoke with a firm tone, "Seriously, Lexi get up". I grunted and softly pushed her face away. As I opened my eyes and stretched, I saw the Alpha in training tapping her paw impatiently. "Lexi, we have shit to do". She grabbed the scruff of my neck and got me to sit up. "Ok ok Wynter I'm up....". She rolled her eyes and walked out of my guarida, den but looked back to make sure I was following. "This place is such a...
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One day, Lilly couldn’t sleep. She tried everything like: breath in for 4 seconds, and breath out for 7 seconds.
Lilly: Humphrey, I can’t sleep.
Humphrey: why..not
But instead of a normal why not, Humphrey sounded tired.
Lilly: Humphrey? Are tu okay?
Humphrey: what! Oh. Sorry, I just had a long día at work, that’s why I sound tired.
I’m not Lilly: Humphrey. tu voice sounds moany. Where were you.
Humphrey: wait what do tu mean?
Lilly: Oh so tu won’t tell me tu texting let’s see, KATE!
Humphrey: Lilly! Wait! I can explain!
Lilly: tu cheated on me!
Humphrey: Lilly I was just telling her...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
cherokees are indians, which i am, well i got alittle in me lol i found something pretty interesting.
it says:
A Cherokee Legend
An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he dicho to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith....
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Tommy-Lee wanted to buy tickets for walt disney. ent but it was más he was just a trip for jurassic park, legoland etc except Walt Disney. He chose the wrong tickets. 2 days later ... The family of Tommy Lee vien just ask. Lily: Wow o tu take us. Tommy Lee: I was a Jurassic park enmener why. Kate: Hmm I'm not so sure about that. Humphrey: ben see Kate Please be cool. Runt: Dad! there there's dinosaurs. Garth: Dinosaurs? it no longer existed for millions of years. Stinky: Yeah he name it there's dinosaurs. Lily: What !! Daria: hola Tommy looks. Tommy Lee listening a día to remember the songs...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
The moon is already up, the time is soft and Two pups walk together into the forest. One of the two pups doesn't know what will happen for the rest of her life, Claudette and Fleet continues to speake when he stop her. “Alright, we are nearly” he hige the Claudette's eyes with his tail. “Hey !! fleet...” Claudette giggles. “Hey not cheating, I'll steer you” dicho Fleet, Claudette is so hasty to see the Fleet's surprise. She ear a sond of an watterfall.

“We arriving Claudette” dicho Fleet. Claudette opens her eye and she is so happy and amazed about Fleet and this scene. “Wawww...
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
August. 9, 2013. Well here's Humphrey's jokes I've worked up so um enjoy!

Entry one: what did two bears do while changing spots? one of the bears said" um this barely fit me does this make butt look big?.....the other oso, oso de replies" um yes it does". (both of them laughs) wow I can't bearly see how that can't fit you".

Entry two: um Kate where did tu put my cupcake!? Kate replied." I've put in the garbage!". Humphrey Gasped." um why did tu do that for?". Kate sounded discussed" because it smells bad". Humphrey sniffed." um I was going to eat that cupcake".

Entry three: (Humphrey farts)pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!...
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Summary: We all know and amor this movie well but there's one part that I think needed más detail, and that's the time when Kate and Humphrey get home. This story goes over Humphrey's POV in great detail over the time between getting inicial and the end of the movie.

A/N: Not sure where I found escritura inspiration again but I've been thinking about how to write the following story for over a week now. Now let's see how rusty I am.

Just a recap this story covers in más detail from the very night when Kate and Humphrey get inicial up until the end of the movie.Enjoy, ChriZ~

Humphrey's POV

"We're going...
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posted by she-herself
Kate was walking with Humphrey around the edge of the small stream that once separated the Eastern and the Western wolves. Now, no one came here much because there was not much use for that. Humphrey started to get anxious. He was here. Alone. With Kate... the sexiest lobo in their pack. He knew Kate and him were going to find a good guarida, den for staying in for most of their life.
They jumped over the stream, Kate in the lead, when they both began to pick up the pace. Kate felt a guarida, den was near. After about five minutos of running, which got them pretty far, they came across a nice den. Humphrey...
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posted by TheAlphaKate
hola guys so if tu didn't already know, I now am single. And this has been the segundo time that my corazón was broken. Anyway, I'm looking for someone who's honest, sweet, nice, respectful, and caring. Please don't hurt me, I've been through so much as it is. And I am pregnant of two boy pups, and they need a father. So message me if you'd like to be my mate and we can talk about it.

And please don't hurt me, I'd like tu to be honest with me. And be willing to make the commitment of taking care of pups. So if one of tu wanna be my mate, comentario and let me know, then message me and we can talk and find out about each other. Okay thanks...~Hope to talk to you~...
 my son(demonform)
my son(demonform)
when i woke up i was bleeding bad.
Hybred: what the fuck, why am i bleeding.
then it hit me like a brick.
Hybred: how am i still alive, Katie!
i ran inicial to find my son dead.
Hybred: NO, IT CANT BE!?
i ran up staris and saw katie, my wife on the ground with her throat slit.
Hybred: KATIE!!!
i heard a voice come from the other room, I broke off one of my spikes out of my back wich are razor sharp, then i heard anouther voice it sounded like Humphrey and Kate.
Humphrey: hybred where the fuck are you?
i jumpped down and pinned him to the ground.
Hybred: What happend to katie humphrey.
Humphreys eyes then...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
This was based off a dream I had last summer!

After a long día of school, Kate decided she needed a nap when she got home. Lilly was at her friend's house and was not supposed to be back for another hora o two. Her parents were still at work so she had the whole house to herself. She would call Humphrey but he and his brother Hutch are in Miami for the weekend. She walked into her big house and turned on the lights as she went upstairs to her room. She undress to her underwear and bra and climbed into bed. Just as she shut her eyes, she heard a loud thud from downstairs. Kate put her pants...
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Yeah sorry its short, I decided to make this short because I hit a writers block today. So Yeah. No offense to Lilly fans o Lilly_Omega! I am a Lilly fan myself. Just thought I would clear that out of the way! :) Peace out!

Kate was still disturbed por the human they saw earlier. She had this weird feeling that they were being followed. "Hey Humphrey?" Kate said, stopping. "What?" Humphrey said. "That human, I feel like he maybe following us." Kate said, looking around. Humphrey then heard a rustle in the trees, which sounded like footsteps. "Humphrey..." Kate said, standing close to her...
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Kate and Humphrey have just settled down after getting married. So far, everything has been normal. Hanging out with friends, hunting, playing golf with Marcel and Paddy. To them, life is good. But when lobos began to disappear and turn up horribly mutilated. Kate and Humphrey decide to put and end to it and discover the killer is none other than Jason Vorhees of Crystal Lake.

It was a beautiful summer morning in Jasper Park, Canada. Kate and Humphrey had finally settled down after months of planing and Kate freaking out over their wedding. Kate awoke to the sound of Humphrey snoring, with...
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