Chapter 14: The Last Stand

(Song: The Last Stand-Two Steps from Hell)

The battle continued to draw out, and both sides were exhausted, as they had both been fighting non-stop for the past hour-and-a-half, but it looked as if the lobos had finally won when all the remaining humans suddenly turned around and retreated back into the forest. But not five minutos later, the lobos heard the sound of even más trucks, but they couldn't see them. They heard the sound of doors slamming but they didn't see any humans. Everyone was extremely confused. They all looked at each other, not knowing what to say, o what to do.

Then, out of nowhere, a large group of humans suddenly appeared in front of them all, as if they had materialized out of thin air. They were all wearing the same shade of green, making them look just like the leaves and trees of the forest behind them. They were all carrying rifles on their backs and a pistol in a funda on their belts. Not a single lobo present had ever seen o even heard of such a human before.

Soon, the battle continued as the lobos began to fight against this new group of people that were incredibly hard to see. As the numerous lobos that remained rushed at them, the new people that had just arrived reached behind their backs and pulled out their rifles, which were already loaded and had been waiting to be fired. When the first few shots were fired off, no one knew where they came from. The lobos tried their best to make out the humans against the forest background, but it was near to impossible to see anything but the grey outline of the rifles that were being continuously fired at them.

This resulted in the almost immediate carnage that followed when the battle resumed. Within the first minute, almost a quarter of the lobos had fallen, never to get up again. As the humans fired off shot after shot, there seemed like there was nothing the lobos could do to stop it. All they could go off of was the dim outline of the humans and the shape of their rifles, which were, in themselves, already partially camouflaged. These humans were unlike anything the lobos had ever seen. They were properly trained, their aim was true, and most important of all, they had come prepared.

But the lobos stayed hopeful and many fought to the end, selflessly defending the only inicial that most of them had ever known. But this new reinforcement of humans was much más equipped than them and they were exceptional fighters. They almost always hit their mark and hardly any lobos even had a chance to get anywhere near them. Drastic measures would need to be taken on the wolves' part to bring these humans down. And the perfect chance to do so was about to present itself very soon, but to be successful, great sacrifices would need to be made along with immense courage that had yet to be mustered. And the only way this courage could be mustered, was if another wolf's life was greatly endangered, the life of a lobo that meant everything to Humphrey. And when this life was threatened, he would be ready to jump in and defend it, no matter the cost.