Chapter 12: A Bond Long Forgotten

The human slowly approached Humphrey and Kenya, although Kenya was the only one he really noticed. As he got closer he recognized her as his lost dog. The man slowly lowered his gun to the ground and began calling her over.

Humphrey was preoccupied at the moment, but when he heard the human calling to his sister, he turned around and when he saw the human approaching his younger sister, he became angry and afraid for her at the same time.

Humphrey rushed towards them and leaped in between the human and his sister. The pelaje, piel on his back stood up, bristled, his teeth bared. He was crouched in a hunting-like stance, ready to pounce, his legs spread wide apart.

The man jumped back in surprise, then slowly started to reach down for his gun that he had dropped on the ground. As he did so, he began talking to his former dog, trying to get her to come with him. Kenya didn't know exactly what he was saying, but she knew what he meant. He wanted her to leave Humphrey behind and return back to the town with him.

Kenya now stepped in front of Humphrey, now preventing her former owner from firing upon her brother. For many long minutes, Kenya didn't move. She just thought. And finally, she decided to stay with her true family, not some false one where she had no control over her own life. Slowly, she looked behind her at her brother, who had now ceased all his hostilities and was now looking back at her. Then she turned and looked up at her owner, and to his disappointment, she stepped backwards siguiente to her brother, clearly choosing the lobo over him.

The man's face dicho it all. His corazón had been severely broken. But he managed to ignore it for the time being and raised his gun to fuego on Humphrey. If his dog had no lobo to stay with, she would have to come back with him. But he had no clue how wrong he was.

As he raised his weapon to fuego the killing blow, Kenya saw this and leaped at him, ultimately knocking him down. Her choice was clearly made there would be no going back.

Before resuming the battle, however, Kenya looked at Humphrey and dicho something that immediately changed everything.

"I almost forgot!" she exclaimed.

"What?" he asked.

"Happy birthday."

At first there was a look of confusion on Humphrey's face, but soon enough he slowly remembered that today was indeed his birthday.

"What a lousy birthday it is, then. I turn 24 and the first thing that happens is my whole pack getting taken over por Rouges and then and entire town of humans," he said.

"Maybe," Kenya slightly agreed. "But now tu need to make sure this is the last time that ever happens and drive these humans out of here for good."