Chapter 10: Ride to Victory

As they retreated through the woods and back towards the valley, Humphrey and the others did so in a way so as not to lose the enemy, but also didn't let them get too close. They just needed to lure them back to the pack and then the real battle would begin.

As they reentered the territory, the lobos stopped and turned around to face back into the woods as the humans and the remaining perros emerged. Humphrey and the others stood with a proud, disciplined, almost militaristic stance, waiting for the trap to be sprung. When the humans appeared out of the woods, they got a huge surprise that significantly helped the wolves' odds of survival.

(Song: Flameheart-Two Steps from Hell)

From the tops of the cliffs behind Humphrey, the rest of the pack appeared, some standing atop of the cliffs and precipices, some appearing from behind boulders and large rocks, revealing the full force of the pack.

The humans lowered their weapons for a moment, their eyes wide and their mouths even wider in astonishment as they realized what they were up against.

Humphrey didn't make a move, didn't turn his head to look at his new army. Only a small smile across his face was visible.

Then he charged forwards and soon the entirety of the pack followed, running down the colina in an overwhelming swarm to engage the humans and thus, the battle began.

The humans, surprised at the incredible speed with which the lobos attacked, scrambled to raise their weapons again and the perros rushed in to attack, but the remaining 18 were no match for the 200+ lobos and soon the humans were on their own.

The humans stumbled backwards in a segundo of fright as the lobos charged at them. They finally succeeded in mustering their courage and raised their rifles and fired off a few shots but not many hit their mark before the first few humans were knocked down por Humphrey's army. A massive, indistinguishable flurry of fur, teeth, and rifles ensued, but there was one human that was about to be incredibly conflicted throughout this battle.

(End Flameheart)

(Song: Ride to Victory-Two Steps from Hell)

The battle continued, and now that the perros were gone, it became fairly evenly matched. The lobos and the humans fought it out and although the humans had strength in numbers, their fear of the lobos threw their aim off significantly. But there were a few that were not broken por their fear and it was por the hands of these humans that many lobos fell.

Humphrey remained near Kenya's side so that he could protect her and there wasn't a single human that he let near her without a fight, save for one.

Kyle also fought with Humphrey, a friendship long forgotten, now renewed once more. His leg gave him incredible agility and he was able to rush into and away from danger much faster than the others.

The two were once again almost like brothers, never leaving the others side, keeping the other seguro from harm. The incident from long hace was but a distant memory that didn't matter anymore. All that mattered right now was to protect the pack at any and all costs, and to drive the humans out and make sure that they never returned.

But to do that, drastic measures had to be taken. And when Humphrey looked into the bushes, he got the perfect idea.

(Ride to Victory:)