now that Alpha and Omega is now on its 8th anniversary, its time I post a story about how I discovered it:

it was somewhere 2010, I went with my cousin & mother to see “2 cine in 1” at a theater which we went to see:

- The Prince of Persia


- shrek Forever After

however during when I went to watch shrek Forever After, there was previews and siguiente thing Alpha and Omega movie was shown when I first time saw that I was all “hey, this looks like Balto” well because they remind me Balto on diseño wise in a way, but though I couldn’t remember the título name after the reveal.

months later I been wanting to find the título name as I tried googling “upcoming movies” and siguiente thing I found a site called “” where it had lista of cine coming in the future all I remembered was a movie had the “and” in it as there was so many titles to find that has that word.

then finally found it in the September 2010 section as I memorized the título the next, and so on I spotted out the popular group in DeviantArt (this group here www.alpha— thats still there) which the movie hasn’t even been out yet that time.

then so on after the movie came out: I fell in amor with it the siguiente and became a die hard fan the siguiente and I still am today.

so what was your story I like to hear your thoughts on how did tu discovered it.

this is the 1st movie’s 8th anniversary today