Chapter 1: A Tale is Told
Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam put together all their stories to tell the tale of what really happened. Marcel and Paddy are sent back to Winston to let them know they're fine, but they return with grave news.

Chapter 2: Return to Jasper
The group, along with Adam and what remains of his pack, return to Jasper with Humphrey on the logboard as he's still too weak to walk far. Towards the end of their journey, however, an unexpected situation restores a long forgotten friendship.

Chapter 3: Omega Hostage
Upon their return to Jasper, the group was ambushed por King's lobos who take Humphrey hostage.

Chapter 4: Revenge of a King
With Humphrey as his bargaining chip, King exploits the fact that he is gravely injured and goes to great heights to have his revenge against Humphrey and his family.

Chapter 5: Rescue and Regroup
With King threatening to kill Humphrey if they don't hand over Runt, the group has only an hora to come up with a plan to rescue Humphrey.

Chapter 6: The Invincible Ones
After rescuing him from being killed por King, Humphrey and the group finds the rest of their pack and recruits an old friend to take back Jasper.

Chapter 7: Battle for the Valley
After their epic march to retake their territory, Humphrey and his enlarged pack of lobos go to war with King and the Rouge lobos to take back the valley. But what no one knows is that a much más dangerous foe has already arrived.

Chapter 8: The King's Rally
After "The New Enemy" (to prevent spoilers) arrives in Jasper in más numbers than anyone had thought possible, Humphrey must rally Rouges and kin alike along with some old forest friends, to take out this new threat that threatens to destroy them all.

Chapter 9: March to Glory and Death
As "The New Enemy" spreads out to engage and wipe out the wolves, Humphrey and his army of lobos and forest critters try to come up with a plan to defeat them, but victory looks impossible, and death appears certain.

Chapter 10: The Battle of Jasper Park
Humphrey and his army, having little chance of victory, hold onto hope and finally face "The New Enemy".

Chapter 11: Ride to Victory
After leading "The New Enemy" into a trap, the full force of Humphrey's army takes on their foe.

Chapter 12: The Four Sons of War
When the tides begin to turn ill, it's up to Humphrey, Kyle, Adam, and Garth to turn them back.

Chapter 13: For the Win
As the battle rages on, the army pushes on against this formidable foe.

Chapter 14: The Last Stand
When the battle begins to take its toll on the wolves, they must come together for one last push for victory.

Chapter 15: A corazón of Courage
When a soldier of "The New Enemy" targets a member of the army, a great sacrifice is made.

Chapter 16: A Legend is Born
The army eventually forces "The New Enemy" to retreat, but at a terrible cost. As this fallen soldier is laid to rest and a relic erected in their honor, they become a legend, a great tale told to all young lobos everywhere, and as the one año anniversary approaches, there is not one lobo that does not know the tale.