Song: Riders-Two Steps From Hell-Thomas Bergersen

(Trailer shows King walking out of Kate's den, onto the rock and looking out over the territory)

King: Your pack is mine now.

(Trailer pans out mostrando the territory of the Western Pack completely occupied por the Rouge Wolves)

Marcel: The Rouge lobos have completely taken over Jasper. Most of the pack is in hiding. They're after Runt.

Kate: We have to go help.

King (snarling to Humphrey as he's pinned to the ground): Your pup took everything from me, and now I'm getting even.

(King is atop the large cliff (where Winston goes to rally the pack) and is dragging a still wounded Humphrey por the scruff of his neck towards the edge)

King (shouting to Humphrey's group down in the valley, Kate especially): Everyone!!! tu have one hour, to hand over your youngest pup

(he drags Humphrey in front of him, closer to the edge of the cliff) o this one goes over.

(Humphrey is inside the guarida, den with two of King's henchwolves as King enters)

King: Time's up.

(Note: Not finished)