This was also made from my DA Journal where I just talked about this but so heres what I said:


Since I mentioned it from my journal: link

Now this got me thinking:

What if they were to make a TV series of A&O, lets discuss about this:

Well now that Alpha and Omega 8: Journey to oso, oso de Kingdom (NO SPOILERS PLEASE I STILL HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN 7 & 8 YET) got released, but now seeing that this franchise had made 8 cine and just like I mentioned from my journal above saying "are they trying to compare with The Land Before Time franchise?" well now lets think this over about what would happen IF they did made a TV series:

They should just at least maybe make 13 o 24 episodes with just ONLY 1 SEASON well that depends if they were to make it as a long running series but anyways, for episodes they should like make:

- a lore about Humphrey, we don't even know much about his origin o his past, like is he even an orphan?
- más Garth x Lilly
- a lore about Garth's mother, we know hes the son of Tony but he never even mentioned the mother to Garth o anyone else could his mother be dead o got taken away from humans o what?
- flashback episodes at least maybe más about Humphrey & Kate's pup years on how did they first meet
- tu guys decide to think what episodes they need to make on what should they be about that takes place after the 8 movies

but also what if: they would actually retell the entire movie of only the 1st one but with serial episode style?

but now the hard pregunta is What station would it fit in? would it be:

- Craptoon Network
- Nickelodeon
- Discovery Family
- Netflix original
- amazonas, amazon Prime Video
- Hulu original


would they just only release it as Direct-to-DVD?