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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*Darkness Kingdom*

Scava: *Body is pulsating with dark energy* Find...destroy...find...destroy...

Clash: What’s up with him?

King: He’s growing stronger, that’s all.

Scava: *Roars and eats another part of the Zodiac Kiwi and becomes Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Goes through a portal*

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Practicing with a sword*

Humphrey: *Watching* Wolfe, you're really strong.

Nick Wolfe: Thanks. Ever since that thing attacked us yesterday, I knew I needed to train again.

Humphrey: Well, I know tu can defeat that thing.

Nick Wolfe: Again, thanks.

Kate: *Runs up to them* Wolfe, it’s back!

Nick Wolfe: *Attaches the Jinba Brace, which now has 6 buttons, pulls out the Victory Key and opens it*

Victory Key: Elements Gather!

Nick Wolfe: *Becomes Victory Wolfe*

Victory Wolfe: *Touches a small stream and it becomes a light-blue lobo based Motorcycle, and then rides it*

*Wolf Village, Jasper National*

Cancer Zodiark: *Blasting things left and right* Wolfe! Wolfe! mostrar yourself!

Victory Wolfe: *Jumps at Cancer Zodiark* Eat this! *Does a jump kick on Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Dodges* Wolfe! Jaghanka baltarn!

Victory Wolfe: *Summons the Clear arrow and the Wind Crossbow and attaches the Wind Crossbow to the Clear Arrow*

Cancer Zodiark: *Charges at Victory Wolfe*

Victory Wolfe: *Fires a large energy arrow at Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Gets hit and impaled through the shoulder* Ragah!

Victory Wolfe: *Summons the Clear Blade and the Flame Blade and attaches the Flame Blade to the Clear Blade, and does a burning slash on Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Hits a tree*

Victory Wolfe: *Summons the Victory Excalibur, attaches the Jinba Brace, presses the green and yellow buttons, and then does a wind-thunder victory slash on Cancer Zodiark*

Cancer Zodiark: *Destroyed, leaving behind a small claw-like puzzle piece*

Victory Wolfe: *De-henshins*

Nick Wolfe: What’s that? *Picks up the puzzle-like piece, which is blue and gold*

Runt: Uncle Wolfe, what do tu think that is?

Nick Wolfe: I actually have no idea...

*Darkness Kingdom*

King: *Exploring the basement of the castle* many gadgets, so little time...*Sees a large machine that says “cloning” on it* Cloning? Hmmm...Clash!

Clash: *Comes down to the basement* Yes father?

King: I have a task for you.

Clash: Oh? Tell me it.

King: First, bring me a Rogue wolf.

Clash: I already have one in mind. Her name is Mearr.

King: Oh? Bring her to me!

Clash: *Runs back upstairs and then comes back down with Mearr*

Mearr: *A female lobo with red pelaje, piel and grey eyes* Yes my King?

King: *Hands her a cereza, cerezo that has a Taurus zodiac symbol*

Mearr: *Eats it, and becomes the Taurus Zodiark*

Taurus Zodiark: *Has brown armor, a toro styled head, a spiked axe, and a nose ring*

King: *Looks at Clash* And my segundo task is for tu both to bring me hair samples of Kate, Lilly, Garth, and Humphrey!

Clash: Yes sir!

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