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posted by CODkiller14
Well this is my new series. I hope tu like this when tu see this [AN: with something in it] tu can skip it but i'm just telling tu if u add a song with it at the exact time it could be alike and be cool. I hope tu like it and enjoy.
WARNING: Please Read Ratings:
Violent: 2/4
Sex: 1.5/4
Language: 3/4

POV: James
The name is James. Im 19, and what do I do? Well I'm an assassin.
I kill people who hurts friends o Family, I Steal a lot of things, Wear a Cloth on me to protect my face, Spike Collar. Black pelaje, piel but my face, chest to my waste is white/grey.
I have an Assassin Helper (ok I'm like the sidekick, my brother [Henry] is the main one, he 22 and he dose what I do but 10x worse.
He decapitate heads, rape girls that is 21 and older, kills guard and burn houses down.
We're both on the most wanted lista for 50k of money (now in 2013 is $298,000). Were at #2 of the list.
Its 1898 at a UK kingdom. Were mostly Italians and partly German.
We know the princess really well. She set us free 2x for robbing things. A workshop call assassin were how we got started. Before we go on I want to tell tu it begin with us.
I was 12 and Henry was 14. We were wealthy but now very poor. My Mom and Dad were in deeply in love.
One día we went to the workshop when it just open up. My dad bought the cloth that I wore. It was very big for me (now its my average what I wear) my brother fit him but now he just got one 2 dats ago.
We were like hero and sidekick we train ourself. Then my Dad bought how to be an assassin for fun book but we took it seriously. Then the día we had to be an assassin for life was 2 1/2 years ago.
December 27, 1895
We were celebrating navidad still with comida and prayer a couple of present.
I got 6 ninja estrella and new boots. Henry got also 6 ninja estrella and a pistol crossbow with 8 arrow.
We were happy an warm but we went outside on the cold snowing night our parent told us to get 3 loaf of bread.
pan de molde, pan and Cheese was our favorito! comida ever (now i rarely get it) we went and got the food. Then 3 Police came down the calle (carriages with horse riding with it) instead of asking us pregunta they pass up to our home.
"What was that about?" I said. "I don't know, hurry the pan de molde, pan is getting stale and cheese is getting moldy". "Fine, Race you!" I dicho happily. We always race my brother always but I won. I rarely win. Maybe because my brother had comida in his arm.
I wanted to go inside but the door was lock. I saw 5 police in our house and 2 strange people lying on the floor with blood on them.
My dad killed them, I thought but por that I saw 2 más people. I gasp and turn around and cry. My parent was dead. Apparently they got shot por slugs bullets on a rifle (Don't ask me why) My brother came, looking at me very puzzle I told him look at the the lock hole. As he did he was shock. He shook his head, and look around the house. Broken Glass, Blood and Bullet Shells on the ground.
He snook in our house, grab a bag of stuff and dicho "Were on our own now." He took stuff in our house in the bag, Food, Water, Shoes, Photo, Matches, Cigars and our Assassin Equipment. Guns, Bullet, Ninja estrella everything.
The Police came out and told us that were going to the children home. Then my brother turn mean, evil, the dark side of him. He pull the cuchillo and kill 3 police with it. The other 2 escape and an couple día later the king wanted us for $100 then 1K to 5K to 10k till 55.7K of money.
[Please start a youtube Link and buscar up World War Z Theme song at the beginning and read slow]
We live in the clock of the church o on roofs. We never went to jail and possibly never will. We have a motto, "Never get Caught, Never kill Innocent, Kill Guards and Stick together. We are Assassin and we are Survivors. Welcome to our World." THE ASSASSIN lobo
End of Pre-Chapter [End Song]
What do tu think? Yay o Nay? Please fan and fan me for más (I own this article) Peace -CODkiller14
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