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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
August. 9, 2013. Well here's Humphrey's jokes I've worked up so um enjoy!

Entry one: what did two bears do while changing spots? one of the bears said" um this barely fit me does this make butt look big?.....the other oso, oso de replies" um yes it does". (both of them laughs) wow I can't bearly see how that can't fit you".

Entry two: um Kate where did tu put my cupcake!? Kate replied." I've put in the garbage!". Humphrey Gasped." um why did tu do that for?". Kate sounded discussed" because it smells bad". Humphrey sniffed." um I was going to eat that cupcake".

Entry three: (Humphrey farts)pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft! Kate comes in the guarida, den and starts to smell the fart in the air."ewwwwwwww!!!! Humphrey did tu farted in here?" Humphrey gulped." um yes...put it will pass". Kate gags."grrr its smells Humphrey"(Kate goes out for but passes out)Humphrey goes with her and sees her there and goes and helps her out and asks her. "are tu ok ?" Kate respuestas yes and got up and dicho to him." tu got to stop your farting Humphrey". Humphrey replies. "yes Kate it would not happen again".

well that's is all I got!! please place comentarios below and please fan it. thanks!
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posted by SentinelPrime89
This movie has always been somewhat of an on/off experience for me. I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters back in September of 2010 and a mes o so after picking up the DVD, it became an obsessive compulsion from early 2011 to around mid-2012. Nowadays while I still like the movie, I have not watched it nearly as often as I used too, maybe two times between every few months. Sometimes I've held off of it for about a year. And I plan to continue it that way because back then where I call "the dark ages", that obsession was just unhealthy especially around the movie's lead female, Kate.

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