*Character List:
Sgt.Daniel Castellan, Cpt.Colby USAF , S.S.S.D . Briana Royice Kate, Humphrey, Garth, Lilly*
*From kate POV* Thunder rolled over as we evacuated Jasper Park Canada Sgt.Harrison Yells “Briana Royice! Front and center!” Briana “What!” Daniel says “We’re staying here don’t get on any one of those helicopters we’re staying behind” Briana “What! Are tu fucking crazy Sargent!” Daniel says “No im not but we’re staying here till we find a cure I don’t care what tu say we’re staying!” Briana “Your crazy but I’ll stay” Cpt.Colby says “Awsome we get to kill some zombies!”.

*Hours later* Sgt. Daniel says “ Alright they evacuated all the non-infected its just us and the infected now” S.S.S.D. Royice says “This is fucking creepy to be alone with the infected” Colby says “Shut up rookie tu know nothing” They converge down a dirt road to then guarida, den area of the eastern pack and begin looking around. Sgt. Daniel yells “Hey I found a unlocked car that is running we could use it to travel around!” …To be continued in part 2…