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 my wife on the way to our wedding
my wife on the way to our wedding
Kate and I were at the guarida, den besar and watching the hunting from the other lobos and i said"i amor tu so much kate i want to be with tu intill i die will tu marry me my love" kate gasped and dicho "yes yes a million times yes" she smiled i smiled we hugged and went to cama i told her i amor her and we went to sleep. the siguiente día i went with shakey and salty to find something good to wear for our wedding i saw a great looking tux and i asked to put it on so i put it on and i looked great the girl was nice and gave it to me for free so i went inicial and saw kate in a beautiful white dress i passed out and iwoke up with everybody staring at me ok lets go guys i have our best man place we went to my guarida, den instead of kates so we sat down had a cerveza and then we got up to get ready for the wedding when we were walking over we saw lilly and garth wearing tux and a dress to so we went over to talk to them garth gave me a bad look and he growled but lilly didnt hear so we kept walking and saw kate we walked over to the wedding place and we first accepted each others scent and then she whispered i want to meet tu after the wedding then she winked we nibbled on each others ears and i saw my friends crying tears of joy.then we rubbed noses and hugged. so then ever one started howling and pawwing around but me and kate went to the guarida, den took our close of and i mounted her and we had a wonderful night when we finished we were panting and still besar kate dicho she loved me i dicho it back and we had a wonderful wonderful night the end hope tu liked it
 me on the way to the wedding
me on the way to the wedding
 just plain old me
just plain old me
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