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posted by LILLYxLOVERx
It all stared from the moment I was born when i saw the first light from the the sun in the dark damp den. I could see the sun as if it was a wave of lava melting down the den. It was moving towards me thats when I passed out. I was born with a disorder (caused me to not be able to howl right). About a año later I was going to go to alpha school it was a simple día i was begining my training hunt but that día they anounced that the caribou had moved on to the west (winstions pack) we soon had to feed off of bones about two years later my dad (tony) had told me I had to marry kate to unite...
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added by KATExLOVERx7822
Was not made por me I plan to make some youtube vids btw my youtube name is Drew7822