so, even though "Alpha and Omega 2" still has a 58% rating, i been hearing people hating on the ending. and i been thinking why so much hate. i mean, i know it's your opinion, but c'mon! no, it's not as bad as tu say.
the movie ends with Kate, Humphrey and the cachorritos getting trapped por the winter, so they spend the night at the souvenir shop/gas station from the first movie. now, everybody's being going nuts about this ending. some people are calling it the worst ending ever made, and they're even giving the ending 0/10 ratings. but i'm here to set the record straight: is the ending as bad as these people are saying? no, not even close! i mean, c'mon people! while i do respect your opinion on the movie, tu can't just go ape shit and slam the movie just cause of the animación and the ending. i really liked the ending of "Alpha and Omega 2". why? cause it totally shows that "home is where the family is", even though they just stayed there for the night. cause, i gotta be honest, it would've been a bit boring to see them getting back to Jasper. so i liked how they nailed perfectly the thing this movie was set out to do, and they didn't forced it at all. usually sequels make the moral of the story feel forced. but "Alpha and Omega 2" nails it perfectly.
and tu can't deny that being around the people tu amor no matter where tu are, really is inicial and it's not cliched. so, it was a really good ending and it works.