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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Dear Amanda...

im SOOO glad that Madi has made this club because now i can tell u this....

u are....

the small to my big
the short to my tall
the black to my white
the niall to my horan
the harry to my styles
the louis to my tomlinson
the zayn to my malik
the liam to my payne
the chalk to my cheese
the land to my sea
the girl to my boy
the amanda to my zayn
the leah to my niall
the alisha to my harry
the lois to my louis
the beauty to my beholder
the wind beneath my wings
the fan to my fiction XD
the one to my direction
the forever to my young
the song to my voice
the rythym to my dance
the día to my night
the amor to my hate

and oh SOOOOOOO much more:)

luv ya 4 Lyf Amanda:) x x x
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