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 Lily Montgomery played por Leven Rambin
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This All My Children foto contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup. There might also be atractivo, picor, and atracción.

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Monday May 3:

Amanda comes face to face with her stalker.

David has plans for Madison.

Tad tries to make amends with Damon.

Tuesday May 4:

Amanda wonders if her nightmare will ever end.

Jack and Erica can’t resist the pull between them.

Marissa pushes Annie too far.

Wednesday May 5:

Ryan takes a page from David’s book.

Damon refuses to forgive Tad.

JR fights his feelings for Annie.

Thursday May 6:

JR pulls a fast one on Annie.

Amanda fears history will repeat itself.

David toys with Angie and Jesse.

Friday May 7:

JR considers confessing to Marissa.

David presses Madison to do his bidding.

Angie prepares...
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Monday April 19:

Greenlee’s emotions get the best of her.

JR fights his feelings for Annie.    

Jack and Erica find solace with each other.

Tuesday April 20:

All of Pine Valley gathers to mourn Palmer.

Opal and margarita connect over their grief.

Brooke considers revealing her feelings to Adam.

Wednesday April 21:

JR pushes Annie’s buttons.

Brooke decides the time has come for her to leave.

Greenlee must decide whether o not to end her marriage to David.

Thursday April 22:

JR confesses everything to Adam.

Annie starts to unspool.

Tad and Angie come through for Damon.

Friday April 23:

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Monday April 12:

Kendall must decide if she'll confess all to Greenlee!

JR’s disgusted por his own actions.

Brooke vows to stand por Adam.

Tuesday April 13:

Kendall’s shocked por Greenlee’s accusation.

Zach opens up to Greenlee.

JR’s consumed with guilt over what he did.

Wednesday April 14:

Kendall faces a tough decision.

JR continues to plot against Annie.

Zach turns the tables on Greenlee.

Thursday April 15:

Adam makes a surprising announcement.

JR anticipates Annie’s downfall.

Amanda is being stalked.

Friday April 16:

David learns his fate in court.

Kendall chooses her marriage over all else.

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Monday April 5:

Greenlee is determined to get to the truth about her accident. She visits Erica and Jack.

JR practices Annie's speech with her. Scott warns JR his plan won't work, but JR says it already is!

David takes a plea-bargain to keep Greenlee from court.

Colby and Damon have a wreck. Brooke is in the other car and is in grave condition!

Tuesday April 6:

Erica prevents Greenlee from talking to Kendall.

Colby leaves Liza with an ultimatum.

Adam remembers happy times with Brooke.

Wednesday April 7:

Brooke lays down the law to Adam.

Colby has doubts about JR’s plan.

Greenlee goes snooping in Erica’s...
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Monday March 29:

Annie dodges a bullet when she intercepts important documents on their way to Adam!

Ryan wants David behind bars.

Greenlee’s suspicious of Ryan’s motives.

Tuesday March 30:

Annie doubts JR’s sincerity when he makes nice.

Seems like old times when Brooke and Erica come face-to-face!

David puts his corazón on the line!

Wednesday March 31:

Damon impresses Angie at the hospital.

Jack preguntas Brooke about her feelings for Adam.

Colby accuses JR of trying to seduce Annie.

Thursday April 1:

JR continues to manipulate Annie.

Liza warns David against pushing Greenlee away.

Jack challenges...
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Monday March 22:

JR plans on taking Annie down.

Angie preguntas Damon about the missing drugs.

Liza’s temper flares when Tad calls it quits.

Tuesday March 23:

Tad accuses Liza of using Damon to get back at him.

JR shares his plan with Colby.

Greenlee won’t allow David to turn himself in.

Wednesday March 24:

Randi warns Ryan to be careful around Madison.

Annie grows más and más paranoid.

David thinks Liza could be the answer to his problems.

Thursday March 25:

Liza makes a deal with David.

Annie pushes Adam to the limit.

Jack tells Erica he’s decided to stick around.

Friday March 26:

Colby sets out...
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Monday February 22:

Scott confronts Colby over her latest stunt.

Ryan’s hit hard por Greenlee’s words.

Angie and Jesse try to reconnect.

Tuesday February 23:

JR asks Tad to always look out for his son.

Frankie’s mistake has grave consequences.

Erica lays out her demands to David.

Wednesday February 24:

Annie feels threatened por Brooke’s return.

Ryan hopes Greenlee will eventually give them another chance.

Erica refuses to step aside at Fusion.

Thursday February 25:

Adam reveals a long kept secret.

Erica interrupts Greenlee and David’s wedding.

Annie fears Brooke could be her new competition.

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Monday February 15:

Greenlee stuns her wedding guests.

Jack wants respuestas from David.

Ryan makes a declaration.

Tuesday February 16:

JR’s condition takes a turn for the worse.

Greenlee tells her true feelings.

David drops a bomb on Angie.

Wednesday February 17:

Ryan, Tad, and Jake team up against David.

Colby plays mind games with Annie.

Jack and Erica realize why they can’t be together.

Thursday February 18:

Ryan refuses to give up.

Jake refuses to allow David to blackmail Angie.

Annie admits to Scott she’s shaken por reciente turn of events.

Friday February 19:

Greenlee delivers an emotional blow.

Erica leaves David with plenty to think about.

Colby schemes against Annie.

Week of February 22:

Annie feels threatened por Brooke's return.

Adam's got a secret!

JR's condition deteriorates!
Monday February 1:

Greenlee gets an unexpected surprise when she finally finds Ryan.

Erica goes public with her and Ryan’s relationship.

Tad assures Liza there’s nothing going on between him and Krystal.

Opal has a warning for Jake!

Tuesday February 2:

Greenlee’s out for revenge.

Tad and Jake wonder what David’s up to.

Scott has reservations about working with Annie.

Wednesday February 3:

Ryan and Erica set out to catch a saboteur.

Jake isn’t buying David’s story.

Tad turns to Marissa for help.

Thursday February 4:

Greenlee refuses to give up without a fight.

Ryan faces off with David.

Colby stands...
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Monday January 25:

Adam throws Annie for a loop.

Someone’s up to no good at Tad’s house.

Jesse grows suspicious of Damon.

Tuesday January 26:

Tad goes behind Liza’s back.

Greenlee dreams of being with Ryan.

Randi struggles to get past her mistrust of Madison.

Wednesday January 27:

Tad and Liza kiss and make up.

Adam refuses to stop controlling Colby’s life.

Colby makes a surprising discovery.

Thursday January 28:

Greenlee suspects David is hiding something from her.

Colby wants respuestas from her new houseguest.

Annie wants to make her presence known.

Friday January 29:

Greenlee’s on a mission to find Ryan.

Liza squares off with Adam.

Ryan wants Erica to face her fears about their relationship.

Week of February 1:

Greenlee is finally in Pine Valley!

Some are suspicious of David again!
Monday January 18:

Greenlee faces a difficult decision - should she tell those in Pine Valley that David has confessed to knowing he's not Trevor's father? She decides she can't blow his life up!

JR does the right thing, telling Jake that regardless of the outcome of the DNA testing, he will always be Trevor's father.

Erica tells Ryan what she loves about him - he makes her feel alive!

Frankie tell Madison he's proud of her!

Madison insists that Randi take credit for her idea at work.

Tuesday January 19:

Ryan gets an invite from Emma!

Adam hides how serious his condition really is.

Jake and Amanda get...
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Monday January 11:

Ryan and Annie learn Emma’s fate.

Greenlee faces a crisis during surgery.

David lays a guilt trip on Amanda.

Tuesday January 12:

Amanda’s discovery could change everything.

Greenlee doesn’t know whether o not she’ll walk again.

Randi isn’t pleased por the turn of events.

Wednesday January 13:

Amanda agrees to have a DNA test run on Trevor.

Colby’s out to get Annie.

Annie tells Scott nothing will ever happen between them.

Thursday January 14:

Adam’s days could be numbered.

Madison catches Ryan and Erica locked in a kiss.

Greenlee debates contacting Ryan.

Friday January 15:

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Monday January 4:

Hayley returns to Pine Valley with Mateo - they will be shooting a documentary!

Hayley and Annie have a mutual dislike.

Ryan lets Hayley know that he's dating Erica.

Adam insists that Annie be featured in the documentary - o he won't participate!

Greenlee realizes that her legs aren't working! David tells her she must face surgery that could kill her!

Angie reaches out to Madison after her father pleads guilty and goes to jail!

Tuesday January 5:

Pine Valley’s leading citizens reveal what their town means to them.

Familiar faces return to share their memories.

Erica realizes there’s...
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Monday December 28:

David performs a miracle.

Tad sets out to discover what David’s up to.

Erica warns Ryan not to give in to Annie.

Tuesday December 29:

Ryan plays into Adam and Annie's hands!

Zach and Kendall realize it’s time to heal.

Tad’s on the verge of discovering David’s secret.

Wednesday December 30:

David has surprising news for Greenlee.

Tad’s determined to get the goods on David.

Erica thinks Adam’s up to no good.

Opal has a bad premonition concerning Emma!

Thursday December 31:

A previously viewed episode will air.

Friday January 1:

Pre-empted for New Year's Day.

Week of January 4:

Hayley returns to Pine Valley.

Down the Road

Another surprising death occurs in Pine Valley!

Damon mixes it up with Colby!
Monday December 21:

Zach and Kendall’s nightmare comes to an end.

Liza faces a difficult decision.

JR comes clean with Marissa.

Tuesday December 22:

Things don’t go smoothly for Zach and Kendall.

Jesse’s future could be in jeopardy.

Erica wants Ryan to bury the hacha, hacha de guerra with Zach.

Wednesday December 23:

David learns his mystery patient’s condition has taken a turn.

Zach and Kendall count their blessings.

Ryan’s ready to mover on with Erica.

Thursday December 24:

An encore presentation of AMC will be aired

Friday December 25:

AMC will be pre-empted for navidad Day.

Down the Road

A beloved, presumed dead character returns alive.

Another surprising death occurs in Pine Valley!

Damon mixes it up with Colby!
Monday December 14:

Annie comes up with a plan.

Adam realizes he could lose his family if he defends Annie.

Adam realizes what JR’s up to.

Randi’s annoyed por Frankie’s defense of Madison.

Erica informs Jesse of Madison's whereabouts and her condition!

Tuesday December 15:

Erica won’t give up on Madison.

Trusting no one, Annie represents herself at her trial.

Adam makes a startling announcement in the courtroom.

Wednesday December 16:

Kendall manages to contact Zach.

Annie learns her fate.

Adam makes a shocking move.

Thursday December 17:

Zach sets out to find Kendall.

No one is buying David’s mea...
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Monday December 7:

Aidan’s spinning out of control.

Liza decides not to fight Bailey.

Tad warns Jake to keep his guard up around David.

Tuesday December 8:

Scott decides to take the plea bargain deal.

Adam shares his plan with Annie.

Erica tells Zach that Kendall’s never coming home.

Wednesday December 9:

The jury reaches a verdict at Adam’s trial.

Annie fears Adam could turn on her.

An angry Colby confronts Bailey.

Thursday December 10:

Scott admits to Marissa that he has feelings for Annie.

JR leaves Adam with an ultimatum.

Liza’s upset over Colby’s meddling.

Friday December 11:

Annie becomes suspicious of Liza.

JR’s confident Adam will make the right choice.

Erica tries to get help for Madison.
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