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 Lily Montgomery played por Leven Rambin
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This All My Children foto contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup. There might also be atractivo, picor, and atracción.

Monday April 25:

JR continues to try and get back with Marissa.

Ryan isn’t happy Kendall plans to still go out with Ricky.

JR sets up a fecha for Bianca.

Madison worries about her relationship with her baby.

JR isn't happy with Scott and Marissa's friendship.

Kendall pretends to have feelings for Ricky.

Tuesday April 26:

Amanda tosses out her birth control.

Jake is rattled when he finds out that Cara and Tad were in cama together.

Cara resigns from the hospital.

Wednesday April 27:

Erica thinks she's gotten a clue about her captor.

Someone preguntas Bianca's feelings for Marissa.

Caleb and JR argue....
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Monday March 21:

Opal senses Tad has good energy since marrying Cara.

Emma is distant from Greenlee and only wants Madison.

JR confides in Amanda about Annie.

Cara suggests Emma see a therapist.

Frankie doesn't want Scott to hurt Madison.

Tuesday March 22:

Liza and David team up.

Colby teams up with Erica and Caleb.

Marissa and Bianca’s friendship continues to grow as they work closely on Bianca’s custody case.

Frankie gives Scott a warning.

Wednesday March 23:

Marissa encourages Bianca to let out her frustrations.

Griffin finds himself in danger.

Tad offers Griffin some help.

Thursday March 24:...
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