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maja3322 posted on Apr 03, 2009 at 02:52PM
Hey everyone! So, I was thinking: wouldn't it be fun to collect all the best Alice quotes? So all you have to do, is write your favourite quote and perhaps say something about it.

This is one of my favourites:
"I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her." How can you not love Alice?!

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hace más de un año KarinaCullen said…
"I know you love me. Thanks. But i would really appreciate it if you didn't try to kill Bella. First of all, Edward is serious and i don't want you two fighting. Secondly, she's my friend, at least she's going to be." - Alice Cullen, Midnight Sun
hace más de un año maja3322 said…
"Try not to trip. We don’t have time for a concussion today." - Alice Cullen, New Moon
hace más de un año AliceHaleCullen said…
"Save your remorse for someone who believes it."
- New Moon
hace más de un año maja3322 said…
"You worry too much, Bella. You’re going to go prematurely gray." - Eclipse
hace más de un año AliceHaleCullen said…
"Deep breaths, Bella. And try to lower your heart rate. You’re going to sweat off your new face."
- Breaking Dawn
hace más de un año jakelover1025 said…
hace más de un año JessicaLouise50 said…
big smile
How Opposed Are You To Grand Theft Auto - New Moon

Actually bella... honestly i think its beyond rediculous. im debating wether to change you myself... Did i scare you? I Thought thas what you wanted - new moon

Your so bizzare even for a human - new moon

I think shes having hysterics. maybe you should slap her - new moon

this hostage stuff is fun - eclipse

Well its nice to get something right. you dont know how irritation it is - missing things like i have been. I feel so useless. So Normal... - eclipse

you worry too much bella. your going to go prematurely gray - eclipse

You know, Edward, as a brother you are sometimes a disappointment - eclipse

overprotective fool - eclipse

wait wait wait. you promised i could be there for the first time! what if you two run past something refective - breaking dawn

her fashion sense hasnt improved as much as her balance - breaking dawn

these are a few of my faves :L you must think im a crazed obsessed. and Yeash i do love Alice :) shes my fave :)
hace más de un año dani10ael said…
my fav is: "I think she's haveing hysterics maybe you should slap her" although it was already said
hace más de un año SilverStarlight said…
no one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot
hace más de un año reinstorm said…
It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see it you would share - Twilight

He was a fool to think you could survive alone. I have never seen someone so prone to life-threatening idiocy - New Moon

Edward was right—you’re a magnet for danger. Weren’t you supposed to be staying out of trouble? - New Moon

Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would be better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find. - New Moon

Haven’t you noticed yet, Bella, that Edward is just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction? - Eclipse

And you ducked your head, like a good Southern gentleman, and said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’ - Eclipse
hace más de un año BetOnAlice said…
I LOVE when Alice Asks Bella to do her wedding! :D
“Bella, could I please speak to you alone?” Alice asked swiftly.
“You’re about to make my life harder than it needs to be, Alice.” Edward warned her through his teeth. “I’d really rather you didn’t.”
“This isn’t about you, Edward,” she shot back.
He laughed. Something about her response was funny to him.
“It’s not,” Alice insisted. “This is a female thing.”
He frowned.
“Let her talk to me,” I told him. I was curious.
“You asked for it,” he muttered. He laughed again – half angry, half amused – and stroke out of the garage.
I turned to Alice, worried now, but she didn’t look at me. Her bad mood hadn’t passed yet.
She went to sit on the hood of her Porsche, her face dejected. I followed, and leaned against the bumper beside her.
“Bella?” Alice asked in a sad voice, shifting over and curling up against my side. Her voice sounded so miserable that I wrapped my arms around her shoulders in comfort.
“What’s wrong, Alice?”
“Don’t you love me?” she asked in that same sad tone.
“Of course I do. You know that.”
“Then why do I see you sneaking off to Vegas to get married without inviting me?”
“Oh,” I muttered, my cheeks turning pink. I could see that I had seriously hurt her feelings, and I hurried to defend myself. “You know how I hate to make a big deal out of things. It was Edward’s idea anyway.”
“I don’t care whose idea it was. How could you do this to me? I expect that kind of thing from Edward, but not from you. I love you like you were my own sister.”
“To me, Alice, you are my sister.”
“Words!” she growled.
“Fine, you can come. There won’t be much to see.”
She was still grimacing.
“What?” I demanded.
“How much do you love me, Bella?”
She stared at me with pleading eyes, her long black eyebrows slanting up in the middle and pulling together, her lips trembling at the corners. It was heart-breaking expression.
“Please, please, please,” she whispered. “Please, Bella, please – if you really love me … Please let me do your wedding.”
“Aw, Alice!” I groaned, pulling away and standing up. “No! Don’t do this to me.”
“If you really, truly love me, Bella.”
I folded my arms across my chest. “That is so unfair. And Edward kind of already used that one on me.”
“I’ll bet Edward would like it better if you did this traditionally, though he’d never tell you that. And Esme – think what it would mean to her!”
I groaned. “I’d rather face the newborns alone.”
“I’ll owe you for a decade.”
“You’d owe me for a century!”
Her eyes glowed. “Is that a yes?”
“No! I don’t want to do this!”
“You won’t have to do anything but walk a few yards and then repeat after the minister.”
“Ugh! Ugh, ugh!”
“Please?” She started bouncing in place. “Please, please, please, please, please?”
“I’ll never, never ever forgive you for this, Alice.”
“Yay!” she squealed, clapping her hands together.
“That’s not a yes!”
“But it will be,” she sang.
“Edward!” I yelled, stalking out of the garage. “I know you’re listening. Get over here.” Alice was right behind me, still clapping.
“Thanks so much, Alice,” Edward said acidly, coming from behind me. I turned to let him have it, but his expression was so worried and upset that I couldn’t speak my complaints. I threw my arms around him instead, hiding my face, just in case the angry moisture in my eyes made it look like I was crying.
“Vegas,” Edward promised in my ear.
“Not a chance,” Alice gloated. “Bella would never do that to me. You know, Edward, as a brother, you are sometimes a disappointment.”
“Don’t be mean,” I grumbled at her. “He’s trying to make me happy, unlike you.”
“I’m trying to make you happy, too, Bella. It’s just that I know better what will make you happy… in the long run. You’ll thank me for this. Maybe not for fifty years, but definitely someday.”
“I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be willing to take a bet against you, Alice, but it has arrived.”
hace más de un año Degrassi_Crazy said…
big smile
Bella-"You are coming back right?"
Alice-"As soon as you put the dog out."
that was hilarious I LOVE ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año Degrassi_Crazy said…
i also liked, scratch that i LOVED when jasper and alice told bella how they met
Japser-"'You've kept me waiting a long time.',she said"
Alice-"And you ducked your head like a good southern gentelmen and said,'I'm sorry ma'am.'
Jasper-"You held out your hand and I took it without stopping to make sense of what i was doing.For the first time in almost a century,I felt hope."
hace más de un año Jaques_16 said…
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hey Degrassi_Crazy, ^^ that "you've kept me for a long time..."
from what book is that??
can you please tell me??

please?! please?! please?! please?! - Alice ...xP haha..
hace más de un año myth_112935 said…
"You've kept me waiting a long time......"
It's from Eclipse!
hace más de un año Cullen61 said…
My faves are:
"I'll come back as soon as you put the dog out"-Alice, New Moon
"I think she's having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her." -Alice, New Moon.
"And you ducked your head like a southern gentlemen and said 'I'm sorry ma'am."-Alice, Eclipse.
"You know, Edward, as a brother, you sometimes are a disappointment."-Alice, Eclipse.
"I felt hope"-Jasper, Eclipse.
"Leave it to you,Bella. Most people would be better off when the vampires left town. But you had to go and hang out with the first monsters you could find"-Alice, New Moon.
I have more but e-mail me for the rest at
hace más de un año jonas-freak said…
"are you coming back??"-bella
"as soon as you put the dog out"-alice
8)alice is like sooo cute!
hace más de un año littlelemon said…
"And speaking of Italy and sports cars that I stole there, you still owe me a yellow porsche."
"I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her."
"You know Edward, as a brother, you are a disappointment."
"You mutts are blocking my vision!"
"Her fashion sense hasn't improved as much as her balance."

These are just a few of my favs!
hace más de un año CcDavidsen said…
I love all but one of my favorites is
"Go play with Edward. I have to get to work"
hace más de un año ebcullen4ever said…
"You do smell nice,I never noticed before"-Twilight
"Would you like to explain to me how you're alive?"-New Moon book/movie
"I don't care whose idea it was.How could you do this to me? I expect that kind of thing from Edward,but not from you.I love you like you were my own sister."-Eclipse book
"Now that you're my sister,you'll have to get over your aversion to fashion.Skirts,heels,handbags."-Break­ing Dawn part 1 movie
hace más de un año terahteapot said…
"How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?"-Alice New Moon
hace más de un año terahteapot said…
Bella, this can be easy or it can be hard. Now which is it going to be?-Alice, New Moon
hace más de un año terahteapot said…
It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, so we came to see if you would share.