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Looking up from my sillón in the small stone cottage that I shared with Jake, my corazón skipped a beat. It was over; all of the mess that had been my life for the last año was over. Any trace of hell had been washed from my life leaving me with the radiance that could only be heaven. I had survived countless attacks, torture, an unknown pregnancy and unbearable stress, but just like mum I came out of it unscathed and shining. Jake was standing por my chair one hand on my shoulder the other lightly stroking Aimee’s hair from where it lay, nuzzled into the crook of my arm. Mum and dad were standing siguiente to him, followed por the rest of my vampire family then the whole pack and their wives, Zafrina and the rest of our friend who had fought for me when I was so young, and finally the Denali’s. Everyone was here; it was a miracle they all fitted into our living room. They were all as amazed por Aimee as we- Jake and I- were, she was a true individual. And, although no one –not even Carlisle- could predict what she was going to become but we all knew that she would be immortal and amazing- no one ever mentioned the alternative. She was a true unique her skin felt marble and cool to the touch but any thermometer would tell tu that her temperature was 109°c. Her hair was the exact same colour as mine and dads, but straight like Jakes. To look at her took your breath away, she had the pure vampire excellence but everything about her radiated her shape shifting heritage, and she smelled of the forest musk that I loved so much about Jacob. She had mums eyes, a deep chocolate brown that matched my own and her smile held tu captive, unable to look away from it. Alike me she seemed to be very advanced and Carlisle predicted that she would be fully grown within seven years. I sighed a contented sigh as I looked around the full to bursting room and then at Jake, who smiled back down at me, and cupped my cheek in his huge tanned hand.
It was Alice who broke my chain of thoughts, “She is so beautiful, she is going to be an amazing person.”
“I know.”

Alice smiled and looked up at Jasper with anticipation in her eyes. He stared at her blankly for a few segundos until she nudged him playfully in the ribs. Then a small smile accentuated his eyes and he pulled out a small box from the back of his stylish chinos- probably Alice’s choice- handing it to Jake, who opened it with a quizzical look in his eye. As the black velvet lid flicked back, a slow smile stretched across Jacobs russet face. I had an idea what the box contained, but I had no idea how Jake would take it.
“What is it, honey?”
“It’s a crest, a Cullen crest.” I could hear in his voice that he was confused.
Jasper must have sensed Jakes confusion, and stepped in to explain. “We’ve been wanting to give tu this for a long time, and we think that it’s the perfect time to give it to you. It’s from all of us. tu already know that tu are already part of our family, and I am sure we are part of yours, but we just wanted to make it...official.”
“Thanks, really.” He whispered as he slipped the cuff on to his wrist. It looked good on him, his russet skin illuminating it. I could tell that his thank was genuine and relaxed instantly. We were all mesmerised por the sheer beauty for a moment, and my thoughts slipped back to Aimee. o at least they did for a minuto until Seth- naturally- broke the perfect silence.
“There’s something else to. It’s from the whole pack and the Cullen’s. It’s for Aimee, when she’s older.” He handed me a heavy packaged, wrapped in non-descript brown paper and tied up with a plain length of string. Alice couldn’t have wrapped this; it must have been Seth’s doing. I took the package this time, and Jake lifted Aimee out of my arms, scooping her adoringly into his. Slowly my fingered prised open the package, it was thick and heavy, it felt like a brick, but it was too big. As the paper fell away I instantly realised what I was holding, it was a book. The front cover was covered in russet coloured leather, it had the Cullen crest on the front, but it was slightly different to the plain lions and shamrocks that I was so accustomed to then it struck me. The background of the Cullen crest had been replaced por the pack’s symbol, which they all wore proudly on their right arms. My fingers suddenly tingled with anticipation and I flicked the book open. I could feel Jake peering over my shoulder, as eager as I was to know what the huge book contained. As the lid of the book flipped over, and confusion rippled my face, the page was blank. I flicked through the book and every single page was blank. All except one, the segundo page has missed my glance and now as I studied it, I noticed a beautiful picture of Aimee, Jake and I in the centre of the page. I could not recall this foto being taken and I presumed Alice had done it while I was not looking. Jake and I were standing on the balcony that looked out over the river with Aimee cradled in his arms. We were both looking down at her, and the last drops of sunlight from the día made my skin sheen. It was a beautiful snapshot, a memory to preserve. Around the foto there were drawings, drawn in pencil so faintly tu could hardly see them. There were sketches of our wedding, and me being pregnant, and Jake as a wolf, and me as a child on Jakes huge shoulders- I loved it up there.

I only realised now that everyone had been chatting among themselves whilst Jake and I studied the book, and now they resumed the silence, whilst Carlisle began to explain the meaning behind the gift.
“It’s a diary, if tu like; a journal to write down the details of Aimee’s life. From my measurements she should grow up at the same rate as you, we thought that, although tu will remember every detail of it anyway, it would be nice to have it down in writing.
“Thank you. It’s beautiful, we will treasure it always.” I stood up quickly and took Carlisle tenderly in my arms, my Grandfather who would never age. I went round the room and gave every member of my over extended family a hug. Then mum, who found it impossible to outstay her welcome, suggested to dad that they should leave, and retire to their own cottage. Within a couple of minutes, everyone had departed with hugs, kisses and promises of seeing each other tomorrow- all of my extended family were either staying at the Cullen’s o mum and dads, and the lobos had their own houses not far from ours.
When the room was finally empty, a hollow silence filled my ears, it wasn’t and unpleasant sensation, just different after all of the noise that had been my life for the last year. I stood in the centre of the room and soaked it up, the light airiness, the setting sun that streaked through the window and finally the silence, the beloved silence. Mum dicho I gained my amor for it from Grandpa Charlie.
Jakes voice made me jump slightly as he slipped back into the room, unnoticed por me.
“So Mrs Black, Aimee is asleep, I just put her down, would tu like to come and lie with me? I think we both deserve a rest.” Jake didn’t wait for a reply; he scooped me up into his muscled arms and carried me of to our bedroom.
As my head hit the pillow, I rolled over so that my torso was resting against Jake, who was leaning against the many pillows covering the headboard.
“I amor tu Jacob Black. tu know that don’t you?”
He chuckled, his chest vibrating, “Of course. And tu know that I amor you...more.” I could only just make out the last few words of his sentence as he was now covering my neck and face with hundreds of kisses, his lips pressing in to my skin. I responded immediately, and pulled myself up over his lap. Our lips interlocked, and like always, that wasn’t enough...nuclear bombs. It was a strange comparison, but the strength of our amor matched it pretty well. As my hands slipped down his chest Jacob surprised me por catching my hand. He must have caught my puzzled expression because he quickly explained his actions,
“Ness, it’s not that I don’t want to, because trust me there’s nothing I want more. But there is something we need to do first.” He quickly slid of the bed, and walked out of the room. He was back quickly with Aimee’s book and a pen.

“We should write something, a letter.”
“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking,” Jake murmured as he flicked to the page opposite the photo. And that’s what we did, together, me curled up in Jakes lap, we wrote a letter to our beautiful little Aimee.

Darling Aimee,
When a new life is brought into the world it is a magical thing. People rejoice the miracle of new life and wonder at the beauty of it. You, our dearest Aimee were even más special than that. tu see, when tu came in to the world, no one knew what was going to happen, if your birth would kill me, if tu would survive, and most importantly if tu were even safe- to yourself and others. The story is a strange one but beautiful all the same, we hope tu will treasure it always.
It all began from one very small decision, made por Isabella Swan. She was a seventeen año old girl, who thought that the only thing she would achieve in life is lectura Wuthering Heights más than anyone else in the world. tu see, she decided to leave her mother, and her new husband Phil, to go and live with her father. So Isabella -or Bella as she liked to be called- left sunny Phoenix to go and live in the tiny town of Forks. And it was in the tiny and nube covered town of Forks that Bella met Edward Cullen. Bella was instantly captivated por his beauty. But she did not know the dangers that lay beneath the majestic creature. However he did and he did everything in his power to stay away from her, but after a long time of fighting both of their desires he gave in and Edward and Bella fell in love. After many ups and downs and a long war between the vampiros and Quileute’s, Edward and Bella finally married. Whilst the couple were honeymooning, Bella fell pregnant with a vampire and human child. When Edward found out he wanted rid of the child fearing what it would do to his beloved Bella, but she would hear of nothing like it. Bella, with the help of one of Edwards’s sisters, managed to keep her baby in her womb. But the baby made Bella fall very ill, the vampire child was growing at an alarming rate and was draining the life from Bella. After only a mes o so of pregnancy the vampire baby called Renesmee was fully grown and Bella went into labour. After the baby had been delivered Edward injected venom into Bella’s corazón and changed her into a vampire. Of course the baby was fine and Bella and Edward names her Renesmee after Bella’s mother and Edwards adopted on, Renee and Esme. They both loved baby Renesmee más than their own lives.
Do tu remember the Quileute’s that we mentioned earlier, well one lobo from this pack is very important in this story. His name is Jacob Black, your father. When Renesmee was only a few minutos old Jacob looked into her shining eyes and instantly his world revolved around her. Some would describe it simply as ‘love at first sight’ but it’s más than that. Jacob Black imprinted on Renesmee Cullen, he didn’t amor the child in the way that he wanted to marry her- not yet any way. Jacob Black simply wanted everything beautiful that the world could offer Nessie. So after some confusion and a fight with the rather disagreeable Volturi clan everything turned out fine for Nessie and Jake. She would be fully grown in seven years but that wouldn’t matter because she would then stay immortal forever.

But our dearest Aimee, where do tu come in to this? Well after six years Nessie started to feel differently about Jake, he stopped feeling like her best friend, and turned into her boyfriend, then husband. And eventually Jake and Nessie had a beautiful little girl- you. And tu are the most precious and valued person in our lives, tu must never forget that.
This story is a brief one, and there are a lot of things that need to be explained to you, but they will all come in time our dearest Aimee. So now all we have left to say is that we amor tu very, very much and so do the rest of your family, the Cullen’s, the Quileute’s, the Denali’s, Zafrina, Charlie, Benjamin, Tia and everyone else who has ever set eyes on you. Dearest little Aimee, the words that Jacob Black once dicho to Renesmee Carlie Cullen deep in a forest were ‘Le Vrai Amour Tient La clef’. True amor holds the key. And now Aimee tu hold the key to our hearts.
Don’t tu ever forget that,
amor Mum and Dad

I didn’t realise that a silent tear was rolling down my cheeks until Jacob wiped it off.
“Why are tu crying?”
“Because I’m so happy, it’s all true.” I whimpered in reply.
“I know.” And with that Jake lifted his huge hand up to my chin- tiny in comparison- and lifted it up to his face. As our lips interlocked we began where we left off.

The siguiente morning started the same as any other morning... get up, get dressed, kiss Jake, flick the news on, kiss Jake some more, go and see if Aimee’s awake. But that is where it all went wrong. Wrong is probably the wrong word to use, but right now it’s the only one that springs to mind.
When someone’s child is terminally ill, their parents grieve for them. They grieve for the life that their child will never live and that they will never get to see. But they also try to make the life that they do have as brilliant as possible. Taking all of the positive things that life will throw at tu and giving it to them. No one can understand how painful losing a child is, and nothing, not ever can come close to it. tu can’t give people the pain, and take it off your shoulders for a while; it’s there, with tu all the time. Thinking that your child is going to die is incredibly painful too, and when mum told me how she felt when she first saw how quickly I aged I could only sympathise with her. I could never really feel the constant ticking off the clock, wondering that, in fifteen years time would your child have reached ninety and tu still hadn’t aged past eighteen. But now I could, because when I walked into my darling Aimee’s nursery that morning, I saw a child that looked a mes old, at least.
“JAKE, come quickly. It’s the baby, our baby!” my words came out a pain stricken gargle but Jake came running.

“Nessie, Nessie, what is it, what’s happened?” I crouched down, por Aimee’s cot my head sunk in my knees. “Look at her! She’s different… s-she looks OLD!” The last word of my sentence came out as a shriek, a cry, a gargle all in one. I was killing Jacob; I knew that as he stooped over to pick Aimee up out of the cot, that there would be a tear streaking each cheek. My pain was his, and I hated myself for doing this to him, but I couldn’t help it. Facts and figures accumulated por Carlisle could not dampen the ravaging fuego that was my worry for my daughter.
Then his warm arms were around me, hugging me close, Aimee between us. I engulfed her in my arms, loving her so much I thought I was going to burst. We must have looked pretty comical then, me on Jakes lap bawling my eyes out, Jake trying to comfort me, me trying to comfort Aimee. I was a mess.
“Nessie, my Nessie. Don’t worry, please, please don’t worry. Its fine, everything’s going to be fine. Oh god, I’m so stupid! I shouldn’t have let tu see Aimee like that, what if you’ve gone into shock. Oh I’m an idiot.”
I cut him off there, this was my fault not his. I was too exhausted to speak -despite the fact of just having woken up- so I placed my palm against his cheek and let my thoughts flow. I knew what he was saying made sense, well some of it, but what if Aimee wasn’t like me? I knew somewhere deep within me that she was, of course, but how could I not pregunta it, it was my daughter’s life for crying out loud. I had to be strong, trust Carlisle and trust Jacob and I knew that. They would never say something was going to be okay, if it wasn’t. I knew that much…didn’t I?
“Oh Nessie, it’s going to be fine. I remember when I first saw tu and your super-fast growth. I was scared too, I was más than scared but tu have to trust Carlisle. He knows what he’s doing.”
I nodded, and pulled myself together. I wasn’t a child any more- well not in that way- I was a mum, a mum to Aimee.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to panic you.” I pulled myself up of the floor. Jacob stood up with me, holding Aimee in one arm, the other around me.
“You don’t need to be sorry, it okay to be afraid. But look at her Renesmee, she’s still our Aimee.” Then I started to look at her, take her in all over again. As my eyes adjusted, I realised the changes were más subtle than I had previously thought. She was longer, but only por an inch o so. Her face was slimmer but it still had that round baby shape to it. I suppose she looked about a mes old, and I could still see the baby like innocence in her eyes. But somewhere under that, was there, could it be?
“You know, she can probably understand us, tu could at this age.” Jake whispered. It was as if he could read my mind. I nodded, I suppose deep down I had been expecting this to.
“Hello little Aimee, this is me, your mummy. And this,” I moved my torso so her pretty eyes were looking at Jacob, “is Daddy. And we both amor tu very, very much.” The word that came from my
lips were perfectly true and suddenly, as if nothing had ever happened I reached one hand out and placed it against Jacobs cheek,
“Thank you,” I whispered. Then I gently placed my lips against his for one brief segundo before lifting Aimee out of his arms and taking Jake with one hand. As I led him down the hall into our tiny sitting room, I stopped por a large window in the middle of the corridor. I hadn’t really noticed it before; I had always been too busy with Jake o Aimee. But now, as the sun rose over the forest that surrounded our cottage I stood there por the window, looking out as far as my eye could see. Jacob didn’t say anything, but put his arm around por shoulder and kissed my hair. Suddenly the light burst up from over the árbol tops and Aimee was radiant in my arms, her skin had the same subtle glow as mine, she was magnificent.
Then it happened. I heard her; she was inside of my head. I couldn’t describe how that felt. It was magical, she wasn’t communicating through her words, but I could feel her emotions and see what she was thinking. It had to be her; nothing else could be so beautiful. I looked at her palm wondering if… could it be… no, neither of her tiny hands was touching my skin. Then Jake spoke,
“Nessie, tu heard her too, didn’t you”
Jake had heard Aimee too? But he didn’t have vampire blood, but then again he could hear me… I couldn’t understand how both of us could hear our daughter in our heads; it was obvious that she had a talent… but what. Then it hit me, Jake could communicate mentally with his pack, people connected to him through the lobo bloodline, but only when in lobo form. I could communicate with anyone but I had to touch them, usually with my hand. She was similar to me, I had taken each of my parents ‘gifts’ and flipped them, she had taken one aspect of each. Our daughter had the most amazing talent of all, she could let anyone read her mind, and I had a pretty good hunch that she was going to be a shape shifter too.
“Yes,” I whispered. I wasn’t shocked, o upset, o confused. No, I was proud, because we had a daughter, the most beautiful daughter on the planet, inside and out.
And there we stood, the sun gleaming on us, Jacob and I staring at our Aimee, our foreheads touching. We dint need to speak, we both could understand her gift, and the conversation would come later, with the others. For now we just savoured the serenity.
“It’s all going to be fine. I know it, do tu know how?” my voice was hardly a whisper but Jake replied straight away.
“Because I have my true loves, tu and Aimee, and together we can do anything.”
And although we had a whole lifetime to look adelante, hacia adelante to with Aimee, I suppose that’s where our happily ever after began.
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Kiley Long

March 3rd, 2006

School is going good. Graduation is coming soon. Bella is a little upset with Edward and I right now. She keeps wanting to go see the mutt. I don’t understand why she doesn’t understand he is dangerous. She tried sneaking off the other night. I told Edward immediately. I guess I should let everyone know what’s been going on. Victoria is coming back around. At least she has for sure once. We almost had her if it wasn’t for those stupid dogs.

A week hace I got a vision of Victoria coming after Bella. So Edward and I came up with a plan to get Bella...
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Kiley Long

February 18th, 2006

All I can say is that Bella is alive. Will explain más later; I promised her I would be back in an hora and she will totally fall apart if I’m not there on time. I just got done hunting and figured I would let everyone know she’s alive.

February 18th, 2006

Bella is asleep right now so I figured I would let everyone know what is ACTUALLY going on. Bella jumping off the cliff was a recreational sport. o so she says. The motocicletas are something her and her new best friend built together and rode. I think her new friend is a stupid mutt for allowing...
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Kiley Long

February 16, 2006

I don’t know what to do. He told me to stay away from her. He has no idea that it isn’t just difficult for him. He got to run away from all of this. He isn’t the one that still has to see her everyday. He just up and ran away from everyone and anything that had to deal with her at some point. She’s my best friend, siguiente to Jasper.

I try to focus my energy and visions on other things, but she keeps passing in them and then disappearing. It’s totally confusing me. She is there making decisions and obviously doing things and making her choices...
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“The great thing about Jasper and Alice’s relationship is that it’s very mental too, so we don’t even really have to touch the whole film. It’s a very mental, deep connection. Jackson and I aren’t gonna have that deep connection in three months, but [our characters] don’t even need to speak. We know each other inside and out, and we are extremely protective of each other. The only time we really touch is when it’s a crucial moment in the film, o if I’m seeing a vision and he’s worried about me.”
- Ashley Greene on Jasper & Alice

“I have the biggest wardrobe of everyone...
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Alice's early history is very vague, as she remembers nothing of her human life and woke up alone as a vampire. It is eventually revealed that she was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi and was kept in an asylum because she had premonitions, which intensified into her "special ability" when she was changed into a vampire. While at the asylum she was always kept in a dark cell, which is another reason why she remembered so little. Alice was changed por a vampire who worked at the asylum, in order to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her. She and Bella are the only...
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Quotes: On Twilight

"Of course I've read all three books! A few times actually. I finished all three books, and become a fan before I was even cast!"

"Favorite Alice moment? Hmm.... there are a few but a moment that always makes me smile is the whole yellow Porsche bit.... it shows a playful warm connection between Edward and Alice."

"The Cast is amazing! Everyone pretty much 'clicks' which is very nice considering we are family now."

"Jackson Rathbone is an awesome guy! Such a fun person to be around. And I think there is a bit of chemistry with everyone in the cast. We all get along great....
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