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(AP) Alexander Rybak (24) confides to the Swedish newspaper that the parents have persuaded him not to withdraw from the "Let's Dance."

televisión viewers witnessed was Friday that Alexander Rybak had to leave the TV studio live dance before the judges had dado their marks to him and Malin Johansson (23). Rybak told the AP later in the evening that he had to throw up, and that he had suffered from abdominal pain and vomiting for a few weeks.

Now elaborates Rybak to the Swedish Aftonbladet that there have been about psychological problems. He says he has received much medical attention, and that there has been "a crisis many times."

- I've been very, very depressed. That has been the past few weeks, but I've managed to hide it, "said Rybak

Private stuff

24-year-old will not go into detail about the causes of problems.

- Many factors have played a role. Private things that I do not want to talk about. All work has also been made that I have not had time during the día to reflect on their personal life. Instead, I've been lying sleepless at night, because I only then started to think about the personal problems, confides Rybak

Persuaded por dad

On a direct pregunta from Aftonbladet whether he really has considered withdrawing from the "Let's Dance", answer Rybak:

- All around me dicho I should do it. It was Dad who got me to continue. He told me that it was good to listen to the doctors, but that if I quit now, then I would be hanging over me forever that I had pulled me from a job, "says Rybak.

He told Aftonbladet the same as he has stated to the AP earlier - that he has hardly had a single día off in three years. After the Eurovision Song Contest victory in 2009, it has gone in a single executable for Nesodden-boy. And it has been hard on health. The start of the new año has been heavy.

- I've only been healthy ten days so far this year, "says Rybak - who in parallel with the dancing in TV4 also participated in a similar mostrar in Ukraine.

He also says that he was due to go on a cold cure that involves a lot of tablets.

- I have a medical thing which I can only breathe through your mouth, "says Rybak.

Better Now

24-year-old states that he now feels a lot better, and that he is ready to fight on in dance competition.

- All have noted that I'm completely normal. I am only in Norwegian, "says a laughing Rybak in the interview, which is published in Aftonbladet paper edition.

- Now I have a completely different setting. It feels like I can begin to compete seriously, "says the estrella dance optimistic.

He claims he has gotten better at saying no to things, and that it is no longer a goal to do everything at once.

- Previously, I tried to be a sort of "alpha-male," says Rybak.

AP has not been able to get in touch with Rybak.

Five pairs again

Tonight he was in the fuego again. TV4s At inicial tu can see glimpses of what Rybak and dance partner will be performing. Only five couples remaining in the competition, which is Sweden's answer to "Shall We Dance".

MGP-hero has also previously talked openly that he has been overworked. It has gone beyond both knuckles and violins when it has been at its worst. Among other things, Rybak on several occasions reported on his facebook page that he needs rest.
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Deep inside I’m quite okay
I may have fooled around once o twice
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